NetPicks take on investing in “Green” ETFs

The internet has influenced almost all areas of the modern world. However, the business world seems to have been entirely changed by the coming of the internet and the new technology. The latest developments have influenced the way transactions are conducted and also brought new opportunities for investors. The investment world is now open to the public, and investment opportunities are now available to the average population, something that wasn’t available a few decades ago.

The advancement in trading software and other investment tools have opened new opportunities for the average investor. They have allowed a lot of people to earn extra income by making a passive investment. Learn from their tutorial videos on  One such practical investment tool in the 21st century is the ETFs.

Investing in ETFs

ETFs refer to Exchange Traded Funds, which resemble mutual bonds. However, the process of trading ETFs is different since they are passively managed while mutual bonds are actively managed. ETFs have become a popular form of investment in many areas across the globe. There are various strategies that an individual can employ when investing with the objective of attaining sustainable development.   More to read on

According to NetPicks, a renowned trading company in the country, trading in ETFs that focus on environmental and gender issues is considered to be among the most viable investments that an individual can engage in. Among the leading “Green” ETFs in the U.S. include:

  • ETF (ETHO), which focuses on carbon footprint. The company focuses on reducing greenhouse gases that have a negative impact on our environment.
  • SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity ETF- this investment plan looks at companies with the greatest gender diversity ratio.
  • iShares MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target- this investment plan aims at tracking investment results in emerging markets with low exposure to carbon and other greenhouse gases.

About NetPicks

NetPicks is among the most successful trading companies in the country. It was established by Mark Soberman in 1996 with the main aim of offering high-level training to regular traders. NetPicks have their main offices in Irving, Texas. The company employs highly qualified staffs who have a passion for providing the best trading experience to their clients. NetPicks offers various services that include forex, ETFs, Stock, Futures, and Options.  More investing tips from this link.

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Netpicks Emphasis on Smart Investments

Netpicks Trading Strategies is an online trading strategy company. It was established in 1996. It has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. The company plays a leading role in providing trading-based education. It assists traders to do their businesses efficiently to succeed. Netpicks Trading Strategies includes training on forex, futures, stocks among other marketing strategies. The education process is mostly online. The systems are premeditated to be learned in the shortest time possible. The company has a personal trading experience of over 25 years coupled with 17 years’ experience in trading education. The company has a team of experienced professional instructors headed by Mark Soberman who is also its founder. The coaching team consists of traders who have market experiences. Netpicks provides real training support to traders at all times.  Check  for a rare chance to know what goes on inside a counter punch trader traderoom.

Netpicks Trading Strategies objects to educate traders on smart investments. The company believes that with the present state of the planet, traders should tag along sustainable development while investing. For this reason, the company recently provided an article to educate traders which investments are smart and why.  Learn from their tutorial blogs, visit their page.

Netpicks emphasizes on investing money in ETFs. ETFs means merely Exchange Trade Funds. ETFs are similar to mutual bonds excepts that their trade is passively managed. There are four strategies for investing in ETFs with the aims of maximizing profits and sustaining development. The four groups of strategies include positive screening where firms and organizations are chosen based on their standards. Negative selection is the second whereby the screening is based on factors like social impacts. ESG integration and themed investing are the third and fourth groups respectively. There are also factors to consider while choosing ETFs to choose the right one. Traders need to consider expenses involved and possible risks to be dealt with. Moreover, a lot of emphases should be put in the area of investment. Hop over to this related link on and learn from their tutorial clips.

Netpicks believes that ETFs investments concentrating on gender and environmental issues are the best investment opportunities traders should give a try. Netpicks stresses that traders should settle for socially responsible investments. This will ensure that the generations to come will have an excellent environment to live in and discover.  Get started now, click this useful link.

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Todd Lubar Gives Baltimore’s Real Estate and Overall Economy a Clean Bill of Health

The ever growing real estate business in Baltimore underlines the changing economic landscape of the region. Mainstream media may not give you enough positive news about the Charm City, but Todd Lubar argues that the positives in the area supersede the negatives that news headlines capture. Todd noted that many of Charm City’s old building structures had been substituted with modern and sensational new buildings. Real estate developers, as well as other investors, are flocking the city on a daily basis in an attempt to get a share of the booming business. Todd gives an example of the historic Bank of America building that stood at 10 Light Street that has since been restructured to accommodate an expansive gym and other commercial apartments.

