Image Recognition and Its Application

The internet has made it easier than ever before to search for products or specific forms of information, however, this has generally been in relation to keyword matches or other forms of semantic processing. Although these types of request have provided people with important tools for combing through the vast amounts of data that are available online the flexibility of such methods has left these tools with a lack of functionality. For this reason, the ability to do visual searches through image recognition has become an important concept in modern computing. Rather than using words or phrases as search terms, visual searches would provide users with the ability to upload an image or snapshot and receive related feedback based on the discernible qualities that it contains. This would dramatically alter the way in which people communicate, shop, or seek out information.
While there are are various software tools that have been developed for such purposes, the underlying algorithms that they use in order to achieve such capabilities can result in dramatically different results. Image recognition capabilities depend on the ability to recognize, identify, and detect specific forms of information that can then be related to other similar items. For this reason, acquisition, processing, and decision making are all largely dependent on how the program itself has been constructed. Furthermore, the models for hardware that these systems are distributed under can also impact the way that they are implemented in the real world. The widespread availability of smartphones and other high-end devices provides the necessary market for such software to be distributed to consumers in a quick and effective manner. The need for advanced predictive models and flexibly adaptive methods for data extraction demonstrate the need for developers to find new and creative ways to achieve these goals.
Slyce, a visual search and recognition company, created the universal scanner out of their desire to develop an effective way to apply image recognition to the mobile world. The primary motive of the software is to allow people to simply snap a picture of an item or product and be given quick and accurate results for similarity. Furthermore, the application merges this functionality with pre-existing technologies such as QR code and coupon readers in order to provide consumers with a single, efficient, and incredibly useful package that is able to process real world images for use in the online realm. The ability to discover, organize, and purchase items through a single unified setting demonstrates the capabilities that image recognition has for both buyers and sellers alike.

Fabletics Opens Up Stores

Athleisure is a relatively new style of clothing. However, it is rarely sold. There are relatively few retailers that sell athleisure clothing. Among the companies that sell athleisure is Fabletics. Fabletics is one of the branches of JustFab. The company has taken off and become very successful to the point that it was able to expand in more ways. Among the ways that it has expanded was opening up physical stores. This is a very crucial step because that is a way to reach plenty of people. While a large amount of people shop online on, there are plenty of people that also go to malls and shop in the stores. There are people that also prefer the physical store to the online store.

People love the physical locations because of the advantages that they have with the stores as opposed to shopping online. While the online website does show the items that are available, the physical locations on Instagram allow customers to try on the clothes they are interested in so that they can find the size that works best for them. Once they get the size, then they can buy it if they are interested in it.

Even though they believe in presenting good products,a large part of the success of Fabletics is owed to the marketing. When people spread the word about a company, then they are more likely to shop there. One thing that could be said about Fabletics is that it is a fashion retailer for people who are serious about finding their own style. People who are not so worried about fitting in will do definitely well with Fabletics. The retailer offers plenty of new pieces that people who want to stand out will enjoy. When people buy their clothes, they will feel really good about their purchases.

As of right now, Fabletics is planning on opening 100 new stores according to an article posted on Racked. They have also shown that they have a high rate of satisfaction with very few complaints according to the Better Business Bureau. With celebrities like Kate Hudson showing their approval of the program, Fabletics has become a really popular company.

How Automated Inmate Forms and Grievance Applications are Changing the Game for Securus Technologies

Inmates need a way to communicate, but they also need a way to access forms for medical needs and make other requests. This is where Securus Technologies has changed the game for inmate communications. This year, the major player in inmate communications rolled out a new application with an automated submission form that would enable inmates to make requests electronically.


This application comes on the heels of more great technological advancement in 2016,but it’s also a great development as we continue to see the integration of more technology in an attempt to reduce the paper trail that has impacted so many markets in dramatic ways. While the medical field still seeks ways to reduce paper trails, corrections officers are still seeking ways to reduce their time away from doing the job they were meant to do. These officers have spent valuable time logging events and making requests for inmates, but their job is to maintain safety and protection within the prison in order to keep the peace among the inmates and fellow officers.


With this application, Securus Technologies will be able to help those with inmates bring the peace and order back into their cells and reduce the paper trail for their administrative staff. If I had a family member or friend that was in prison, I would be thrilled to know that they could easily request help with medical needs.


Thor Halvorssen Fights Against Political Bias Among Activists

The success of the Human Rights Foundation has come as something of a shock to the vast majority of people who work in larger activism groups that focus on different aspects of activism to the group created by Venezuelan film producer Thor Halvorssen. The Human Rights Foundation is currently headed by Russian political giant Gary Kasparov and seeks to focus its activities on the areas of the world the group feels are trapped under dictatorships or oppressive regimes; Kasparov’s opposition to Russian President Vladimir Putin is a major part of the success story of the Human Rights Foundation.

Halvorssen has revealed he believes funding for good causes should be made available from all sources when the outcome is as impressive as those achieved by his own Human Rights Foundation. Unlike many of the other human rights activism groups that operate throughout the world the Human Rights Foundation believes success should be measured in the number of political prisoners released and other success stories. Halvorssen himself has spoken out about the common practice of activists to ignore the problems facing people living under the rule of socialist governments, such as those found in Cuba and Venezuela.

The life of people in Venezuela is of major importance to Thor Halvorssen and his 12 colleagues at the Human Rights Foundation; in particular, Halvorssen was a major voice of concern prior to the summer of 2016 humanitarian crisis that left the people of his home nation without power, food and important medical supplies.

Thor Halvorssen believes the political situation in the world has been of great importance in 2016 as the election of a new U.S. President has shown the world have difficult it is to find a candidate free from the stains of contact with oppressive regimes. In interviews Thor Halvorssen he would find it difficult to vote for either Democrat or Republican candidates as they have both had business dealings with members of governments from closed societies.

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