Gregory Aziz Rides to the Rescue

Gregory James Aziz is a good-humored man with an affable manner and an unrelenting smile. In your mind’s eye, you can picture him with a grandchild on his knee or playing one of the wise men in the annual Christmas play. Genial and easy-going, he seems an odd choice to be running a multi-million-dollar company.

Birth in London, Ontario, Aziz graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in economics. Fresh out of school, he went to work for a fresh food distributor called Affiliated Foods, which he helped expand until they were buying fresh food internationally and distributing it in Canada and the United States. He moved from Allied Foods into investment banking in New York City where he oversaw the purchase of a company called National Steel Car from steel conglomerate ArcelorMittal Dofasco. Established 1912, National Steel Car was old and tired and losing market share.


Aziz was able to acquire both the company and the capital to rebuild it. Within five years, he had increased production five-fold and employment six-fold. From day one, Aziz has stressed innovation and quality. He is determined that National Steel Car not just be able to offer rail lines answers to the problems of today, but answers to the problems of tomorrow. National Steel Car is the only rail car manufacturing company in the world to have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification 18 years in a row. Aziz refused to take credit for the turnaround and praises the devotion and dedication of his people, or as he calls them, “team members.”


Aziz is a firm believer in being a good citizen and is legendary for his philanthropy. Gregory James Aziz and his family, wife Irene and daughters Karina and Natalie, sponsor and support a number of local non-profits, among them are the Theatre Aquarius, which provides an anchor for the revitalization in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario, and in addition to theatrical performances, holds classes in music, dance, acting, and performance art; the Hamilton Opera, which brings Italian Opera to over 18,000 audience members a year; the Salvation Army; the United Way; and a host of local charities. The family also sponsors the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada’s biggest agricultural event. Go To This Page for more info.

Kim Dao Shares About Pokemon Makeup

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Gregory Aziz: Steering National Steel Car to Greater Heights

Gregory J Aziz is the President & CEO, and Chairman of National Steel, a leader in the manufacture of railcars. This ISO 9001:2008 certified Company operates out of Hamilton in Ontario and has built a strong reputation over the years. Gregory James Aziz, who is at times referred to as simply Greg also serves as the National Industries, Inc. Chairman

National Steel Car Services


When looking for railcar components and parts, you can rely on National Steel Car to deliver, whatever the type of car. The Company appreciates why you need to have the right parts for your cars to keep rolling. The sales team at National Steel Car ensures you get quality parts quickly. In case they don’t have it stocked, they will do everything to assist you locate what you want.


James Aziz feels that it’s through team building and strong leadership as well as considerable capital and human investments that the manufacturing capacity of National Steel Car expanded to 12,000 cars per year by 1999 from a modest 3,500 cars in 1994.

Because of the support and loyalty of their customers, the valued supplier relationships as well the longstanding integrity and commitment of a strong team, National Steel Car aims to continue manufacturing and supplying the quality railcars they are known and trusted for.


According to the National Steel Car CEO, Gregory Aziz, the Company is constantly challenging itself, persistently raising the service bar, focusing on providing unmatched efficiency in the rail industry.


Community Support


Proud to be associated with Hamilton, Ontario as their home, National Steel Car is committed to building a strong local community. It sponsors the Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, and many other local charities. Thousands of NSC employees, present and past, participate in major food drives towards supporting local food banks.


According to Greg Aziz, the strongest contribution of National Steel Car to the community is visible in thousands of well-paying employment opportunities that are directly helping families in southern Ontario. Over the period 1994 and 1999, employment grew to nearly 3,000 from about 600. Thanks to the Company’s unrelenting commitment to excellence, each year, thousands of new railroad freight cars are manufactured by dedicated and hard-working employees. Read This Article




With experience that spans over 100 years in manufacturing, engineering and a strong commitment to delivering quality, the Company has earned itself a reputation as the leading manufacturer of freight cars in North America.


