Kimberly Bakker Tips For Making This Holiday Extra Special


A time like this when Christmas and the New Years are not far off, party planning is necessary before one runs out of time. Kimberly Bakker, owner of Kimberly Bakker Events, outlines tips that even the busiest people can use to pull off the perfect holiday event without breaking a sweat. The first tip for the perfect planning is developing lists for the menu, the people to invite and of activities prior to the event.

Bakker talks about becoming a gracious host by taking time to enjoy the party and dealing with the issues that may arise with a smile. This is because the host can influence the attitude of the gathering. Heirloom pieces are also important to create a warm environment for those that may recognize them

The room should be conducive for holding conversations and even though music is good, it should be at low volume to prevent distractions in parties where people want to make memories. It is important to avoid activities that may arouse hostile competition among those invited

Kimberly Bakker stated that it is almost impossible for a single person to carry out all the activities of the party alone. Therefore, one must have people they can count on to assist in some tasks. The drinks, especially cocktails should be prepared beforehand to prevent the host from playing the bartender the whole time.

Kimberly advocates for the use of soft light and combining it with other small sources of light such as candles, twinkle lights to make the event warmer. It offers the event a special feel that using overhead lights. There should be a comfortable budget that does not strain the host because overspending can cause stress.

Some of the food can be prepped before the day of the event, such as desserts to save on time. One should also leave themselves time to prepare for the event and most importantly avoid worrying so much over the party.


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