Proteostasis Is Not Looking So Hot After Sahm Adrangi’s Statements In Kerrisdale Report

Not all companies out there are worth investing in and Sahm Adrangi is one of the top investors in the country today that is doing his duty to inform other investors and the general public of companies that are an issue. The latest company that has taken fire from Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi’s investment company, is Proteostasis. This biotech firm has made claims recently that they have had great success developing a new drug for cystic fibrosis patients. So far, Proteostasis claims this drug will dramatically increase lung performance for patients.

In order to get to the bottom of whether or not these claims are good, Sahm Adrangi and Kerrisdale has done some digging into the biotech firm. Unfortunately, what Sahm has found is not so good for those who might be excited about this new drug. CFTR amplifier PTI-428 is what Proteostasis is calling their product, which Sahm is calling a drug cocktail. According to the report, Proteostasis only had four subjects for their testing, which means this was a very small scale test that cannot be accurately assessed based on the presented data. Not only is the data incomplete, but the results are messy and practically missing, which causes Sahm Adrangi to believe these statements are likely false or due to very poor testing procedures by the biotech company. The placebo test conducted found a drop in lung performance as well, meaning their statements that this drug can increase lung performance cannot be true.

Due to all of these concerns, Kerrisdale has taken the short position with Proteostasis. This means they will continue to profit as the stock value of Proteostasis drops, which it has already started doing since Kerrisdale’s negative report went public. This is mostly because of other investors that are keen to follow the advice of Sahm Adrangi, who happens to be a high-profile investor in the U.S. that regularly states his opinions on companies and calls them out for their shady practices. Sahm has an impressive track record of success, couple that with hardly being wrong in his investments or arguments, most investors have started following in his footsteps.

The Continued Expansion and Growth of OSI Group Company

For a good reason, OSI Food Solutions is among America’s top 100 food companies. The CEO, Sheldon Lavin has managed to transform the company into a multibillion-dollar food processor. It is located in 16 different countries. The firm is committed to excellence and puts the consumer first. They strive to meet any challenges that come their way through working as a team. Each of the employees of OSI Group understands that they are part of a more important team. Every employee is given an equal opportunity, and they are all treated as a family. The company strives to partner and form relationships that will be beneficial for all those involved.

OSI Group continues to expand its business. They have bought a food processing facility and storage warehouse in Chicago. The previous owner of the warehouse was Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods is near OSI Group and will offer infrastructure to support the growth of the firm. The senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott, claims that they are excited to have this facility as part of the firm as it will enhance their capabilities to meet the needs of their clients. None of the financial details of purchase was disclosed. Also, the firm did not mention the type of products that they will process in that new facility.

In the recent past, OSI Food Solutions in Spain boosted its output of chicken products by adding a production line of high-capacity. The plant is located in Toledo completed the improvements they were making in 2017. This expansion process cost them a total of 17 million Euros. Before the completion of this expansion, the production capacity of the firm was about 12,000 tons of chicken annually. This production number doubled when this expansion was completed.

In the year 2016, OSI Group in Britain was given the Globe of Honor because of the level of care that they take in the managing those risks that may affect the environment. The ceremony award was in London. This firm was chosen among 18 other firms from all around the world. There were various standards that the firm had to pass before it was presented with this award. Each of the firms that made it to the final running must have shown excellent results in the managing of the environment at all their business levels. This award was presented to them by the British Safety Council. The chair of the safety council congratulated OSI Group for getting the award.

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The Talk Fusion App Hype

Talk Fusion is increasingly becoming popular when it comes to providing advertising solutions to businesses across the world. It helps businesses stay ahead of their competitors while at the same time increasing their sales and profits. Talk Fusion makes it easy for companies to make their marketing more engaging and memorable through the use of video. Talk Fusion services are available in over 140 countries. The company has been launching new products almost every year and it recently launched a video chat app that is set to excite its customers.


App features


One of the most favorite things about the Fusion on the Go app is the amazing and handy features that come with it. These features make it is easy businesses to stay ahead of the competition in the business world. The app is available both on Google Play stores as well as iTunes. You can also download the app to your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

It is important to note that video emailing is Talk Fusion’s major product. The app makes it easy for business owners to connect with their customers at any time of day or night. A user can send video emailing messages straight from devices to clients which make it possible for them to view any video marketing campaigns targeting that specific location.


Why video emailing is important


Unlike traditional emails, video emailing has the capacity to easily grab the attention of anyone being targeted by the video email. This form of emailing has been proven to work much better than traditionally written emails. The goal of any business is always to reach as many customers as possible and to pass on the message.


Using the app


The good news is that sending of videos can easily be done through the app. All you need to do is record a new video or send an already existing one in your device and send them via the app. After uploading the video, you can choose from a range of templates and even change display names if you wish. One can also use the Tal Fusion app for personal use such as calling friends and family. Learn more:


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by Bob Reina who also happens to be the Chief Executive Officer. The company is dedicated to assisting businesses to stay ahead of the competition, increase their profits and attract even more customers. Talk Fusion’s products are available in more than 140 countries around the world.

