Tips For Success From Paul Herdsman


Everyone wants to succeed in life, but not everyone does. Why? Let’s take a look at what successful entrepreneur Paul Herdsman has to say on the subject of how to be successful as an entrepreneur. See Related Link for additional information.

Paul recently shared “12 Business Tips” that he believes account for his success in business.


  1. Herdsman says to succeed in life you need to have a positive attitude. It helps you be problem-solvers because you look for solutions instead of looking for defeat. He suggests keeping a journal of gratitude and write five things you are grateful about in the morning and evening of every day.
  2. If you never risk anything you will never succeed either. You have to learn to see the risk and decide if they are worth the risk.
  3. Find something to do you will enjoy and like.
  4. Paul believes having a clear picture or vision of what you want before starting it. What obstacles are in your way and how can you move around them?
  5. Surround yourself with the best people. You become like who you spend time with so choose people who have obtained what you want.
  6. You can’t take shortcuts to success. It is hard work building a business.
  7. You will make mistakes. Learn from them. Paul Herdsman suggests keeping a list of your mistakes and what you learned from them.
  8. Know your customer or audience. What are their needs/ How can you solve them?
  9. Always deliver more than they expect.
  10. Stay diligent. Persistence pays off.
  11. Find a mentor you can trust to give you advice.
  12. Don’t overbook yourself. Focus on what is most important and do that.


Paul Herdsman is a man who has a record of success. Herdsman’s tips are sure to improve your chances of success.


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