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Gregory Aziz – The Future Of National Steel Car Is Ensured

I have always wanted to go into the field of business. As always been my dream to create something that will last. I do not care so much about the money involved, I care more about the legacy that I would leave. However, there’s something that I’ve come to understand in this life, nothing lasts forever. However, it would be amazing if I could create a business that lasted as long as the National Steel Car Company.


Gregory James Aziz has done some wonderful things serving as the CEO of National Steel Car Limited. He applied the things that he learned at Western University to this business, and now they have gone into their second century of making profit.


Gregory Aziz knew that if you want a business to thrive and not just survive, then you would need to make sure its products were always seeing improvements. You could not sit on what you accomplished in the past. In order to make sure that National Steel Car was able to do this, Greg Aziz put a plan into place that would see the research and development department take most of the money and profits of the business and put them back into producing unique products. This strategy has netted them over one and a half billion dollars in just the last 10 years.


On top of that, James Aziz was able to discover a more efficient way of creating custom rail cars. This allowed his company to be able to specifically talk with their client, find out what that client needed, and then create the exact thing that fit their desire. Because National Steel Car was able to do this, they have secured some the biggest contracts in the industry.


The last thing that Gregory J Aziz did in order to create a century long business, was to focus on the two pillars that provided his company with the strength to continue. Those pillars were the worker and the supplier.

For the workers, Greg Aziz provided mentoring, training, and empowerment. This allowed them to become extremely loyal to the success of National Steel Car, and to provide them with their greatest strengths. For the suppliers, Greg Aziz was able to promise more lucrative contracts coming their way if they were able to lower the cost but still to ensure the excellent standards to which the National Steel Car become accustomed.


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Gregory James Aziz – The Current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NSC (National Steel Car)

Gregory J Aziz is the current CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car, a car manufacturing company in Ontario, Canada. National Steel Car has been committed to quality and engineering excellence for more than 100 years. According to Gregory James Aziz, the foundation of NSC is determined by its people. They are proud of what they have achieved as a team. It is because of teamwork that National Steel Car is innovative, diverse, dynamic, and value-driven. As an organization, NSC is constantly challenging itself. It is persistent with its performance bar. Under the management of James Aziz, National Steel Car knows how to put its strength into efficiency that unmatched the companies in the rail industry.

With Greg Aziz as the head of the top management, NSC does not rest on the past glory. It is relentlessly pursuing success and excellence, which is determined by the voice of its customers. Thanks to the good relationship and loyalty that it has with its customers and suppliers, National Steel Car has become the leading railcar manufacturing firm in North America. With a team of 2000 members, NSC has taken the pride of building quality railcars that are trusted and known by customers. Together with the CEO, the employees of National Steel Car honor the tradition of past achievements. They perform persistently with the determination of moving forward.

Gregory James Aziz attended Ridley College, from where he completed his first college degree. James Aziz was also a former student of Western Ontario University, from where he completed his Economics Degree. However, Greg Aziz did not pursue his career after finishing school. He opted for doing business with his family. The family was involved in the business of supplying fresh food across the USA and the eastern part of Canada. The family business was registered as Affiliated Foods. He joined his family business in 1971, and after 16 years of involvement, Affiliated Foods became one of the best fresh food importers in the world. View this page for more info.

Gregory J Aziz also worked in the investing and banking industry, from where he gained enough experience and fund to purchase National Steel Car. He purchased NSC from Dofasco Company in 1994 with the aim of converting it to one of the leading manufacturing companies in Canada. When he became the President of NSC, Greg Aziz emphasized on team building and strong engineering capabilities through capital investment and considerable human resource. He managed to increase the number of employees of National Steel Car from 600 to 3000.


The Successful Business Model of Fabletics that Gives Priority to the Voice of Crowd

Fabletics is one of the fastest growing online brands, especially in athleisure section, since it founded in 2013. Many businesses study its business model as it could generate significant sales and revenue in a quick span of time. It is confirmed that the power of crowd has played a major role in this great feat. It considered customer voice as the key parameter for the business considering the changing consumer behavior of checking online reviews before making new purchases. Various researches have identified that customer reviews can ensure better customer acquisition, customer retention, and improved loyalty or LTV across the industries.


