GreenSky Credit soars to more than $4 billion valuation

Back in 2006, serial entrepreneur David Zalik bet everything he had on the future of his new startup. Called GreenSky Credit, the company represented a completely untested model that Zalik hoped would revolutionize the way that point-of-sale lending happened for big-ticket items. In fact, the business was so unproven that Zalik had difficulty finding outside financing to help him launch his business. It was for this reason that he was forced to effectively reverse mortgage his entire $12 million commercial real estate fortune, which represented the fruits of his entire life’s work to that point.

But Zalik believed strongly in the business that he was creating. Today, that $12 million bet that would have put Zalik into the poor house had he lost it has fueled what is now a company valued at more than $4 billion. This incredible rise from a tiny startup that no one had heard of to the darling of the fintech industry has made Zalik a star. But more importantly, 12 years after its founding, GreenSky Credit has introduced a completely new lending model that has proven to be eminently viable. This is especially impressive given the dismal results that so many other fintech companies have experienced. GreenSky Credit is likely to become the model upon which fintech is based well into the future.

GreenSky Credit is more evolutionary than revolutionary

One of the things that someone might notice about Zalik and his company is that both are completely devoid of the pretention and pomp that often comes with technology startups. Nowhere throughout the GreenSky Credit headquarters will one find beer dispensers, foosball tables or any of the other excesses that have become an accepted part of tech culture. At the same time, Zalik himself has never sought to violently uproot the existing banking system, unlike many of his fintech competitors. Instead, Zalik’s vision has always been to compliment the existing infrastructure through efficiency-gaining technology, connecting borrowers with lenders and adding tremendous value in the process by pushing deals through that otherwise would never have materialized.

GreenSky Credit has proved that often the biggest successes result from building on a system rather than tearing it down.

ClassDojo App Makes Solid Connection Between Teachers and Parents


ClassDojo has managed to become one of the most creative apps of this century, and educators around the world are rejoicing. This is the app that is changing lives and totally transforming the way that parents are staying in touch with teachers.

There are so many different lines of communication that are open when people download and start using the ClassDojo app. For a long time many working class parents have been looking for a way to connect with teachers and see what is happening in the classroom. Today this is no longer a problem for people that want to interact with teachers. The ClassDojo app brings teachers and parents together. It also brings teachers and students together. This app even brings teachers together with other teachers.

This is very helpful for the new teacher that still may be trying to figure everything out. When a new teacher uses the ClassDojo app she gets the chance to connect with other teachers and build a relationship with the parents. This can be extremely helpful because many parents may never have the time to show up in the physical form at the school. Teachers have to keep the lines of communication open, and this app is a free resource that allows this to happen.

The great thing about this app is that it gives teachers the chance to start the year off with introductions and a back to school presentation through video. The app is available for both Apple and Android users. It is even available for Kindle Fire Tablets. There are a lot of people that will download this ClassDojo app on multiple devices so that they can stay updated at all times. People that go to the ClassDojo website will have the ability to check out the tips to getting started with the app. It is easy to use so many people do not hesitate to download this app. It makes their life better because it saves them a lot of time.

The technology that is presented in schools today is changing the way that people interact with one another. Virtual field trips have made it possible to explore other countries without physically leaving the classroom. By the same token, ClassDojo has made it possible to enter the classroom without physically traveling to the school. This is impressive because it gives parents access to the class without disrupting classroom instruction.

SKOUT Expansion to Poland & Beyond

SKOUT, the leading worldwide app that allow you to meet new people, have expanded its user base to Poland, as announced on June 20, 2016. The community in Poland that uses SKOUT has grown over the last few years as more people use their mobile device. As a matter of fact, Skouters’ connections in Poland has increased more than 40% in the past two years. The CEO and co-founder of SKOUT, Christian Wiklund, stated that they are always searching for ways to improve the SKOUT user experience in meeting new people. He also stated that they are excited that SKOUT is made available to the Polish in order to improve on the existing experience of the Polish community.

The app for SKOUT is a free download for Android and iOS. Users can connect with people with the same interests, send virtual stickers and gifts, and chat. Virtual travel for meeting new friends is also enabled with the SKOUT Travel feature that made over 16 million journeys last year. And now SKOUT has a new feature called “Interested?” which utilizes the “Meet People” search settings for instantly matching fellow Skouters of similar interests. For more information and/or to download SKOUT, you can check out their site, You can also find this app on Twitter and Facebook.


SKOUT globally network the meeting and chatting of new people locally or abroad. You can create a profile through Facebook, Google+, or with your email to instantly start. And when you start this app, you will be amazed with all the exciting things that can be done, like uploading photos, earn points, checking out photos, checking on the buzz feed, checked on who checked you out, travel virtually around the world, and more. You should also create an unique SkoutID and share it with friends.

SKOUT is now the largest worldwide platform to meet new people and expand your social network. It was found in 2007 by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund, and it is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. This community consists of millions of users that span over 180 countries. It’s also available in 22 languages that include English, Danish, French, Hungarian, German, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Malay, Portuguese, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Vietnamese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Tagalog. And they just expanded its user base to Poland, and continues to improve their user experience.

