Sam Jejurikar – A Plastic Surgeon Known for His Professional Bedside Manner

There are some who value a lifelong pursuit of education. For those willing to take the time and make the effort, persistence and commitment usually pays off. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is one such individual. His background education to become a plastic surgeon is extensive in itself. Now, he has decided to go back and pursues his MBA to further his ability to provide the very best in cosmetic surgery.

Originally from Minnesota, he received his BS degree from the University of Michigan. He also received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the university’s medical school. He applied himself and graduated with distinction. Dr. Sam Jejurikar attended school for an additional eight years for training in plastic surgery. Add to his education resume an additional year at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. His education is extensive, and he definitely displays a penchant for learning.

Many who choose cosmetic surgery view it as a way to boost their careers. Others, opt for a younger look that enables them to enjoy a more robust life. Then of course there are those people who undergo plastic surgery to address injuries sustained in an accident. Also, many people now have access to surgery financing options that may not have been available in the past.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s business is based in Dallas. He has gained acclaim for his work in gluteal augmentation which is otherwise known as Brazilian butt lift. As an expert of face, breast, and body plastic cosmetic surgery, he has attended numerous national and international meetings on the subject. As such, many of his peers hold him in high regard.

Patients and colleagues also note Dr. Jejurikar’s bedside manner as being warm and caring. He pays very close attention to detail and places a lot of focus on communicating with patients. Continues Its Expansion By Partnering Up With San Miguel And Central Group recently announced the further expansion into Southeast Asia with the partnership with Central Group (the leading retail conglomerate in Thailand), which resulted in the launch of the e-commerce platform JD CENTRAL. The new platform went live in late September of this year and is another step in JD’s expansion in the region, after the launch of an e-commerce platform in Indonesia, and an investment in Tiki, which is the leading B2C e-commerce business in Vietnam.’s new platform became available for test operations in June, offering direct sales as well as marketplace models. Since June, sales have exceeded expectations, and products from Chinese companies proved to be popular among customers, the leading brands including OnePlus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, and Huawei. The platform offers everything from electronics, to digital products, to home appliances, fashion, cosmetics, and more. 80% of shoppers have accessed the platform through their cell phones, and among the top selling categories were mobile devices, fashion, and fast-moving consumer goods. Refer to This Article for more information.


The Chief Executive Officer of JD CENTRAL, Vincent Yang stated that with the launch of the platform, the company is delighted to be taking a step forward in JD’s journey to save customers in Southeast Asia. Their partnership with Central Group will provide Thai shoppers with a world-class e-commerce experience as well as 100% product authenticity, noted Yang. He also declared that this move will unlock boundless consumer potential of the country’s large population, and will transform the local market, the ultimate goal being to become the most trusted brand in Thailand.


It was also reported that San Miguel, a leading citrus company in the Southern Hemisphere, joined the e-commerce platform, offering fresh produce through the portal. The Chinese company announced in Honk Kong the initiative entitled “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance”, which intends to boost the vegetable and fruit market activity in the country. Besides San Miguel, 18 more fruit producers signed up, such as Wonderful Citrus and Zespri. The alliance recognizes San Miguel to be among the leading companies in the industry, and also boosts the business development via e-commerce. In addition, the initiative allows the company to expand its presence.


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Upwork IPO Is Bound To Thrive As Freelancing Grows

Investors are always looking for good companies that are breaking beyond what is considered tradition. Upwork is one of those companies that has mastered the art of connecting freelance workers with people that need work done. This is a company that has potential employers that pay great money for freelancers that can get the job done. When a company like Upwork made the decision to capitalize on this it would be possible to see a large amount of growth with this company. The fact that it has recently acquired an IPO is not a surprise. People have been expecting this type of growth for years, and it appears that this company is now going to rise to the occasion and make it easier for more freelancers to build their resumes and increase their workload.

People that want to seriously engage in better freelancing opportunities cannot overlook just how important a company like Upwork is. There are a lot of people that have the skills to do certain jobs, and they want to make money, but they may not know how to get started. These people that want to do freelance work can rest assured that they are getting with a reputable company that has a system in place where you can earn reviews on the type of work that you do.

It has also allowed people to engage in multiple contracts and get with clients that can help them take their work even further. The possibilities are endless when it comes to growth for a company like Upwork largely because it is a middleman.

For investors this is the same thing that makes it an attractive IPO. There are a ton of companies that come forth for products that are being sold and these products become something of a fad. When you have a company that is selling products that are no longer popular it is easy for this company to fail and become less attractive option for people that are investing in the stock.

Upwork is not a seller of a product or service. It is a business that is going to grow based on public service in customer care. It is a business that is going to grow because it is able to connect clients with workers. Providing What The Asian World Wants And Need Fast And Efficiently

Jingdong, also known as, began its online marketplace in 2010. has become China’s leading e-commerce platform and an established e-commerce presence in Indonesia. Now, it has expanded into Thailand by introducing a new e-commerce platform called “JD Central”. The new platform started the 28th of September.

Jingdong offers a wide range of products through direct sales and market place models.


Customers have a choice of electronics, digital products, fashion, home appliances, books and music. Many,Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are available. Cosmetics, toiletries, beverages and processed foods are just some of the items sold in this category. The top selling items have been fast-moving consumer goods, fashion and mobile devices. Popular Chinese brands that sale are Xiaomi, Huawei, One Plus and Lenovo. If there is an equivalent for the “Amazon of China”, Jingdong Mall is the best candidate.


