Johanan Rand Utilizes Harmonal Therapy Approach to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Most people in society will agree that living a long and healthy life is their ultimate goal. However, the fact remains that as humans get older, they may be faced with some issues due to the aging process. Well, one doctor who has committed himself to the treatment and prevention of many of these issues is Dr. Johanan Rand. His approach is considered to be one of the most innovative in the medical field, and it continues to attract many patients who are concerned about aging well. While Dr. Johanan Rand tackles an array of medical issues, one area that is most popular right now is the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction through hormonal therapy and diet.


It is a known fact that there may be different root causes for Erectile Dysfunction, and the first step in Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach is to find those causes and eliminate them as much as possible. The first step Dr. Johanan Rand takes in an effort to find the cause is through testing. A blood test is used to determine if the cause is due to vitamin or mineral deficiencies and this can normally be treated with supplements.


While many causes of Erectile Dysfunction may be a result of Vitamin deficiency or diet, many are also caused by emotional issues that aren’t properly dealt with. Dr. Johanan Rand formed a comprehensive program to deal with these particular cases. Once it is determined that anxiety or depression is the cause of ED, Dr. Johanan Rand’s goal is to help the patient understand how stress is causing the negative effect of ED in his body. After this has been communicated, he supplies the right treatment to help control those symptoms through the use of hormonal therapies. In traditional treatment strategies, doctors tend to use one method of treatment for ED, but Dr. Johanan Rand insists on using a combination of therapies, and he finds this approach more effective.


By now you know some of the qualities that set Dr. Johanan Rand apart from the rest. While most known for his effective treatment inside the office, he has already made his presence felt online as he participates in outreach to engage with platforms on social media.