Johanan Rand Utilizes Harmonal Therapy Approach to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Most people in society will agree that living a long and healthy life is their ultimate goal. However, the fact remains that as humans get older, they may be faced with some issues due to the aging process. Well, one doctor who has committed himself to the treatment and prevention of many of these issues is Dr. Johanan Rand. His approach is considered to be one of the most innovative in the medical field, and it continues to attract many patients who are concerned about aging well. While Dr. Johanan Rand tackles an array of medical issues, one area that is most popular right now is the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction through hormonal therapy and diet.


It is a known fact that there may be different root causes for Erectile Dysfunction, and the first step in Dr. Johanan Rand’s approach is to find those causes and eliminate them as much as possible. The first step Dr. Johanan Rand takes in an effort to find the cause is through testing. A blood test is used to determine if the cause is due to vitamin or mineral deficiencies and this can normally be treated with supplements.


While many causes of Erectile Dysfunction may be a result of Vitamin deficiency or diet, many are also caused by emotional issues that aren’t properly dealt with. Dr. Johanan Rand formed a comprehensive program to deal with these particular cases. Once it is determined that anxiety or depression is the cause of ED, Dr. Johanan Rand’s goal is to help the patient understand how stress is causing the negative effect of ED in his body. After this has been communicated, he supplies the right treatment to help control those symptoms through the use of hormonal therapies. In traditional treatment strategies, doctors tend to use one method of treatment for ED, but Dr. Johanan Rand insists on using a combination of therapies, and he finds this approach more effective.


By now you know some of the qualities that set Dr. Johanan Rand apart from the rest. While most known for his effective treatment inside the office, he has already made his presence felt online as he participates in outreach to engage with platforms on social media.


Stansberry Research Insurance Investment Tips

When the names Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham are mentioned, what comes to the minds of most people is about their successes in investments. However, not many people are aware of how these prolific individuals made it to the top. Stansberry Research is a financial advisory that explains the investment strategy that contributed largely to the success of these individuals. Warren and Graham invested in insurance premiums that paid more than the claims made. This strategy sounds simple, but when it is applied diligently, the results are amazing.


Stansberry Research was started by a committed entrepreneur called Porter Stansberry in 1999. At the time of its founding, the company was so small that Mr. Porter managed it from his kitchen. The company has rapidly amassed numerous subscribers since then. These subscribers follow the company on its website to view the numerous investment articles. Various articles on the site that are written by very experienced investment advisors. These articles are very informative, and due to this, some people have subscribed for lifetime updates.


The brainchild of Stansberry Research is Mr. Porter who has also always put his resources in the firm to see it thrive. Mr. Porter is very experienced in investment, and he always ensures that the articles are written are truthful and useful to the readers. One of his notable achievements is that he was the first American to write in Fleet Street Newsletter. This is the oldest financial newspaper in the world that is written in English. Being an employee of this company is mainly due to Mr. Porter’s extensive know-how about finances.


One of the recent articles to feature on Stansberry Research is about insurance. The article explains why some insurance companies to fare much better than the others. The article describes that insurance firms should look for effective means to ensure that they accumulate more premiums than the dividends that they pay out. This way, the company collects money that can be used to invest in other profit bringing activities. Stansberry Research has a list of the insurance companies that are effectively applying this strategy.


Jorge Moll Discovers The Connection Between Morality And The Brain

Jorge Moll is a neuroscientist who has been studying the way that the brain reacts to different situations for many years. His work with depression and other conditions has been illuminating and has helped scientists as well as everyday people to better understand the connection between well-being and certain activities. One of the studies he was running, in the past, discovered that when volunteers placed the interests of others before their own, they were rewarded by their brain. This proved that altruism was a basic function that leads to pleasure and good feelings. This furthers the discussion of what it means to be good and what its benefits are.


Jorge Moll has continued his work over the years and continues to discover connections between morality and the brain. In fact, it has been found that other animals function in a similar way, at least some of the time. His studies are proving that this mechanism in the brain that rewards people for altruistic behavior has been around for some time. At the root of all of morality seems to be empathy, which is the ability to experience what another creature, being, or person is experiencing, and this guides what many people believe to be the right or wrong things to do. Central to moral thinking are emotions, and they have an affect on people whether we know it or not.


Jorge Moll is a Member, the President, and Director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro (IDOR). He also serves the organization as its Senior Researcher and as the D’Or Institute for Research & Education Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup. He earned his MD in Neuroscience while spending time at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and also earned a Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology during his time spent at São Paulo University. He has worked for most of his life to reduce people’s suffering through research and science. During his free time, he loves to spend as much time as possible with his family who he loves very much.


The RealReal Selling Luxury Items on Consignment

The Real Real is a Consignment company that focuses on luxury items. Items that are found on their website, can also be found on their app. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store. Their user-friendly app allows the customer to shop through many different items including jewelry, watches, handbags, and household items. On the Real Real App the customer can sort through the menu and select Consignment, Obsessions, Feeds, or Account. The app also has a search feature which makes it easier for the viewer to lookup specific items.

On their Instagram page, you have models showing off items that can be purchased on their website or brick and mortar store. The luxury items that are being modeled can range from Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Hermès, and Rolex. Within their Instagram page, you can also find quotes by famous celebrities. The Instagram page is easy to use and has professional uploaded pictures.

The user interface from the desktop version is laid out nicely. The difference between the app versus the desktop version, is the menu. They’re more categories to choose from, which include New Arrivals down to items on sale. The desktop version also has a search feature as the app; however, there are more results displayed per page on the desktop version. Another advantage that the desktop-version has is, you can search by designer. There are hundreds of designers on the designer directory that you can choose from. You have the option to view the directory by the webpage or via pdf.

