Jed McCaleb with a Way of Easing the Cost of Money Transfer Under Stellar

Bitcoin has been a massive hit among the cryptocurrencies, but most people are not well versed in the first Bitcoin exchange. Mt. Gox was the first in the world and was started by a renowned American cryptocurrency expert and programmer Jed McCaleb. His contributions to the cryptocurrency industry have been significant ever since he developed eDonkey together with Sam Yagan in 2000. eDonkey was a file sharing network among friends which was among the first to allow multiple sources downloads. Later in 2014, Jed collaborated with Joyce Kim, and together they started Stellar. This was after analyzing worldwide financial systems and seeking ways to make amends for the numerous challenges in these systems.


Stellar is a global financial network whose main aim is to boost economic inclusivity and participation. Jed is Co-founder and CTO of Stellar. He is in charge of technical development where together with a dedicated team, he codes and builds technical details for Stellar. Jed also takes time to answer emails and business queries related to his line of work.


Stellar, a nonprofit organization, primarily supports the stellar network. The organization also deals with merging digital financial intelligence and technology. Jed commits to improving existing and inventing new technologies that offer solutions to world problems. For instance, although he has vast knowledge in cryptocurrency, he chose not to develop a new digital currency but use it as a platform to connect financial institutions. This was the main idea behind Stellar.


The Stellar network seeks to connect 2.5 billion people without a bank in the world. This is by bringing financial institutions together, lowering the costs of financial services as maintenance costs are brought down, key aspects that hinder financial institutions from serving them. Linking these financial institutions together through an open source financial network under Stellar will help in easing the cost of money transfer, which has always been high.


Apart from Stellar, Jed has special interests in Artificial Intelligence as he sees it has the potential to solve some of the life problems making life more comfortable. His interests in AI have led him to be an adviser at Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI).

Why Joel Friant Introduced The Habanero Shaker

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur who has launched a number of companies in various industries over the years. He has started home-based businesses as well as others that had offices. He has been in real estate, the restaurant industry, a writer, a public speaker, and a success trainer. In this latter role he has helped people succeed both personally and professionally. He started out in real estate when he was involved in real estate sales as well as doing home remodeling projects.

Back when Joel Friant was in the restaurant industry he developed a product he named The Habanero Shaker. He had a passion for habanero peppers and wanted to share them with others in a format they could use at home or on the road. When he had introduced this product there weren’t any habanero shakers being made by other companies that featured just these peppers. They all added in cheap ingredients like salt and other spices. He says the best way to eat habanero peppers is in its pure form as well as raw and dry.

Joel Friant sold this product in Washington state grocery stores for a number of years before his house flipping business started demanding too much of his attention. He returned to this concept in 2012 when he learned about how to successfully sell products on online stores like Amazon and eBay. He brought back this product, now named the Original Habanero Shaker, and sells it exclusively online. He additionally as other products and services that he sells in this way.

The Original Habanero Shaker just has 100% flaked habanero peppers with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It is also gluten-free and sugar-free. The habanero peppers he buys are sent to him from the farm. He then has them dried and ground down to the best size before they are packaged. Each container is 1.5 ounces and Joel Friant says it contains enough for around six months to two years of use. He uses a high-quality container which keeps the habanero flakes fresh throughout this time.

AvaTrade Review: The Forex Education Platform

AvaTrade is a forex trading company and education system that is monitored by the European Union and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. The company was founded by Emanuel Kronitz Negev Shekel Nosatzki and is operated out of Dublin, Ireland. The company assists its clients by informing them on subjects related to all things forex.


AvaTrade is a great resource for learning and trading. Whether you are an experienced trader or a newcomer to the global market, the company can further your knowledge of international trading.


If you are looking to learn about the international market place or possibly learn how to begin trading for yourself then AvaTrade is an excellent place to start. AvaTrade offers an unique educational system that will take you from complete novice to absolute beginner. If you are already a seasoned trader, you may even learn something new.


For those that have been trading on the international market for a long time but are perhaps looking for a new broker, AvaTrade does not charge commission for trading using its platform and it allows you to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in its transactions; some forex brokers only allow the trading of official government currencies.


The company also provides all its its clients with a large range of trading benefits including, educational tools, and the tools and resources needed to immediately commence trading. AvaTrade is not only monitored in the EU but all over the world, insuring its customers that it is a trusted and fair place to do your international trading.


AvaTrade has handled over 200,000 customers since its few years in existence. The company generally sees about 60 billion dollars traded per month. With numbers like this it would be very difficult to find a more professional and trusted company to use for your next currency exchanges or international purchase.


In conclusion, AvaTrade is a very successful company with lots of happy customers and I cannot think of any reason to not recommend them.

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The Oxford Club Takes Market Analysis to the Next Level

The Oxford Club is staffed by market professionals with a wide range of experience that greatly benefits their members as they utilize unique research products. The seasoned pros at Oxford have risen to the top of their respective professions and they help members achieve financial independence which enables them to enjoy a higher quality of life without the undue financial pressure that many face regularly.

The Oxford Club is a private network of investors and entrepreneurs that are provided with international investing opportunities via their cutting-edge research products. Outsized returns and lower risk is their mantra and that which they strive for on a daily basis.

Four principal investment strategies are practiced by The Oxford Club and they are critical to financial success. The first strategy is targeted diversification that doesn’t hinder performance. Diversification is more than a buzzword in the investing world and what sets The Oxford Club apart is maintaining market-beating returns while lowering risk. They know how to choose investment vehicles with these two crucial considerations at the foremost.

The second strategy is the great emphasis that The Oxford Club places on a timely exit strategy in a fluid marketplace. They are prepared for every contingency with preplanned courses of action that encompass all market conditions.

