Better Business Bureau Provides Recognition To Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has received A+ Rating as well as accreditation. This reflects how efficiently they are serving their customers.


Securus Technologies is known for providing civil as well as criminal justice technological solutions that can be used for public safety, besides investigation, as well as corrections and monitoring. It has recently received accreditation that has come from the Better Business Bureau and received the rating of A+.


This now justifies everything that has been said about Securus Technologies in the print media. They have received this honor as they met all the required standards. The company has been able to build trust in the marketplace. This was managed by establishing and maintaining a positive track record. The company believes in advertising honestly. This has been managed by adhering to all the standards of advertising and selling that have been established.


Securus Technologies believes in honesty. This is evident in all their products and services. All these indicate a clear disclosure of all the material items. There is complete transparency here. Securus Technologies has openly identified the nature, as well as location, besides the ownership of the business. Also, it has clearly disclosed all its policies, guarantees as well as procedures which can impact upon the customer’s buying decision.


Also, Securus Technologies always abides by all its written agreements as well as verbal representations. It is a responsive company. It addresses all its disputes quickly, and in a professional manner. All the data which is collected is well-protected against any kind of mishandling or fraud. The company collects only that personal information which is needed. It respects the preferences of its customers with regard to using their information.


In this way, Securus Technologies has managed to come out on top of all the guidelines laid down by BBB and hence received the highest rating.