Interestingly, some of the findings of those researches are pointing businesses to where to focus. A study conducted by BrightLocal showed that at least 84% of the consumers believe the online reviews and considers it as similar to a personal recommendation. Peter Mühlmann, the CEO of Trustpilot, confirmed that people are no longer trusting the advertisements of brands and traditional marketing. Also, the product trust is at an all-time low, and people love to get the words of other consumers before making a decision. Additionally, more than 50% of the customers check the reviews at least once in a month. Also, at least 60% of the consumers responded that they do not wish to buy a product or brand that has significant negative reviews.


76% of top brands opined that they get better sales with the help of customer reviews. It is also revealed that positive reviews can play a significant role in the page ranking in search engines as well. Fabletics and its parent firm, TechStyle Fashion Group, have clearly utilized the changing customer priorities effectively to drive business for the brand. It should be noted that Fabletics has more than 30,000 reviews on the independent review site, Trustpilot; it also has an average review score of 8.2. The firm has already confirmed that it has set plans to intensify the customer review efforts and personally monitor customer comments in the internet ecosystem.


It was in 2013, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the founders of TechStyle, identified that the industry lacks an activewear brand that is reasonably priced, high-quality, and trendy. They decided to tap this opportunity and collaborated with Kate Hudson. By the end of 2013, they established the brand and gave much importance to customer service by considering communication is the key. After few initial setbacks, the brand started flying after 18 months, and it also got an excellent rating from Better Business Bureau.


The founders gave greater prominence to technology for offering better customer experience. The data-driven product choices for the customers are not only ensuring customer satisfaction, but it also adds long-term customer relationship. The firm has devised a subscription plan for its customers that comes with a Lifestyle Quiz. The Lifestyle Quiz is designed to get the customers’ thoughts, interests, and choices in fashion. It helps the brand to supply personalized products to each of its customers. The brand invites everyone to complete the Lifestyle Quiz to get the products in their mind.

José Henrique Borghi: Choosing the Best Ad Agency in Brazil

Are you looking for a reliable advertising agency in Brazil? Need help promoting or advertising your business or product? Many advertising agencies would love to handle the task, but you want the best. Advertising is a crucial component of achieving success in any business, and it needs to be handled properly.

José Henrique Borghi is an experienced advertising professional and a highly successful entrepreneur. José Henrique Borghi has great expertise in a wide array of marketing and advertising services and is well recognized in the business community.

If you want your product or business to not only be presented in a positive light but also to generate interest, you need to enlist the services of an experienced advertising consultant. Before you hire someone it’s imperative to do some research.

Assuming you have already found ad agencies you are potentially interested in hiring, it is advisable to conduct a background check to find the most reliable and reputable advertising agency in Brazil. Click here to watch video.

José Henrique Borghi runs a full-service advertising agency in Brazil and has catered to many successful companies and establishments. His ad agency, Mullen Lowe, has excellent resources and has been meeting their clients’ needs.

Advertising agencies such as Mullen Lowe can target the right audience for your product and services and get more more customers and sales for your business. José Henrique Borghi is familiar with advertising and promotional tactics that grab the attention of potential customers and get them to respond.

When you contact José Henrique Borghi and his team at Mullen Lowe, they will go over your business advertising and marketing needs, and develop a customized plan to help you reach your goal. José Henrique Borghi is passionate about providing high quality marketing help and advertising solutions to businesses and organizations that hire his services.

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OSI Group, LLC Was Initially Known As OSI Industries Inc

OSI Group, LLC boasts over 100 years experience as a food processing industry. It was founded by Otto Kolschowsky and began as a butcher shop and meat market in 1909. With the starting name of Otto & Sons and located in Chicago, USA, the company has grown and stretched over 65 locations with worldwide partners.

