Sussex Health Care And A Talented New CEO

Sussex Health Care is a British independent business. It offers a combination of support services and care facilities. Its primary location is the county of Sussex. It’s in the South East region of England in the United Kingdom. Sussex Health Care has recently said a warm hello to a brand new leader by the name of Amanda Morgan-Taylor. She’s proud to be Sussex Health Care’s latest CEO or “Chief Executive Officer.” Morgan-Taylor officially became part of the Sussex Health Care staff in January of 2018. She’s no stranger to the company, though. She’s been a conscientious addition to Sussex Health Care for a while. She’s in the process of getting to know all of the residences that make up Sussex Health Care. She’s busy figuring out the ins and outs of the company’s available services and specialties as well.

Morgan-Taylor collaborates with Sussex Health Care’s dedicated senior management crew on a regular basis. The goal behind this collaboration always differs. Morgan-Taylor is often working alongside Sussex Health Care employees in order to recruit new additions to the staff. They may be looking for professionals who can be in charge of sectors such as service enhancement, compliance and even quality.


This current CEO has a lot of acclaim in her field. She’s a social and healthcare senior executive who has given her time and effort to local authorities. She has aided a significant number of independent care suppliers out there, too. Her grasp of the interactions between providers and councils, as a result, is incredibly strong.

Sussex Health Care as the leading home care for elderly, is always searching for options that can better its care facilities. It heads care facilities that are consistently contemporary and attractive. It manages care facilities that are full of all kinds of modern amenities. People who tour these residences can look at dining and kitchen sections. They can view centers that focus on games and IT (information technology). They can check out roomy sitting areas that give residents the ability to take it easy. Sussex Health Care is also known for its various available holistic therapies. Some examples of the therapies that are offered by the company are hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. This company comprehends the power behind strong physical fitness practices. That’s why it provides its residences with the convenience of on-site fitness centers. These gyms allow residents to work on all kinds of exercises that can improve wellness.

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