Jingdong is now partnering with San Miguel, a citrus company. They will work together on a project called the “Global Fruit Strategic Alliance”. The announcement of this initiative was made in Hong Kong, by Eighteen other well known fruit producers will participate. Zespri and Wonderful Citrus are two of the 18 companies. One of the goals of the initiative is to increase fruit and vegetable activity within the country. It will also allow San Miguel to introduce its produce globally. not only wants to provide Asian consumers with a variety of online products, but it wants the process to be efficient and fast. Ninety percent of all orders are delivered the same or next day. Jingdong has its own automated fulfillment system and uses its own employees in its delivery network. offers its customers the convenience of paying for orders online or in person.


In 2016, had 226.6 million active customer accounts and filled 1.6 billion orders. Today, it is one of China’s leading e-commerce platforms, has over 300 million active customers, nearly 7,000 delivery stations and 500 warehouses. Go Here for related Information.




Stream Energy Founds Philanthropy Foundation Called Stream Cares

Stream Energy is a company based out of Dallas, Texas. In order to help out their community, especially following the disaster left behind by Hurricane Harvey, they created a foundation called Stream Cares. In addition to help with disaster relief, the new foundation strives to help alleviate some of the homelessness problems that are plaguing the city. To fight this problem, they have also partnered with a company called Hope Supply.

Another reason why Stream Energy decided to create Stream Cares is because they feel that philanthropy is the core of their company’s DNA. This new foundation is a great way to prove how other companies across the Dallas area can use charity as a way to give back to their community and improve their brand.

A main component that sets Stream Energy and their new charity foundation apart from others across the country is that it is its own separate entity. The company is working with other strategic partners, such as Hope Supply, to break new ground in the city for social responsibility in businesses and corporations.

The business model for Stream Energy is pretty simple. They work in direct sales of energy products and cell phone plans. Additionally, the company offers both corporate and residential services. The sales team for the company make their income on the commissions earned from each sale they bring in for the company.

Working with Hope Cares has been the main reason why the company hit their sales goals in the Dallas area. The organization offers items such as diapers, wipes and other items for homeless children in the area. The two companies work well together because Stream Energy has a passion for driving local giving. They also work closely with Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross to drive their grassroots giving and CSI.

Because of companies like Stream Energy and the partners they work with, people affected by disasters in the area can receive the help they need to get their lives back in order and on track. These philanthropic efforts by Stream Cares and other organizations are sometimes the only help some residents receive.

Waiakea Water Blows All Of The Other Brands Away

The best thing to do is to drink water. Many times when people think that they are hungry, they are really thirsty for water. In these situations, drinking water instead of eating food, especially junk food, can decrease weight problems and take away health issues. When we work out, we need to replenish the fluids in our bodies that we lose. When we cook, we need to add water to some foods. If a person is looking to consume a fluid, water is the best thing to consume—not soda, and not even juice. Water is an all around life saver.

However, there are many problems in the world of water. For example, sometimes the water coming out of the faucet will cause long-term health issues if consumed. Some places have a microbe problem with their water. Alkalinity and acidity make up another issue with water. A lower pH water will do the human body a lot of harm, while a higher pH water will do what it is supposed to do. There are companies that make their water into alkalized water by running it through a piece of technology. However, it is a curious fact that nature actually does this in some locales of the world. It happens on volcanic islands such as the one that Mona Lua is on, in Hawaii. Mona Lua is the volcano from which Waiakea Water is harvested from. The founder’s uncle owned a house on the base of the landmark, where water was flowing through the property. As he got older, Ray Emmons realized that he could make this clean water into an entrepreneurial pursuit. He established a company that sold the water in environmentally friendly bottles.

The water company is now better than ever, with a lot of success, as well as a large customer base. There is no other bottled water brand like Waiakea. Poland Spring can eat its heart out! So can Aquafina, Dasani and Fiji!

Dr. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinedes: The Pillars of InnovaCares Leadership

InnovaCare, as the name suggests, offers innovative health care solutions to its clients all over the country. It has gained popularity in North America for its innovative Medicare Advantage Plans and physician services. The leadership of Dr. Rick Shinto and others such as Penelope Kokkinedes has done a good work. Now, physicians utilizing its services have a peace of mind and also, patients using their services are receiving satisfactory care, thanks to its progressive as well as value-based models.



Dr. Rick Shinto



With more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, the renowned InnovaCare executive is specialized in clinical and operational healthcare. If you look at his track record, customer satisfaction, treatment efficiency and financial were at the core of his activities as he strived to lead the company to success.



Prior to joining InnoCare, Rick Shinto held various leadership positions. In 2008, he joined Aveta as President and CEO and prior to that, he was the Chief Executive Officer of NAMM. He has served in other various posts.



Dr. Shinto has also written and published several articles on healthcare. He graduated from University of California in Irvine with a B.S. and also, he holds a medical degree he earned from State University of New York in Stony Brook. He is also a M.B.A holder from University of Redlands.



Penelope Kokkinides



She is also an important member of Dr. Shinto’s team. Penelope Kokkinides joined InnoCare in 2015. Apart from serving as a COO at InnoCare, she also served as Aveta’s COO. She brings an extensive experience spanning through many years of service in the healthcare and being the Vice President of Clinical Operations was a big achievements on its own.



She is specialized on managed care as well as government programs. Penelope Kokkinides has a strong education background. She earned her first degree in biological sciences and languages from Binghamton University. She continued to pursue her masters in social work at New York University. She did not stop there. She went for a post-masters advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse. Ultimately, she has another master’s degree in public health from Columbia University. Check out




About InnovaCare



InnovaCare prides itself of over 120 years in operation. It is based in New Jersey and it is dedicated to its core businesses; managed care as well as care delivery. Its efforts to offer both affordable and quality Medicare Advantage Plans and physician services has led to its increased popularity in North America.



It capitalizes on provider as well as patient engagement to advance towards its goals. So far, it has saved more than 500,000 lives. Check out their Facebook page.


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