Brown Modeling Agency: Training Talents for International Careers

Every model aspires to become the world’s top model. They are undergoing rigorous training to become the best, but another factor that would take them to their dreams of becoming a supermodel is the agency which handles them. Successful models have their agencies that are backing them, and if the agency is not supportive, the model would eventually fail. The Brown Modeling Agency is the leading talent center in Texas, and the company resulted in the merging of two former modeling agencies – Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina Austin. The company was established in September 2015, and since their creation, they managed to handle talents who are now successful in their chosen fields. The Brown Modeling Agency is one of those talent agencies who wanted to build their talent’s portfolio, which is why they are teaming up with leading brands to give their talents a break. They are serious is building their talents, and most of the talents who are being handled by the Brown Modeling Agency end up being successful.


Justin Brown, the current CEO of the Brown Modeling Agency, said that they really wanted their models to become successful, and that is the reason why they are focused on every detail and every break that is being given to their talents. They are the ones looking for the best deals that would give the talent a fair amount of money and exposure. Justin Brown was a model himself, and he knows the struggles and challenges of being one. He stated that he is ready to help talents who would like to become successful in the world of modeling. He added that being a former model made him knowledgeable in solving problems that the models are encountering along the way.


According to Market Wired, before the formation of the Brown Modeling Agency in September 2015, Justin Brown served as the chief executive officer of Wilhelmina Austin. His skills in leadership and knowledge in modeling made Wilhelmina Austin as one of the leading talent agencies in Texas. He has been competing with Heyman Talent-South to become the best talent agency in the states, but he realized that working with the competitor would make them unbeatable. The result is the Brown Modeling Agency, and Justin Brown claims that they have no regrets with the merge. Today, the company is known as one of the leading talent agencies in the United States, and Justin Brown revealed his plans to expand the Brown Modeling Agency internationally.


The Brown Modeling Agency is inviting all interested applicants to join their growing team. They are open for walk-in applicants, and they are also encouraging people from faraway places to apply online. Justin Brown is excited to see new faces that will be trained to become another top model from the Brown Modeling Agency.


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