Todd’s Assessment of Baltimore

Todd Lubar argues that for those people who are finding it hard to sustain themselves in Washington D.C, the Charm City is the best alternative. The bigger percentage of these people are the millennials- a youthful and learned population seeking to establish a base for their personal and professional growth. Todd notes that such people provide businesspeople with a market to sell their products and apartment owners with people to rent their facilities. Bearing in mind that this population has a long life ahead of them, Baltimore’s growth trajectory will not be stagnating anytime soon.

Todd Lubar’s advice on matters of entrepreneurship cannot be ignored. He advises that upcoming entrepreneurs should consider trying their luck in the Charm City. He argues that because of the high concentration of young professionals in the area, cheap labor is available. Bearing in mind that one of the greatest challenges startups get is finding quality workforce due to the high wages that comes with it, Baltimore is an ideal place to start off in the world of business.

Todd Lubar

A graduate of the eminent Syracuse University, Todd Lubar is an authority in financial, mortgage, and real estate markets. He has a good professional record for his days at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group.

As a business executive, Todd Lubar cultivated his skills at Charter Funding. He served as the firm’s senior vice president for several years, and while there, he made positive inroads into the mortgage market. Today, he is among the top investors in Maryland and Baltimore. Check out

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Forex Trading Is Becoming the Major Investment Docket

Forex trading is extensively developing into a business that masses want to invest in. Consequently, companies have initiated their services to assist investors who want to indulge in the business. One such company is NetPicks, an organization that was established in 1996. With a strong founding father, Mr. Mark Soberman, NetPicks has graduated his firm to bettering traders. The main goal of NetPicks is fostering a high level of learning platform for traders.

Background of Services Offered

With the main offices in Irving, NetPicks boats of having professional staff members who offer the best services in trading. NetPicks is known for offering educative tips on how to trade. The passion embedded in assisting the traders roots from the leadership roles of Mark Soberman. NetPicks offers services ranging from stocks, market shares, options, futures, and ETFs. What is better, the company offers virtual trading lessons and tutorials. An individual is allowed to sign for membership as soon as they are willing to learn how to trade. Aside from the virtual theoretical classes offered, there are YouTube videos to offer better, clearer instructions.   Watch informative clips on this link from

Profile of Services

The intention of NetPicks Company is to facilitate the learning of trading in smart segments. The idea is to sell knowledge so that traders trade smartly instead of working hard. The company’s trading systems have three core objectives. Traders are allowed to select an option preferred. The full-session career lessons offer income earning opportunities. The process of learning has been simplified to the point of easiness in selecting the goals. The system is always up and operating to make the next moves on your behalf.   Additional reading here.


NetPicks is led by experienced managers that can offer valid advice in regards to trading. The development of programs that guide the traders is sustainable and can be relied on. As a company that offers trading lessons, NetPicks is inclined towards offering advanced tools for proper guidance.  Check this for a related article.

The advancement of technology has also been useful in many ways. The company has done well in balancing the two factors. To NetPicks, what matters is smart trading. It is the responsibility of the management to facilitate the learning process.  Hop over to for an update of their recent timeline activities.

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Netpicks – Expert Investing Support and Advice

Netpicks is a company that works to provide a simple guide that allows those that wish to be socially responsible the opportunity to invest in capital. The business has been derived around helping those who need help learning how to trade their money in a smarter way. They fully understand that it’s hard enough to gain the funds, therefore, they want to help investors make the right decision and invest the money properly so they become more educated and it starts working for them. Related reading on

They do this by providing expert training and coaching that allows people to become more experienced and skilled with their investments. The company is operated by other traders so you can rest assured in knowing that you’re in good hands. The employees working for Netpicks participate in the market each day; therefore, they understand the values and necessary steps that should be taken. Their advice is practical and valued by many. Check these informative demo videos here

There are several steps that should be taken when considering the option of investing your assets. The first step is to realize that socially aware investing begins with you, the investor. Netpicks and their experts always advise clients to be on the lookout to save as much money as possible. The next steps it to always pay attention to ETF, which is similar to a mutual fund. The difference is that it can be traded like a stock. ETF is available within many different types of stocks within many different types of companies.  For more trading tips, click this.   When investing your funds, it’s always important to do the right thing, but it’s also important to do what’s right for yourself and your family as well. Ensure that your portfolio is diversified and you are investing your money responsible. Netpicks has a lot of good advice from experienced investors, so it’s important to take the time to understand so you can become an expert too.  Helpful article here.

