Thor Halvorssen Fights Against Political Bias Among Activists

The success of the Human Rights Foundation has come as something of a shock to the vast majority of people who work in larger activism groups that focus on different aspects of activism to the group created by Venezuelan film producer Thor Halvorssen. The Human Rights Foundation is currently headed by Russian political giant Gary Kasparov and seeks to focus its activities on the areas of the world the group feels are trapped under dictatorships or oppressive regimes; Kasparov’s opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin is a major part of the success story of the Human Rights Foundation.

Halvorssen has revealed he believes funding for good causes should be made available from all sources when the outcome is as impressive as those achieved by his own Human Rights Foundation. Unlike many of the other human rights activism groups that operate throughout the world the Human Rights Foundation believes success should be measured in the number of political prisoners released and other success stories. Halvorssen himself has spoken out about the common practice of activists to ignore the problems facing people living under the rule of socialist governments, such as those found in Cuba and Venezuela.

The life of people in Venezuela is of major importance to Thor Halvorssen and his 12 colleagues at the Human Rights Foundation; in particular, Halvorssen was a major voice of concern prior to the summer of 2016 humanitarian crisis that left the people of his home nation without power, food and important medical supplies.

Thor Halvorssen believes the political situation in the world has been of great importance in 2016 as the election of a new U.S. President has shown the world have difficult it is to find a candidate free from the stains of contact with oppressive regimes. In interviews Thor Halvorssen he would find it difficult to vote for either Democrat or Republican candidates as they have both had business dealings with members of governments from closed societies.

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Talk Fusion Finds a Better Way to Communicate

When it comes to giving back, nobody is more dedicated than Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. He makes it his mission to help out as many people as he can around the globe. He is not shy when it comes to giving back to family and friends, charities, or communities. He feels like when he gives back, he can help people build a future and help them realize their dreams and true potentials. After all, he wants to see people succeed after they have worked so hard to make their business a reality.

Most non-profits and small businesses have a hard time staying open. They need a better way to communicate their message to others and invite new potential customers their way in order to become known. This is where Talk Fusion comes in. Talk Fusion is the world’s first all-in-one video marketing solution that offers video products such as Video Chat, Video Newsletters, Video Email, and Live Meetings to help boost your sales and get your business name out there. Talk Fusion is a better way to communicate with others as you can communicate anywhere and anytime through video. Talk Fusion’s products are not only user-friendly, but are also compatible with all mobile devices.

You can use these video products for a variety of different things to promote your business or non-profit. For example, you can send out an announcement video on the grand opening of your place. You can also send out videos to promote charity events, upcoming promotions and sales, and even new products you have in stock. Whatever you decide to use these videos for, you should see an increase in sales as well as an increase in customer traffic.

Using Talk Fusion’s products are simple. All you need to do is record a video. Once you have done that, you can upload that video to your Talk Fusion portal. From there, you can add your own logo, colors, and designs, or use one of the templates. Then, you simply insert the video link into an email and send it off to your customers. It is as simple as that!

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How Talk Fusion is Transforming the Lives of Local Communities

Since it conception in 2007, Talk Fusion has been steadfast in its quest to impact positively on local communities. The firm’s sole purpose has been to build a sustainable future by helping community members to realize their goals. This is the message that binds all Talk Fusion stakeholders together. The firm’s CEO, Bob Reina has been on the forefront in promoting commitment to this noble mission.

Talk Fusion’s corporate DNA over the years has been to make a noteworthy difference in the global community. What has been achieved so far is simply amazing. Mr. Reina himself made a record breaking personal donation of 1 million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He has also been constantly supporting efforts being made to house stray animals. On the global front, Mr. Reina has come to the support of an orphanage in Indonesia. He has similarly teamed up with the company’s Independent Associates to support noble initiatives in over 140 countries.

Talk Fusion’s Free Charity Account

To create an enduring impact, Talk Fusion recently launched a unique program, which will give its associates an opportunity to make donations to a charity account. Those who take part in the donations will be entitled to branding, customization and limitless access to the company’s video marketing products. The account was started with the aim of helping charitable organizations throughout the globe. It is an effective way of reaching out to many people. To read more about Talk Fusion’s humanitarian efforts, click on:

Talk Fusion in Brief

The firm is a global leader in the video marketing solutions industry. Its main dedication has been to help businesses grow. It has mainly done this via innovative products and services, which have captured the imagination of many. These products are marketed by Talk Fusion’s independent associates, who are spread out in over 140 countries.

Since its establishment in 2007, Talk Fusion has grown rapidly due to the innovative products that it offers. It is credited with the pioneering the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. It has similarly been committed to the adherence of high ethical standards. Talk Fusion is affiliated to the Direct Selling Association, an umbrella body that brings together firms involved in direct selling. Visit to know more about Talk Fusion.

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John Goullet and His Role in Making Diversant LLC a Success

Information Technology has become the world’s number one driving force. With technology changing each day, firms such as Diversant, LLC are playing an imperative role in making sure we are up to date with the current change in technology. Mr. John Goullet is the Principal Executive of Diversant LLC. This article looks at the role of Diversant, LLC as a company and how the Principal Executive has contributed towards its success.

Overview of the company; Diversant LLC

Diversant LLC is based in the US and is estimated to be the largest African-American IT staffing and solution firm. The company provides specialized IT talents on either contract, contingent or permanent basis depending on the preference of the clients it receives. Diversant LLC is fully-certified (MBE); Minority Business Enterprise provider.

