Applied Neurofeedback and how Neurocore Combats Mental Disease

Here’s two conditions that you thought you’d never see a non-medicinal cure for…ADHD and Depression. Neurocore has eight clinics, in two states, that help combat these issues without medication. Many children suffer from ADHD and depression so non-medicinal cures are often of great interest to eager parents that would like to learn more. Let’s look at what applied neurofeedback is so that we can understand how Neurocore uses it as an alternative to powerful mind medications. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

If you suffer a head injury, the hospital takes an EEG of your brain to see what activities are working properly. An EEG shows electrical activity occurring within various areas of the human brain. It can even show this in real time, as the electrical action is occurring! Applied neurofeedback is the process of taking this information and studying the brain’s response to various, repeated, stimuli. When the responses are correctly recorded, they can be studied by a professional that then comes up with a “plan” to cure the thought process. The plan is developed much like a publically traded company implements a control.


Something has to be either changed, increased or even eliminated! The control set in place is the plan. The repetitive stimuli are repeated, this time with the control/plan in place, and the brain is reprogrammed into the new way of thinking. Guess what? EEG types of readings have certain characteristics for patients with mental disease. Depression and ADHD both show stereotypical patterns that often repeat. Some personality types with these conditions respond to the type of applied neurofeedback that Neurocore offers it’s clients. When they do, their condition is cured without the need for medication.

Applied neurofeedback naturally has uses outside of combating a mental disease. Athletes turn to these clinics to improve focus and other traits. Other patients turn to these clinics when they are exhibiting a type of negative behavior that could have undesired consequences down the road. Because of the exciting nature of these treatments, Neurocore has grown from one location to eight. These eight clinics are scattered around Florida and also Michigan. They get visits from clients the world over. Read more about Neurocore at