Robert Ivy Honorary Recipient Of The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2018 NPLAA (Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement) winner is Robert Ivy. The recipient is a native of Columbus, Mississippi and current Chief Executive Officer of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). This award identifies and honors Mississippians who are well known for maintaining a high standard in their respective fields. Earlier recipients include actor Morgan Freeman and notable Civil War novelist Shelby Foote. Each of these recipients have been able to encourage and uplift others with their art.

As a NPLAA winner, Robert Ivy has received numerous honors. Including awards from the Crain Award in 2009 and the Master Architect award in 2010 by Alpha Rho Chi, an Architecture fraternity. Nancy LaForge, MIAL President notes that Mr. Ivy has made architecture accessible to other Mississippians with his publications.

One of Robert Ivy’s most notable achievements is his imprint on AIA. As the Chief Executive Officer since 2011, Mr. Ivy has grown the organization throughout the world. Reaching an unprecedented membership since the organization’s inception in 1857. AIA has grown to 200 chapters within the United States as well as internationally. As a CEO, Robert Ivy carries the organization’s mission to create healthy communities and sustainable buildings. With the goal of promoting economically viable communities around the world. In addition, AIA strives to provide members with the necessary tool and resources to create a thriving career and business.

Robert Ivy has a long and distinguished career. Graduating with a BA in English from the University of the South. As well as a Master of Architecture from Tulane University. Prior to becoming Chief Executive Officer at AIA, Ivy was Editor in Chief for McGraw Hills Architectural Record. During this time, the Architectural Record received numerous rewards and accolades. Specifically, the McGraw Hill for excellence in management in 1998.

In addition, Ivy wrote a Fay Jones Architect a biography published in 2001. The biography was devoted to Fay Jones an architect who was heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright. Fay Jones was known to create elegant, simple and clean homes from the 1950s to early 70s. The publication is currently in its third edition.

With these achievements, it is now wonder that Mr. Ivy will be one of the first architects to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award.

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