The importance of position sizing is given great consideration by The Oxford Club’s staff of talented market researchers. All risk factors are taken into consideration as they employ effective formulas that members can access. This is their third core strategy and is no less important than the others.

The cost of accessing investment vehicles is always a primary concern with The Oxford Club and they are able to help members avoid costly fund managers and rising fees. This fourth strategy also helps improve the bottom line of members and in no way limits their investing world.

The Oxford Club has been helping members access unique investments that aren’t widely known when they enter them. They have over 80,000 members in dozens of countries around the world.

Mike Baur Says It’s Time For Investors And Entrepreneurs Both To Take Risks

When banks started closing in Switzerland back in 2008 and the following years, people may have initially panicked about where everything was headed there considering that banks were the strongholds in that nation for many years. But some including President Johann Schneider-Amman say it’s been time for Switzerland to go into new economic vehicles and that the business community needs to take more risks to bring in business. Mike Baur, the Executive Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory agrees with this statement and he is promoting risk taking at the company. He believes that ideas can only take hold and become strong businesses if entrepreneurs are willing to make that happen, and investors need to be willing to give them a chance in order to make returns.


Startup investing wasn’t the original vision that Mike Baur had, but after more than 20 years in banking he grew tired of the unchanging routine, and with the growing amount of red tape that made it much harder to help middle class investors than ever before. When he began as a teenage intern at UBS Bank in 1991, things were much different and most young people who went into banking at that time were told their future would be secure. Baur appeared to be heading to the top of the Swiss banking industry when he began managing funds for some of UBS’s top clients, but the 2008 financial crisis changed everything even in Baur’s branch. When UBS Bank began to dissolve he tried another job at Clariden Leu in commercial banking, but this was not long-lived.


Unlike the constants of banking and its failure to adapt to changing consumer demand, Mike Baur realized that the tech revolution coming to the Swiss and other European college campuses could help the nation address the seismic economic shifts, but most of these graduates didn’t have the resources to get started. Baur and his colleague Max Meister believed that with the right networking system and the backing of the right people, these entrepreneurs could get a company established in just three months. They partnered with the Goldback Group and CTI to begin the initial phase of the SSUF, and Baur often does pitch contests and hosts seminars for entrepreneurs to show investors how a startup can benefit them. The 3-month startup program features activities from physical challenges to writing up a plan, and if your startup passes this program, you can enroll in the 360 Office spaces.



You’re driving down the road and again today the news covers how some stocks did. Whenever this happens you cannot stop yourself from wondering how exactly stocks work. It seems like it is all too easy or too much like gambling. After all, sometimes you put your money into a stock and it doubles and sometimes you lose it all; not to mention the plethora of scenarios in between. Even the experts do not seem to understand how it works. So despite the interest the market has always peaked with you again today you decide that it is not something you could possible find the time or money to get involved with. The idea of deciphering complex strategies seems like too much to cope with despite being relatively simple in reality.   Read a note-worthy article, hit this.

For example, one strategy that is used by full-time stock traders is the lock and walk strategy. In the simplest terms this strategy uses market patterns to predict what an investor should do. This strategy is best used in quickly shifting markets. It focuses on managing Resistance and support for a given stock and selecting key times to sell or purchase a stock. Selecting the right strategy at the right time is a key part of being a successful trader but can be impossible for someone new to the marketplace. That’s why services like Netpicks exsist to make strategies like this more understandable.  For updates on their recent timeline activities, visit their page.

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Netpicks is a training program for aspiring traders. Established in 1996, Netpicks has been on a mission for over two decades to provide quality training to anyone who is interested in learning how to be successful on the stock market. They pride themselves on employing active traders who can use their experience to help others learn. Netpicks has also gone to great lengths to design a program that is easily understood and cuts the learning time down exponentially. Even if a student does get stuck, one of Netpick’s excellent staff members will be available to help them with every question they can come up with. The most important thing to Netpicks is helping their clients get out there and start pursuing their goal of trading.  Browse on this link to read a relevant review about the company.


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NetPicks- empowering traders with essential skills

A closer look at the forex market reveals some fundamental aspect that investors need to understand. First and foremost, there exists an open opportunity to be grabbed by anyone that has in interest in the sector, for example purchasing currencies and then retaining for some time before reselling at a higher rate for profit. For close to decades now, the Forex market has offered a lucrative opportunity for individuals, groups in addition to organizations that have an interest in the exchange of currencies among themselves. The fact there is no particular physical location or building for parties to engage one another does not make the venture inefficient in any way, and in fact, it has made it unique and attractive. Were it not for the countries that embraced market-based exchange rates, this idea would not have been born.  Read a relevant article about socially responsible investment on

The business model opened a window for investment enthusiasts to move into the forex market with authority in the recent years. The modus operandi of the system comes with a significant deal of flexibility that no one would wish to be left behind. First and foremost, the niche embraces a specialized online platform which is so unique and secure that those using it have developed a great deal of trust in it. Besides, it operates all the time and hence gives everyone the freedom to access the system anytime and anywhere as they wish to do so. As a result, no one has to abandon his or her current career to engage in forex market full-time. Also, an investor can make small deposits at a time such that they can accumulate to any amount of their choice. Nonetheless, the prices of currencies do sometimes take long to fluctuate significantly.  Watch demo videos about swing trading, click

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A company that addresses the plight of new traders in the financial sector was needed. As a result, the NetPicks company was formed by Mark Soberman to train and coach upcoming traders. The idea behind the formation of NetPicks came at a time when Mark Soberman noticed desperate move by traders that made ignorant lose. It was a great venture that provided essential training as well as coaching the young investors.  For an overview of their new and recent activities, check

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