Jeunesse Global Unique Y.E.S. Program

Jeunesse Global is a distributor of products and supplements that promote good health and enhance youthfulness. The company was started by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis on September 09, 2009 and their goal has been to help others achieve their fullest potential, no matter their age or income. Their products have been made affordable for and tailored to fit anyone’s specific needs.


Y.E.S. Skincare System

Y.E.S, or Youth Enhancement System is a unique line of different skin care and supplement products that you can only find with Jeunesse Global. They have become exceedingly popular and a few of their many products have been highlighted for your convenience:



This powerful skin care line can revitalize the cells while leaving skin feeling moisturized and diminishing wrinkles. There are six different impressive anti-aging products that come with Luminesce and they include a serum, skin brightener, face mask, cleanser, night repair and moisturizer.


NV Skin Care Product Line

Free from harmful sulfates, parabens and phthalates, this non oil based line is perfect for any kind or color of skin and helps maintain moisture by adding hydration. Included are 1.5 oz. bottles of primer, BB mist foundation and bronzer.


AM/PM Essentials

These dual-acting supplements vitalize the body by will allow you to feel awake in the morning and will help you wind down in the evening. Packed with important minerals such as manganese, zinc and magnesium and essentials like vitamins A, C, D, E and K, it is no wonder there are many benefits to taking this product.



This antioxidant rich drink which combines both fruits and vegetables, promotes healthy function or growth of stem cells and can help build a strong foundation for looking and feeling younger.


Zen Bodi

Not only can this supplements help diminish your appetite and promote weight loss but it also contains different enzymes, extracts and other herbal ingredients that may help strengthen or grow muscle.



This is not your typical sugar and artificial flavor filled energy drink. Nevo is jammed packed with a variety of different vitamins and energy enhancing guarana, yerba mate and green tea.

Incorporate These Lime Crime Beauty Tips For Spring

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This quote rings true on so many levels as everyone has different tastes and styles. Fashion can be universal in a sense, but trends tend to come and go. Each passing year has its trendy favorites and what’s hot for this year may not be hot for next year. Most people tend to acquire their personal style from celebrities. Some people tend to match their personal style with the seasons. Since we’re deep into the spring season, you could definitely match your style with your current surroundings.

Spring is all about vividly bright colors. This is the time of year when just about everything begins to bloom. There are numerous ways that you can give your personal style an updated appearance that will turn heads, and you won’t have to spend a boat-load of money to do so. Lime Crime is the beauty brand of choice for most people because it’s bright, it’s bold, and it’s vibrant. Lets have a look at some of the hottest products that can be used to liven-up your style. Lipstick is a tried-and-true beauty product that can be used all year long.

This product comes in a plethora of colors, which are too many to name. Since the spring season is all about becoming active, you should try using a long-wear lipstick. Long-wear lipsticks are great for people who participate in different activities throughout the day. Reapplying lipstick can be redundant and tiresome to some degree. Lime Crime has a host of lipsticks and plushies to choose from. These products last longer than normal, are easy to apply and display some of the best colors. You can match your lipstick with your nail polish, or you can match it with your outfit.

Eyelashes are another wonderful product to use for spring. These products are fairly cheap so you won’t necessarily break the bank. Eyelashes provide a nice frame around the eyes, but try not to go too big. If you accidentally go too big, then you could be looking like “Sesame Street’s” Snuffleupagus.