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Gregory Aziz – Business Magnate

Gregory J Aziz exudes confidence. He climbed the ladder of success from a fresh-faced college graduate to a captain of industry the hard way — one rung at the time. The story starts in 1971 when Gregory J. Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in economics. He then went to work for a wholesale food company called Affiliated Foods. With his help, Affiliated Foods grew from a local enterprise into a global giant.


After leaving Affiliated Foods, Aziz moved into investment banking in New York City where he was able to arrange the sale of a rail car manufacturer in Hamilton, Ontario named National Steel Car (NSC). Founded in 1912 as the Imperial Steel Car Company, National Steel Car had ridden the ups and downs of the railroad industry ever since.

As CEO and Chairman of the Board of National Steel Car, Aziz used his knowledge of investment banking to secure the funds necessary to modernize and expand the company. Aziz believes in innovation and anticipation. He wants to be ready to solve customer problems today — and tomorrow. This means staying on the cutting edge in manufacturing their products. In the words of their website: “… We stand ready to adapt to your challenges and build you the railcars you need to succeed.”

All of their rail cars are built to withstand punishment day after day. Their tank cars are equipped with Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) compatible brakes, a type of rail car braking system superior to rail car air brakes. Today, NSC stands as a global giant of manufacturing. Aziz credits the commitment of his people, or as he calls them, “team members,” for this phenomenal success. See More Information Here.

Aziz does not just believe in good business practices, he believes in being a good corporate citizen. National Steel Car, its employees, both past and present, and the Aziz family support the local community whenever possible. The annual company Christmas party also serves as a food drive to replenish the local food pantries. The NSC supports The United Way, the Salvation Army, the Theatre Aquarius, and the Hamilton Opera. The Aziz family also funds sponsorship of the annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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How Gregory Aziz Rebuilt National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a company that designs and manufactures railroad freight cars. It has been in business for more than 100 years and is currently led by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Gregory J. Aziz. Its headquarters are in Hamilton, Ontario. Under Greg Aziz’s leadership the company has developed a reputation as the leader in its industry.

Gregory James Aziz is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics. Upon graduation he joined his family’s company which was a global importer and distributor of fresh food. After several years he left this company and moved to New York City where he became an investment banker. It was during this period that he became acquainted with National Steel Car. At the time the company’s best years were behind it. Greg Aziz put together a deal to buy the company from the company that then owned it, Dofasco, and in 1994 he became the new owner of it.

Getting back to basics, Gregory J. Aziz refocused the employees of the company on what they do best which is designing and building the highest-quality railroad freight cars in the industry. He regrew the company’s engineering departments and also greatly expanded its capacity to build railroad freight cars. When he first came on board the company could only produce 3,500 freight cars a year. By 1999 it could produce 12,000 freight cars a year.

Under Greg Aziz’s leadership, National Steel Car is the only railroad freight car manufacturer in North America that has earned the ISO 9001:2008 certified standard. It has held this certification for 18 consecutive years. Since 1996 National Steel Car has also garnered TTX SECO’s highest quality award on a regular basis. Read This Article.


As a philanthropist, Gregory James Aziz has supported others in the Hamilton, Ontario region. He has supported the arts by sponsoring the Theatre Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera. He has also financially supported other nonprofit organizations such at the Salvation Army and the United Way. He also supports a number of charities that are local to Hamilton. Additionally, he holds a huge Christmas part celebration each year to which everyone that works at National Steel Car is invited to. During this time his company mounts a large food drive and what is collected is brought to Hamilton food banks where it is distributed to those who are low-income.

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Netpicks Gives You the Power to Be Your Change

Founded in 1996, Netpicks is an educational resource for a beginner’s level of understanding of various investment strategies. An important tool the company provides is their self-education approach with articles and videos filled with information and tips for you to explore. Netpicks also provides educational courses based on your area of interest so that you can teach yourself more in depth and at your own pace.

Outside of a standardized course, Netpicks also provides coaching sessions so you can learn one-on-one with an expert so you can explore specific questions and get immediate feedback from an individual who understands your needs. Related reading on

Additionally, the company provides a community membership so you can communicate with others who are in a similar position to yourself. With the membership and coaching sessions, Netpicks provides a wide arena of support systems with real people so that you can help yourself meet your investing goals. For more investing tips, head over to this.