In 2017, the NY Times wrote an article about The Real Real. It’s a consignment company that was founded in 2011. It began as online startup company, but with its success the company has expanded and opened up eight brick-and-mortar stores.

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Brian Torchin Is A Global Staffing Professional

Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC is a Pennsylvania healthcare staffing company which is managed by Mr. Brian Torchin, President. Health Care Recruitment Counselors is a unique staffing company whose clients are in the medical and legal industry.

Brian attended the University of Delaware and currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has created several different companies like his own chiropractic clinic and now his recruitment business that he began in 2007.

Health Care Recruitment Counselors helps to staff hospitals, medical therapy facilities, law offices and more. Brian Torchin directs Health Care Recruitment Counselors in the hiring process by providing consulting services, training, and he performs succinct background checks.

Health Care Recruitment operates worldwide with offices in the United States (Florida, Philadelphia, Delaware) and throughout Asia, Canada, Australia, and Europe. Brian Torchin believes that when a law firm or medical facility uses a trusting recruiting firm like Health Care Recruitment Counselors, then their professional clients can provide more attention to their patient’s and client’s needs. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Using a global professional recruiting firm saves businesses time, money, and stress. Trusting your professional staffing needs to Health Care Recruitment Counselors means that you are receiving a professional that will fit right into any existing team dynamics.

The healthcare and legal industries are specific types of businesses which means that only an employment firm like Health Care Recruitment Counselors can provide the exact professionals that they are looking for. Mr. Torchin stated that his staffing firm has an extensive database of qualified legal and healthcare workers, worldwide. To further reduce hiring stress for clients, Health Care Recruitment Counselors can also negotiate hiring contracts.

Brian is very active on social media websites like Linked-In, Twitter, and Facebook denoting the many benefits that using Health Care Recruitment Counselors can give a medical and legal business with the omission of the hiring stress. He also posts career opportunities and staffing positions for his clients. An additional benefit provided by Mr. Torchin and his staffing firm involves ‘confidentiality.’ For example, if a business is hiring for a key position but does not want to broadcast it, Health Care Recruitment Counselors takes care of all of these hiring Intricacies.

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Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, internationally renowned plastic surgeon and teacher

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich in Dallas Texas, is considered one of the best plastic surgeons in America. Dr. Rohrich has dedicated his life to helping people obtain the youthfulness and beauty they so many so desperately want. He has written for many medical journals and books that have helped to shape the advancements in plastic surgery today. As well as being a founding member of a nonprofit organization, AIRS Foundation. AIrs Foundation helps to give women breast reconstruction surgery after they underwent a mastectomy. Impressively Dr. Rohrich has also been guest speaker on Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and The View.

One of the Services Dr. Rod J. Rohrich personally performs is rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty. Even though both these procedures have the same goal, to alter the shape and appearance of the nose, they are considered to be two completely different procedures. With a revision rhinoplasty surgery has already been done on the nose which makes things more complicated for the surgeons during the revision. A great deal of Dr. Rohrich academic work has been focused of performing revision rhinoplasty.

As mentioned before Dr. Rohrich is a founding member of the AIRS Foundation and is an expert in breast surgerys. Breast surgery is performed for many reasons such as to make the body more symmetrical, enlarge or reshape the breasts, or in some cases replace the breasts that were taken during mastectomy surgerys.

Facelifts are also a surgery Dr. Rod J. Rohrich performs and spends a great deal of time teaching and contributing to advancements. Facelifts are meant to correct signs of aging. Making people look youthful and beautiful.

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Ara Chackerian’s Passion for Boosting the Healthcare Sector

Ara Chackerian is a healthcare investor who appreciates the thriving of healthcare startups in the market. Ara Chackerian comprehends the contribution of startups to innovation in the healthcare industry. As such, Ara postulates that innovation is powerful in improving operations in the healthcare segment. He links his experience to his perception of the development of sophisticated healthcare facilities through innovation. Ara Chackerian postulates that investors have advanced the entire achievements and sustainability of the segment over the years. In his opinion, activities such as digital recordkeeping and advanced diagnostics result from giving startups the opportunity to display their latest market innovations, which grow with time. For instance, big data computing is among the technologies that have matured and are now used within healthcare facilities to ease tasks. You can visit for more.



Besides the contribution of startups to the world of medicine, Ara Chackerian identifies other benefits associated with his decision of moving his startup in the medical mainstream. Ara states that precision and personalized medicine is added to the advantages that come with innovation. Ara Chackerian, therefore, emphasizes that startups could be advantageous given their association with clinical information interoperability. According to Garner, startups are obliged to enhance their technological operations to retain relevance in the market given the dominating aspect of other prestigious organizations including Apple and Amazon. As such, Ara Chackerian comprehends that the current startups in the healthcare segment strive towards becoming reputable organizations later. Besides making profits, Ara recommends that startups should embrace the opportunity in advancing each aspect of the healthcare sector thus boosting efficiency in the market. Check out



Ara Chackerian serves as the Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holding, LLC. The company’s activities are directed towards investing in early-phase healthcare enterprises. Besides being operations at ASC Capital Holdings, Ara Chackerian foresees the operations of other corporations like the TMS Health Solutions. Before Ara’s entry into TMS Health Solutions, Ara Chackerian commenced his profession as an entrepreneur working in famous agencies like BMC Diagnostics. His experience in the finance industry facilitated the development of his idea to span the health sector. Currently, Ara Chackerian is fascinated by the digital healthcare trend that includes the creation of healthcare applications such as the telemedicine.


Q&A with Ara Chackerian of Limonapa Teak




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