What to know about Principal Executive John Goullet

John Goullets’ career began initially by working as an IT consultant before he switched to IT staffing in the year 1994. He later founded an IT staffing company; Info Technologies aimed at providing solutions for other companies worldwide. Later in 2010, after a successful career full of profits from Info Technologies, John Goullet merged his company with Genes’ company; Diversant Inc, to form Diversant LLC.

IT is evolving each day. Being the largest African-American owned IT staffing and solution firm in the US, the future of technology is expected to be bright. Diversant, LLC is aiming at meeting the needs of all their clients relating to IT, the community, in general, will benefit from it.

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James Dondero’s Achievements Towards Highland Capital Management

In a recent press release, it was reported that James Dondero, the president and cofounder of Highland Capital Management, has partnered with Linda Owen who is a renowned civic leader and the former president of The Woodall Rogers Park Foundation. This partnership seeks to offer a sense of direction to Highland’s charitable activities. Mrs. Owen will act as the company’s charitable giving manager. She will also serve in collaboration with The Dallas Foundation that administers the charitable giving fund of Highland Capital Management.

James Dondero has thirty years of extensive experience in the equity and credit markets. He attended the University of Virginia and graduated with high honors. He also graduated from Mclntire School of Commerce with majors in finance and accounting. Mr. Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant and has been approved to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Since he cofounded Highland Capital in 1993, the company has been a leader in the advancement of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. His management has enabled the company to develop solutions that are credit oriented for retail and institutional investors on a worldwide basis.

Dondero also chairs Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank and CCS Medical. He is renowned for his philanthropic endeavors for which he largely supports initiatives in public policy, veteran’s affairs and education. He has over the years focused on distressed and high yield investing.

A Brief Description About Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management, L.P is registered with the SEC and has about $17 billion of assets in association with its affiliates. The company was founded by both James Dondero and Mark Okada. It is one of the most experienced and largest global alternative credit managers. Highland Capital’s philanthropic work goes beyond funding. The staff readily gives their energy and time as board members to innovate creative solutions for challenges that the charity beneficiaries face.

Highland Capital’s Charitable Activities

The company contributes over $3 million yearly to charitable organizations. The donations are made through The Dallas Foundation and focus on education, healthcare, supporting veterans and the Dallas community at large. Some of the local beneficiaries include the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Dallas Zoo, Snowball Express and Uplift Education.

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Falling Behind on Their Bills, Devco and the Heidrich Hotel Still in Good Shape

The Heidrich Hotel as been operating, but very minimally since 2005 when it reopened after new construction and renovation. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, CRDA, along with several other lenders, loaned the DEVCO Development Company $20 million for this reconstruction. The Press of Atlantic City reported that Devco has now missed $1 million in payments to the CRDA, along with past missed payments that total over seven million dollars.

The spokeswoman for the Devco renovation company, Maria Prato, responds by saying that Devco has been renovating the downtown New Brunswick area since the 1970s. and they are not going to stop now. They have been turning what was old and debilitated into beautiful works of art, and they fully intend to repay the debt.

The problem lies in the sagging economy and the crisis that occurred in 2008. Ever since then according to the Press of Atlantic City, the Heidrich Hotel has never had full occupancy, so it doesn’t have the funds for the extra payments.

In 2015, the hotel showed an average of 63.5 percent occupancy, and these funds were used for general operating costs. The largest account in the Hotel is Johnson & Johnson, and they sit on the Board of Directors of Devco.

For over 20 years, Devco has participated in the new construction in the downtown New Brunswick district, and the renovations restore the older buildings while eliminating the deterioration that overtook the city.

This project is a much needed and worthwhile adventure that will continue for years into the future. The transformation that Devco contributes to is succeeding in transforming dingy streets into gorgeous hotels, convention centers, and retail stores. The total loan for the Heldrich construction was $107 million, and Devco has already repaid the $30 million in bonds. Their attorney, Chris Paladino. sees no problem in repaying the loan, “It will just take a few years longer.”

New Brunswick’s Devco, A Leading Real Estate Renovator Falling Behind On Payments

The New Brunswick Development Corp. (DEVCO) is in a hunt for cash, cash it needs to repay a $20 million loan granted by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). According to the Press Of Atlantic City, this $20 million loan was part of a $107 million project taken on by Devco to reconstruct The Heldrich Hotel, a building that had been in terrible condition but has been transformed into a premier luxury hotel. While Devco achieved the results it wanted on the reconstruction, the return on investments made for this project by municipal bonds and the CRDA loan have not been realized as the hotel’s occupancy rate has not met expectations thus far. Devco spokespeople have stated they are confident that both bondholders and the CRDA loan will be repaid, but they need more time to do so.
Devco has been one of New Brunswick’s leading non-profit real estate developers for about 40 years. They have overseen about $1.6 billion in redevelopment projects during that time and are continually breaking ground on new ones. The organization is spearheaded by Chris Paladino, president and local attorney who also is head of the Atlantic City Development Corp. Also serving in the executive leadership are Vice Presidents Allison Brown and Randall Currier, and chief development associate David Banks. Devco has won many awards for its projects including the Smart Growth Award four times, the CMI Paragon Award, and the NJ BIA Good Neighbor Award.

Besides the Heldrich, Devco has undertaken other notable projects such as the Old Bridge Long Term Care Facility. This project was undertaken in 2009 as part of an expansion to the Roosevelt Care Center at Edison and to offset subsidized costs for health facilities. Recently, with the approval of Governor Chris Christie Devco has undertaken a project to expand the Campus of Rutgers University, including building state-of-the-art academic buildings, university housing, and New Brunswick’s Theological Seminary.