Bruce Levenson Looks To Draw His Hawks Connections To A Close

The former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson, has begun court proceedings in a bid to bring to a close the last legal connections his Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC consortium has with this historic NBA franchise. Over a year after Levenson and his ownership group sold the NBA franchise they are still fighting insurance giant AIG over a claim made by the group over the mutual termination of the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry; the claim revolves around constructive dismissal and workplace torts claims the legal team for Levenson believes triggered the insurance policy held by the group with AIG.

Levenson’s group stated through their legal team the constructive dismissal claim was first discussed with AIG as early as April 2015 according to, months before the June 2015 sale of the franchise that came just two days after Ferry’s contract was mutually terminated. Since the initial claim was made by Bruce Levenson’s group their legal team was stated has been no contact with AIG despite repeated attempts by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. The legal case will be held without the involvement of the latest Hawks ownership group headed by technology billionaire Tony Ressler who has already stated the insurance claim was made in regard to the previous ownership group.

There is much to admire about the impact UCG Founder Bruce Levenson made on the NBA during his decade as the figurehead for the Atlanta Hawks. In the course of his ownership Levenson pushed the NBA franchise to the front of the philanthropic work of the league with a strong commitment to local and national groups; Levenson himself has continued his philanthropic work with many groups, including the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the University of Maryland.