Sujit Choudhry adds a voice to the Catalonian Crisis

Sujit Choudhry and other constitutional law scholars wrote an open letter to the governments of Spain and Catalonia regarding the current crisis. The letter is a call for the people of Spain and Catalonia to come together in a bid to solve the current issues surrounding their current stalemate.

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The letter asks for commitment on the Catalonian President’s side in his bid for secession. The scholars suggest that he does this by arranging for a referendum, which is the only sure way to know if the Catalan people want to secede. The Prime minister of Spain was also put under fire in the letter as he was told to accept that secession may be the only way to go. He was asked not to do anything to suppress the desires of the Catalan people. The people of Spain and Catalonia are, therefore, expected to recognize what both sides want and come to an agreement based on the constitution.

The working out of the current crisis, as the scholars note, is in the interests of Spain, Catalonia and the countries bordering Catalonia and Spain as well. A good solution would be in line with the ideals of the EU. This letter was penned after Spain derailed everything thing that the Catalonians had done before the beginning of October. The Spanish government saw it fit to use brutal means to prevent the people of Catalonia from holding a referendum that would ensure its independence. Mr. Puigdemont, therefore, postponed his people’s declaration of independence by continuing to dialogue with Spain.

With doubts expressed over the secession desire, Spain and Catalonia will have to consider more than just opinions when making this decision. Mr. Rajoy, Prime Minister of Spain, was called upon to consider international law as arresting and prosecuting those who vouch for independence is against human rights. The heavy-handed tactics have to be changed, and he has to accept the outcome of the referendum.  Refer to for an additional article.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is best known as a law professor at University of California, Berkeley. He is also a founder of Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is an authoritative voice in international law and politics and uses his field experience for the good of the nations of the world. He has been involved in the constitutional building process of countries such as Libya, Egypt, South Africa, Jordan, Yemen, and Ukraine.  More to read on

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The Center for Constitutional Transitions helps him in his work and helps offer evidence-based policy options for legal practitioners. With a reach of over 25 countries, the firm has spread its tentacles to attain a global presence.   Related article on

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