OSI Group, LLC was initially known as OSI Industries Inc. However, in 2004, the name was changed to OSI Group, LLC. The company’s headquarters are located in Aurora Illinois. It has zonal offices in America, Europe, and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Having an interesting history the company has hit the global market, and its impact felt worldwide. It is one of America’s largest private companies, and its success is credited to a skillful management.

The company is a leading international producer and seller of value-added protein items. It also supplies other food products like sandwiches and pizza to foodservice and retail brands.

The group continues to expand on processing and production facilities globally. Its growth happens gradually over the years, with some years experiencing a high number of developed plants and other years facing a lesser number. However, they do not seize to show their appetite for growth, with the aim of reaching a global extension, already being achieved.

OSI Group partners with its clients. The company does this to achieve the products it needs for it to grow. Consumers have with time changed in their food choices. Many people have begun seeking natural and organic foods. The market demand is therefore increasing, and thus, the company has seen the need to offer consumers exactly what they need. For more info about us: click here.

OSI Group makes use of equipment that ensure food safety and quality. Equipment with X-ray scanners is but an example of what is used to detect and enable eradication of germs and unwanted substances in the processed foods and substances. Furthermore, the company has an excellent engagement with their customers. It helps them note their strengths and the areas they need to work on for a better relay of performance. The engagement also is a chance to learn from customers what concepts they want the company to pursue.

Knowing the Strategy and Understanding Risk With Netpicks

Netpicks is one of the best sources of information when it comes to trading in the markets. The articles have a lot of new insights that people should consider. One thing that Netpicks goes into is the importance of thinking through the strategy. One of the most common mistakes when it comes to strategy is thinking only about the entry point. A good strategy goes far beyond the entry point and actually factors in the price action. People have to have an exit strategy as well so that they don’t lose tons of money. The only thing is that it takes a bit of experience in order for people to figure out.  Additional reading on

One thing to consider is that it takes knowledge of the market in order to successfully come up with a trading strategy. For instance, one good trading strategy is in trading with the trend. This is where observation comes in. understanding how to read trends helps people determine a good entry point. This strategy will also help people determine when to close the trade. Trend trading may be one of the best strategies because it is the easiest way for people to lose very little and win big.   Click on this useful link.

Netpicks has information on this strategy as well as many other strategies in the Forex market as well as other trading market. It is important for people to have a thorough understanding of what they plan to do before they try to move forward. For one thing, one bad trade can wipe them out if they don’t recognize it. This is one of the reasons that Netpicks is one of the sources to go to for information on making the trades. Before becoming profitable, it is important for traders to know how to lose. After all, even the most profitable traders will lose money.

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Greg Secker Helps Traders Win How They Lose

It seems the beginners and the losing traders tend to have everything backwards compared to the winning traders. They often close out their deals as soon as they win. Yet when they have a losing trade, they hold on to it. This is a common mistake among new traders. Even those that read about what experienced traders do in order to profit will revert back to their old habits. Fortunately, all it takes is experience. At the same time, there is a lot of information available on the internet. Greg Secker has taken the time to gather all of the information on Forex trading and has presented it through his site called Knowledge to Action.


Greg Secker, being experienced as an entrepreneur knows very well the issue of obstacles. He has faced his set of obstacles and has even found himself at a point where he felt like he wanted to give up. It is usually at this point when someone is about to reach a breakthrough. Fortunately, Greg Secker has pushed through all of these setbacks and tried something different which has brought him a lot of the results that he wanted.


One thing that Greg Secker has done when things didn’t work out the way he expected them to was to look at all of the steps he has taken. Once he has figured out where everything went south, then he has made some adjustments to his approach. With all of the lessons he has learned from his mistakes, he has managed to be an example of someone who can succeed in the Forex market. He shares all of what he has learned with people so that they can enter trading and eventually profit. Greg Secker definitely lists patience among the most valuable traits in a Forex trader.