Whitney Wolfe Journey as a Successful Tech Giant

Whitney Wolfe is a famous daughter of a property manager and her loving and a caring mum who spent almost all her life at home so that she could care for her daughter. She was able to enjoy the best childhood environment full of quietness, happiness at the famous state of Salt Lake City. She was a good student at high school and was able to get a chance to study at the famous University if Southern Methodist which is located in Dallas in Texas. She studied a bachelors degree in international studies.

Whitney Wolfe while on campus was able to move swiftly towards saving the environment when there was BP oil spill in the year 2010. She was only 19 years by then and rushed towards raising funds that would help them in future. She was able to start making bamboo tote bags for the affected families. She was in partnership with a great celebrity which made them receive a lot of donations. The project was called ‘Help Us Project’ which was able to receive global attention when Nicole and Rachel Zoe took photos with the bags. They were able to raise a lot of funds and thus achieving her dream of helping people.

Whitney Wolfe later graduated and left for Southeast Asia. She started to volunteer at an orphanage and was able to serve so many children. After working for some time, she later left to her home country. Her desire was to achieve greatness in life and had always wanted to make it in life. She had the desire to venture into the technology industry. At only 22 years, she joined the famous Hatch Labs which was a famous incubator for startups. She had no experience in the tech industry but had a lot of skills in marketing. She was introduced in the field in a project that was called Cardify which was led by the famous Sean Rad. Later the project stopped and they went to work on a different project.

That is when she was introduced to the dating app industry and they started working on the development of a dating app called Tinder. It involved Justin Mateen, Rad and also Whitney. She, therefore, became a co-founder and was given an opportunity to even suggest the name for the business. She later was engaged in a dispute and left the company. In 2014, she launched another dating app known as Bumble. It has grown tremendously over the years.

The Successful Business Model of Fabletics that Gives Priority to the Voice of Crowd

Fabletics is one of the fastest growing online brands, especially in athleisure section, since it founded in 2013. Many businesses study its business model as it could generate significant sales and revenue in a quick span of time. It is confirmed that the power of crowd has played a major role in this great feat. It considered customer voice as the key parameter for the business considering the changing consumer behavior of checking online reviews before making new purchases. Various researches have identified that customer reviews can ensure better customer acquisition, customer retention, and improved loyalty or LTV across the industries.


Interestingly, some of the findings of those researches are pointing businesses to where to focus. A study conducted by BrightLocal showed that at least 84% of the consumers believe the online reviews and considers it as similar to a personal recommendation. Peter Mühlmann, the CEO of Trustpilot, confirmed that people are no longer trusting the advertisements of brands and traditional marketing. Also, the product trust is at an all-time low, and people love to get the words of other consumers before making a decision. Additionally, more than 50% of the customers check the reviews at least once in a month. Also, at least 60% of the consumers responded that they do not wish to buy a product or brand that has significant negative reviews.


76% of top brands opined that they get better sales with the help of customer reviews. It is also revealed that positive reviews can play a significant role in the page ranking in search engines as well. Fabletics and its parent firm, TechStyle Fashion Group, have clearly utilized the changing customer priorities effectively to drive business for the brand. It should be noted that Fabletics has more than 30,000 reviews on the independent review site, Trustpilot; it also has an average review score of 8.2. The firm has already confirmed that it has set plans to intensify the customer review efforts and personally monitor customer comments in the internet ecosystem.


It was in 2013, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the founders of TechStyle, identified that the industry lacks an activewear brand that is reasonably priced, high-quality, and trendy. They decided to tap this opportunity and collaborated with Kate Hudson. By the end of 2013, they established the brand and gave much importance to customer service by considering communication is the key. After few initial setbacks, the brand started flying after 18 months, and it also got an excellent rating from Better Business Bureau.


The founders gave greater prominence to technology for offering better customer experience. The data-driven product choices for the customers are not only ensuring customer satisfaction, but it also adds long-term customer relationship. The firm has devised a subscription plan for its customers that comes with a Lifestyle Quiz. The Lifestyle Quiz is designed to get the customers’ thoughts, interests, and choices in fashion. It helps the brand to supply personalized products to each of its customers. The brand invites everyone to complete the Lifestyle Quiz to get the products in their mind.