Dr. Clay Siegall is Building a Great Company Instead of Selling

Seattle Genetics is currently kicking up a lot of dust in the biotech industry. The Seattle based company is dominating the the Pacific Northwest region and is showing no signs of stopping. Many believe that it is highly likely the biotech giant will be acquired soon while others think it will continue to grow and expand. What ever happens in the future the company probably remain a staple in the biotech industry.

Seattle Genetics was founded 20 years ago by Dr. Clay Siegall. Siegall also serves as CEO of the company. Most of Seattle Genetics research involves human antibodies. The antibodies are studied, manipulated, and even packaged into drugs.

Seattle Genetics has been the largest biotech company in Washington for a number of years now. Its employee roster is nearing 1,000 individuals, not to mention, it is valued at around $10 billion. The company’s ultimate goal is to become a leading pharmaceutical company. If this happens it may very well become the company the Seattle community has longed for for quite some time.

While Seattle Genetics has been very successful it still has goals it has yet to reach. Dr. Clay Siegall has publicly stated that the company is emerging as global, multiproduct, oncology company dedicated to the battle against cancer. In fact, the company’s flagship drug treats Hodgkin lymphoma. Dr. Siegall says he has no interest in selling his company and instead wants to compete with larger ones. Because of Dr. Siegall’s commitment Seattle Genetics is expected to grow substantially in the coming years.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

A scientist by training Dr. Clay Siegall built his company on scientific innovation and helping patients. Prior to founding Seattle genetics he worked at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for six years. He became interested in the fight against cancer when his father was diagnosed when he was in his late teens. Since then he has been dedicated to treating cancer patients.

Dr. Siegall has been the recipient of many accolades in his 30 year career. In 2012 he was named the Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

What Does The Future Hold For Canadian Oil And Gas Producer Obsidian Energy

When the Canadian company, Penn West Petroleum Ltd., underwent a number of key adjustments within the organization and its structure, the idea for re-branding the company was born. After a 92 percent majority of the company’s shareholders cast their votes in favor of renaming the company. Thus, on June 26, 2017 Penn West Petroleum Ltd. ceased its operations under its original name. Obsidian Energy Ltd. is the new name that this oil and gas producer that began operating under after this successful re-branding.


Obsidian Energy is one of Canada’s most impressive produces of natural gas and oil, reaching a daily average of somewhere around 30,000 boe. In addition to this impressive output, Obsidian Energy also is in control of some extremely high-quality assets, which make up the company’s nicely balanced portfolio.


It should be noted that the energy industry has been going through some of biggest changes that an industry has seen in modern times. Although what the energy market will look like in the future is certain, Obsidian’s management team is dedicated to pursuing continued success within this field. They believe that their passion and entrepreneurial spirit will be the building blocks that will allow the company to see great success for years to come in the oil and gas industry.


Obsidian Energy is well-poised to achieve its current goal of moderate growth over its next three years of doing business. This is because the changes that took place within the organization have created a team that is leaner, stronger, more efficient and capable of greater things that it ever was before.


Throughout the course of Obsidian Energy’s journey, it will strive to be very accountable to everyone involved in the process. This doesn’t just include their company’s partners and its shareholders, however. The local communities in which Obsidian Energy is able to operate are also a place that the company’s management team wishes to place accountability for the long term.


Obsidian Energy has a commitment to make positive impacts on all of the communities where they have operations. Obsidian sponsor a Community Matters Program where all employees and contractors are to communicate openly with all people in the communities.


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Need a house? Call Todd Lubar!

Todd Lubar is a real estate investor who looks forward to working with people who need help with buying a house.

Todd Lubar makes people who need help in real estate his lifetime career. His interview on talks about his daily life and how he starts his day in the morning. Todd was always working with other people in the real estate career on what he needed to do in order to be successful in this career field. He worked with these people because he needed people who could help him by being a source of help when help was needed. In the year 1999 he took another big step in his career by becoming equal with Legacy Finical Group. You can visit their website

By doing this it made it where Todd Lubar couldn’t expand his lending capabilities to people outside of the bank which really made him upset because that’s what he wanted to do when he go into that career. That’s when he decided he was going to open Legendary Properties, LLC. This then made it where he could do his own thing and help the people like he wanted to. This was when he started to develop relationships with people who were going to build quality products fast.

After this he then opened Charter Funding in 2003 which made it where he could expand his business because of the amount of money and wealth that he was creating when due to the programs and products. All of this was because he had been in the market for over 12 years because of this he saw people who were not deserving of the things they got when they got them. This pushed him into making Legendary Finical and his own money to help those who would have been overlooked otherwise. 7,000 transactions later he was able to make choices on who he would take a risk on and who he wouldn’t. This was all based on his own choice.