A unifying message throughout Netpicks’ financial strategy is in the power of being able to make your own decisions, and in Ravi Mandalia’s article “Netpicks’ Guide to Socially Responsible Investing,” this addresses Netpicks’ advices on being a more socially conscious investor. The first piece of advice Netpicks gives for prospective investors is to first be mindful of all of their spending habits so that they do not wrongly estimate their gains. Additionally, they advise investors of an EFT to closely research the companies within it to ensure all involved are also socially responsible with how they conduct business.  Educate yourself from the informative details available here, click this

Netpicks also emphasizes the importance of a diversified portfolio to strengthen your investments, which in turn supports the socially responsible companies you are invested in. Another socially responsible strategy is with microloans, wherein you loan a small amount of money to a citizen in a third world country where your money has greater value. Whether you are interested in a specific issue, as highlighted by Mandalia’s article, or wish to learn investment strategies, Netpicks provides a variety of methods to give you the power to make your best decisions as a beginner investor.  Refer to this useful link on to know more about Netpicks.

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Tony Petrello; an American Entrepreneur With a Unique Dream

Tony Petrello is an incredible business authority whose career has been exceedingly successful. He has accomplished huge projects throughout his entrepreneurial journey, something that has enormously raised his reputation. In 2015, Tony was declared the highly paid CEO in United States. Tony’s unique aspects contribute significantly to his daily successes; in fact, he attributes his good name to his creative thinking, hard work, and inborn talent. He does not merely celebrate his victories alone. Mr. Petrello is concerned about kids suffering from neurological disorders and does enough to support them. Precisely, Tony leaves a life worthy of emulation. He is one unique person whose legacy will certainly outlive him. As you read on, you will find out that he is a mathematician, businessman, and a lawyer.

Understand a Little Bit of Tony’s School Life

Mr. Petrello attended public schools in Newark, N.J where he was bred. Petrello started shining while he was still in high school. He was a math whiz whose abilities spread across their entire hometown. Thankfully, his commitment to the subject did not go unnoticed; Yale University took note and decided to nurture the talent by offering him a scholarship. He also enjoyed the privilege of getting his opportunity mentored by Professor Serge Lang, a stupendous mathematician, and author. While at Yale, Tony Petrello continued exhibiting his brilliance plus a sense of humor. Antony Petrello had his Yale University transform his life in a significant way. You may also want to know that it is at Yale that Tony met Cynthia, his beautiful wife, a dancer, movie, and soap opera producer and an actress.

Petrello Finding his Way to Nabors Industries

In 1979, Petrello enrolled at a great American law firm, Baker & McKenzie, where he majored in business law, specifically arbitration and taxation. While at Baker & McKenzie, Tony had an opportunity to work for a client called Nabors Industries, the largest drills for oil and natural gas company. From his service, the managers at Nabors got so excited with him, and right then, they started enticing him into their venture. Nabors found its way in Tony’s heart, and so he joined Nabors Industries as a business executive. He continued growing his skill at Nabors, and his efforts kept paying off. In 2011, he was appointed the company chief executive officer, and in 2012 again he became the board chairman. At the same time, he was also named the director of the executive committee board.

Antony Petrello info:

Gregory Aziz Rides to the Rescue

Gregory James Aziz is a good-humored man with an affable manner and an unrelenting smile. In your mind’s eye, you can picture him with a grandchild on his knee or playing one of the wise men in the annual Christmas play. Genial and easy-going, he seems an odd choice to be running a multi-million-dollar company.

Birth in London, Ontario, Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in economics. Fresh out of school, he went to work for a fresh food distributor called Affiliated Foods, which he helped expand until they were buying fresh food internationally and distributing it in Canada and the United States. He moved from Allied Foods into investment banking in New York City where he oversaw the purchase of a company called National Steel Car from steel conglomerate ArcelorMittal Dofasco. Established 1912, National Steel Car was old and tired and losing market share.


Aziz was able to acquire both the company and the capital to rebuild it. Within five years, he had increased production five-fold and employment six-fold. From day one, Aziz has stressed innovation and quality. He is determined that National Steel Car not just be able to offer rail lines answers to the problems of today, but answers to the problems of tomorrow. National Steel Car is the only rail car manufacturing company in the world to have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification 18 years in a row. Aziz refused to take credit for the turnaround and praises the devotion and dedication of his people, or as he calls them, “team members.”


Aziz is a firm believer in being a good citizen and is legendary for his philanthropy. Gregory James Aziz and his family, wife Irene and daughters Karina and Natalie, sponsor and support a number of local non-profits, among them are the Theatre Aquarius, which provides an anchor for the revitalization in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario, and in addition to theatrical performances, holds classes in music, dance, acting, and performance art; the Hamilton Opera, which brings Italian Opera to over 18,000 audience members a year; the Salvation Army; the United Way; and a host of local charities. The family also sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada’s biggest agricultural event. Go To This Page for more info.