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Skout and Amiable College Students in the United States

Countless college students all around the United States returned to their schools in September 2015. The long summer break was over and these young students were more eager than ever to get back to the learning process. “Skout” is the name of a communications application that gives users the opportunity to encounter new faces. It’s immensely popular among people who want to network and potentially make new friends and contacts. The team behind this app assessed a year’s worth of information not too long ago. This information assessed the habits of young people who made use of the application. These people were all between 18 and 24 years of age. The goal of this review was to determine which college towns in the United States were the most affable and amiable in nature. The Skout staff carefully assessed a good number of prominent college towns in the nation. They, as a result, were able to figure out which specific towns had Skout users who were the most dedicated and active.

Their results were rather interesting, too. The 10 “friendliest locales” list was topped by Madison, Wisconsin. Madison was then followed by Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Ann Arbor, MI, Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, Boulder, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Philadelphia, PA and lastly, Dallas, TX. Skout’s list, surprisingly enough, was heavy on major metropolises such as the Big Apple.

Skout also had some other findings. Boston has a reputation for being the United States’ quintessential college town. It was number 12 on the list. The company’s information also showed that Los Angeles residents are particularly fond of giving gifts to other people. They made the most use of the app’s virtual gift features. Adding up all of the virtual gifts that were shared in Dallas, Chicago, Miami and Boston still wouldn’t beat Los Angeles. Skout’s information revealed that Boulder is home to the nicest young men around, too. The nicest young women around, on the other hand, aren’t there. They’re located in Madison nowhere close to Boulder.

Skout performed an in-depth survey that asked participants a number of key questions. The survey had 2,500 plus participants. All of these people were Skout app users. The Skout team learned via the survey that people believe it’s a lot easier to befriend others during the college years. Friendships are significantly harder during high school. Despite that, more than half of the survey’s participants noted that they felt anxiety about the idea of finding friends prior to beginning their higher educations. Many students also noted that they quickly found great buddies. 72 percent of the people who responded to Skout’s survey indicated that they encountered pals within seven days of their campus arrivals.

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Handy: A Helping Hand is Just a Click Away

In today’s busy world, time is never on our side. We all have huge to-do lists that we hope to tackle and never get to the bottom of, exciting new activities we long to try but never have a second to spare for, friends and family we wish to call and visit but can’t fit into an already overbooked schedule. Do yourself a favor and make time. Choose Handy, the top home cleaning service, and leave the chores (and the dreaded spring cleaning) to the pros. Go to a movie, to the beach, to a nice lunch- you’ve just gained hours of your life back!

You can rest assured that all of Handy’s cleaners are professional, friendly, experienced, and background checked. They are available to come at your conveniently chosen time and make your home shine. Gone are the days of time consuming phone calls; all it takes to book this affordable service is a sixty second visit to Handy’s app or website. Have Handy come in and you can start this season with a fresh, clean home.

While you’re at it, go ahead and revitalize your space with that spring makeover you’ve been craving. Handy assists with more than just home cleaning needs and can help with everything from hanging pictures and shelves to furniture assembly, air conditioner installation, interior painting, and much more. So stop procrastinating and think of all of the necessary tasks you’ve been dreading. With Handy’s one hundred percent money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose.

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Skout’s Amazing Success Leads To Fighting Hunger

Skout is an app designed to help people meet. They may meet for friendship, dating, or other social purposes. Maybe groups of people can connect together to take part in sporting events. No real limits exist on why people can get together through the outstanding social app. Skout is now expanding its reason for existing even further. The company is looking to help people who are suffering from hunger.

Skout has partnered with SF-Marin food bank, and the two hope to feed 20,000 people. Skout has expanded the use of its app so members of the growing community to help make donations. Members who send “virtual bags of potato chips” to friends end up being logged by the Skout app. The management of Skout then takes steps to make real donations based on the virtual ones sent between friends.

Skout seems to always succeed in its endeavors. The San Francisco company was founded in 2007, and the growth has been both consistent and amazing. Reportedly, Skout helped facilitate a half-a-billion connections in 2013 alone. Skout has not exactly stopped growing since 2013. The company has even expanded the number of apps its produces. A group messaging and a nightlife app are two examples. They are pretty popular, too.

Skout’s overall success has been the ability to connect people for scores of social interactions. Interestingly, Skout has put a lot of effort into stressing the travel-oriented benefits of Skout. No one likes to travel alone. Traveling alone means arriving and staying at a destination alone. Through Skout, people with similar interests and hobbies are able to meet up on the trail. Skout’s app platform is very simple and easy to use. This is true for travelers and people who want to meet others in their home region.

Skout apps work on iOS and Android operating systems. That means the app is accessible to the millions upon millions of people who use these operating systems. That alone aids in the growth of the company and its app. Quality and functionality both factor heavily into the popularity of Skout. Now, that popularity does more than just promote social endeavors. The cause of helping fight hunger is being supported as well.