So if you are having trouble finding a house due to funding talk to Todd Lubar! You can follow their Instagram page.

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Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group are the First Publicly Traded Buyout Firm

Renowned investor, Wes Edens, Chief Investment Officer and Fortress Investment Group is proud to be the first publicly traded buyout firm. Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998 by five principal partners including Wes Edens, Michael Edward, Randall Nardone, Peter Briger Jr., and Robert Kauffman. Fortress Investment Group has become a global conglomerate by investing in alternative assets and various other investment categories. Some of the more lucrative investment vehicles include Private Equity, Funds Hedge Funds, Real Estate Vehicles and various other investment arenas. More specifically, Fortress Investment Group specializes in illiquid credit investments, distressed assets, and undervalued assets.

Wes Edens has provided strong leadership and creative guidance for investing in alternative assets with a track record that spans over two decades. He is becoming one of the go-to persons for the subprime lending investment categories. In February 2007 Fortress Investment Group became the first publicly traded buyout firm on the stock market. Providing new insights and creative thought processes to the leverage subprime and all other alternative assets, Wes Edens is becoming a pioneer in the investment industry. Wes Edens was educated at Oregon State University where he received a Bachelor Degree in Finance and also Business Administration Degree. He currently serves as President of Private Equity and Co-Chief Executive Officer. Wes Edens has expanded his investment portfolio to include co-ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks and several other renowned investments within the sports paradigm.

As President and Chief Investment Officer at Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens has created the leadership prowess to invest in the highest levels of intellectual capital and professional investment knowledge within his more than 100 asset management employees. Fortress Investment Group is a global conglomerate that provides investment opportunities for over 1600 private investors and institutional clients around the world. The portfolio has assets under management totaling over $67.5 billion and provides a strong portfolio for creating large lucrative profits and returns on investment for its various investment ventures. Wes Edens has provided exceptional leadership and the needed expertise through analysis and evaluation of not only assets but in key personnel to create a streamlined organization that is poised to continue to flourish and grows well into the future. With the strong foundation of great leadership and sound intellectual knowledge, Wes Edens is creating an opportunity to leverage the organization’s resources into a powerful lucrative return on investment. Fortress Investment Group became a publicly traded company in February of 2007 and quickly became one of the stronger investment portfolios on the market and the first publicly traded buyout firm.

The Effective of Netpicks in Advice

One thing people will hear about Netpicks is that it is an effective website when it comes to helping people make profits. For one thing, people will learn some very interesting insights when it comes to making the right choices for Forex as well as other markets. The authors and content providers of Netpicks understand that every trader is different and has different goals. This is one of the reasons that they make sure that there is enough content for the different types of traders to be able to use to their benefits. Therefore, each trader can potentially find something that works for them.

Among the things that make each trader different are their different circumstances in life. Some traders may have tons of money and time to make tons of trades while other traders are struggling and hoping to make a few extra bucks in order to be able to better support themselves. For one thing, some people work jobs that require their full attention at certain hours of the day. In many cases, they are not going to be able to make the trades. Fortunately, Netpicks has something for the trader who has very little time ( This is where trading for dividends can come in handy.

Netpicks has a piece of advice for people of all commitment levels of trading and investing (  For instance, people with limited hours in a day can trade in global markets. This is one of the types of markets that will be open all throughout the day. This gives people plenty of opportunity to make trades at different times in the day. One of the best things about trading is having the opportunity to actually make some significant amounts of cash that they can use for more trading or other activities that they choose.  Check for reviews.

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Netpicks Betting On Experience To Teach Others

Traders have goals they hope to achieve through investing. Some investors venture into this field hoping to achieve financial gains, others for professional experience and other get into investing for part-time income.

Achieving these goals is not easy that is why Netpicks trading strategies designed a system with the investor in mind. So, the knowledge they share with traders is based on their own experience.

The systems are easy to learn because they entail tailor-made videos, which are easy to understand. This means you will take minimal time to learn the ropes to start trading.

Rather than deliver this material and leave you to trade on your own, the system allows the investment manager at Netpicks to log in to your computer virtually. This gives the investor an opportunity to seek clarity on any issues on a real-time basis.

Investing involves a great deal of risk. You can lose all your money in one trade. The market is not always in a suitable condition. Over-trading and over-analyzing information are the leading causes of investor losses.

Trading requires the investor to develop a strategy and follow through to avoid emotional investing.

They also train on how to decide for themselves without relying on the opinions of others. This makes traders independent and hence increases their chance for success.

Developing an individual strategy is hard, and it takes time. Due to lack of previous experience and expertise, most individual strategies are backed by mere probability. Netpicks Trading Strategies has a solution for this problem (

The firm has developed a strategy that catapults investors to success without going through the long and tiresome learning curve. Netpicks has independent short courses that equip the investor with market-specific trading tools.


Additionally, the firm has developed a set of software tools to ensure you can access the market at any time and any place.