Fabletics Opens Up Stores

Athleisure is a relatively new style of clothing. However, it is rarely sold. There are relatively few retailers that sell athleisure clothing. Among the companies that sell athleisure is Fabletics. Fabletics is one of the branches of JustFab. The company has taken off and become very successful to the point that it was able to expand in more ways. Among the ways that it has expanded was opening up physical stores. This is a very crucial step because that is a way to reach plenty of people. While a large amount of people shop online on popsugar.com, there are plenty of people that also go to malls and shop in the stores. There are people that also prefer the physical store to the online store.

People love the physical locations because of the advantages that they have with the stores as opposed to shopping online. While the online website does show the items that are available, the physical locations on Instagram allow customers to try on the clothes they are interested in so that they can find the size that works best for them. Once they get the size, then they can buy it if they are interested in it.

Even though they believe in presenting good products,a large part of the success of Fabletics is owed to the marketing. When people spread the word about a company, then they are more likely to shop there. One thing that could be said about Fabletics is that it is a fashion retailer for people who are serious about finding their own style. People who are not so worried about fitting in will do definitely well with Fabletics. The retailer offers plenty of new pieces that people who want to stand out will enjoy. When people buy their clothes, they will feel really good about their purchases.

As of right now, Fabletics is planning on opening 100 new stores according to an article posted on Racked. They have also shown that they have a high rate of satisfaction with very few complaints according to the Better Business Bureau. With celebrities like Kate Hudson showing their approval of the program, Fabletics has become a really popular company.

Always on Top of the Trends

Fabletics is a company dedicated to making sure all its customers have everything they need to stay current with the trends. Recently, athleisure has taken over the fashion world making it so people can be both comfortable and stylish. Made from the same materials as activewear, athleisure hasbeen making everday life much easier to get through. Fabletics introduced its own line of athleisure this past April bringing even more choices to the growing trend. It seems as though athleisure has been picking up steam with each passing day.

Article at http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dressing-down-the-rise-of-athleisure/

The popularity of the trend came about because of the need for comfort that other styles did not provide. Many have been replacing their jeans for a pair of yoga pants because of the versatility that used to be out of reach. Fabletics was named in the article for its involvement in the current style. The co-founder of Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson, is shown to have a large influence over the clothing line. Hudson herself chooses to live a healthy, active lifestyle so being the face of a company that promotes fitness was clearly a good choice. With the help of companies like Fabletics, athleisure is one trend that plans on sticking around.

Fabletics sets itself apart from similar companies because of their affordability and subscription services. Customers have the option of signing up for a V.I.P membership that will give them exclusive access to sales as well as all the latest fashion news. By paying a monthly subscription fee, members will always be able to get all the current styles without having to pay as much as they would with other companies. This method of bringing in customers has helped Fabletics gain a large following and also continues to boost customer loyalty. Good products at great prices is a perfect formula for success that Fabletics has obviously mastered.

Everyone has a busy schedule that is difficult to keep up with. Seeing the need for comfort in daily life, Fabletics dove into athleisure to make sure their customers had everything they needed to get through their day. It looks like people everywhere are saying goodbye to their skinny jeans and hello to the perfect fit of leggings.

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Be Empowered In the Work Place With Simple Tips

Respect is something business women strive to earn everyday. In a world that does not necessarily ingrain in girls power, taking charge, and demanding respect it is difficult when they grow older to garner the attention (in a positive way) that they deserve to rise up in the business world.

A few simple tips from experts of JustFab will help women to get that respect and garner the power that they deserve once they have risen to the top of the power hierarchy. These tips are low key ways to show the world that you are here and your are staying.

Now imagine this, you walk down a hall at work and there are numerous people there having a conversation that looks pretty important. Your first instinct may be to go around or try to be unnoticed. This is wrong. Go straight down the middle on Retailmenot.com, head held high and not apologizing. They will take notice, and they will disperse to let you through.

Another way to act as if you deserve respect and are important is to be an elevator hog. Stand right smack in the center of the elevator and do not move. Even as others continue to flow in and fill the space, make them move around you. The ideology of sharing works in most cases, but not when demanding recognition in the work place.

Owning your space in the board or conference room is a thing of the past. Take your space. You have rightfully earned being there as much as anyone (or man) has. Do not be pushed aside or ignored. Make your opinion known, take what you have earned and do not be belittled or brushed off.

The business world is a tough place to survive when you are a man, let alone a woman. Women are not given the recognition or respect they have earned in the business world and it is time for them to take it back. You have worked hard to get there, so be proud of what you have done and take control of your own space and world. It may feel weird at first, but you have earned it.