Ara Chackerian’s Passion for Boosting the Healthcare Sector

Ara Chackerian is a healthcare investor who appreciates the thriving of healthcare startups in the market. Ara Chackerian comprehends the contribution of startups to innovation in the healthcare industry. As such, Ara postulates that innovation is powerful in improving operations in the healthcare segment. He links his experience to his perception of the development of sophisticated healthcare facilities through innovation. Ara Chackerian postulates that investors have advanced the entire achievements and sustainability of the segment over the years. In his opinion, activities such as digital recordkeeping and advanced diagnostics result from giving startups the opportunity to display their latest market innovations, which grow with time. For instance, big data computing is among the technologies that have matured and are now used within healthcare facilities to ease tasks. You can visit for more.



Besides the contribution of startups to the world of medicine, Ara Chackerian identifies other benefits associated with his decision of moving his startup in the medical mainstream. Ara states that precision and personalized medicine is added to the advantages that come with innovation. Ara Chackerian, therefore, emphasizes that startups could be advantageous given their association with clinical information interoperability. According to Garner, startups are obliged to enhance their technological operations to retain relevance in the market given the dominating aspect of other prestigious organizations including Apple and Amazon. As such, Ara Chackerian comprehends that the current startups in the healthcare segment strive towards becoming reputable organizations later. Besides making profits, Ara recommends that startups should embrace the opportunity in advancing each aspect of the healthcare sector thus boosting efficiency in the market. Check out



Ara Chackerian serves as the Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holding, LLC. The company’s activities are directed towards investing in early-phase healthcare enterprises. Besides being operations at ASC Capital Holdings, Ara Chackerian foresees the operations of other corporations like the TMS Health Solutions. Before Ara’s entry into TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian commenced his profession as an entrepreneur working in famous agencies like BMC Diagnostics. His experience in the finance industry facilitated the development of his idea to span the health sector. Currently, Ara Chackerian is fascinated by the digital healthcare trend that includes the creation of healthcare applications such as the telemedicine.


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