Chris Burch’s five-star resort and his first business

Entrepreneur and Businessman Christopher Burch, along with his good friend James McBride (renowned hotelier) have teamed up to create the world’s best hotel according to Travel + Leisure Magazine. With lush scenery and luxury accommodations that would have celebrities going crazy, it is no wonder it’s an award-winning resort. There are 27 villas on the resort plus Chris Burch’s private home Raja Mendaka the main house and four additional villas. Nicknamed “The Edge of Wilderness” is very fitting being that it is located on the coast of a remote Indonesian island of Sumba. Each villa has a plunge pool and Nihi Beach and Indian Ocean can be seen from them. Chris Burch wanted to incorporate aspects of the local culture throughout the resort so Ikat prints, antiques, and local wood that’s traditional Sumbanese are displayed everywhere.

This beautiful resort is also known as a surfer’s paradise in which people come from all over the world to experience these pristine waves. Nihiwatu’s rule is that no more than 10 surfers are allowed in the water at a time and slots cost $125 a person. You can also take private lessons and they cost $250 per person. Other activities include sunset horseback riding or going to a blue lagoon with a waterfall. It is an hour and a half hike and costs $175 per person.

Chris Burch has a lot of experience as a entrepreneur over multiple industries. This includes fashion, hospitality, consumer products, organic foods, real estate, and so much more. He is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital which is located in New York City. Some of his clients include Ellen DeGeneres with her lifestyle brand ED, Poppin and TRADEMARK, Voss Water, Faena Hotel + Universe, and many others. He helped build these brands to unbelievable heights.

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Mr. Burch is not only a businessman and entrepreneur, but a philanthropist and angel investor. He sits on a number of boards for organizations such as See The SEEN, Chubbies Shorts, Grability, Poppin, and Nihi Sumba Island. His first company was founded by him and his brother Bob when they were attending Ithaca College. They created fashion brand Eagle’s Eye Apparel which turned from a $2,000 dollar investment into a booming estimated worth of $165 million dollars which they sold. More on  At Ithaca college Chris Burch studied business but stopped his studies due to the success of his fashion business.

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Volatility of the Market is Discussed by Shervin Pishevar

Shervin Pishevar is an Iranian-American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and super angel investor. He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Hyperloop One and a co-founder and managing director of Sherpa Capital, a venture capital fund which has invested in companies including Airbnb, Uber, and Munchery.

There is a significant amount of market volatility and more is likely to come according to Shervin Pishevar. Shervin is a venture capitalist who has become an early investor for a large number of tech companies. He has the ability to track trends early on, which has led to his success.

Recently, he sent out 50 tweets, all numbered, within 21 hours. Throughout these tweets, he talked about the market volatility and what would likely happen.

What is going on with market volatility?

On the second tweet of his tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar identified that the market has already given up all of the gains that it made in 2018. He says that the gains from 2017 will also be given up.

With the gains being given up, there will also be a rise in interest rates and an increase in credit account deficits. Further, various asset classes are likely to be overvalued.

What could happen with the market?

Throughout tweets seven through twelve, Shervin Pishevar makes a few predictions. This includes identifying indices as becoming more volatile. He goes on to say that whenever a market tanks, a managed future fund usually gets taken out.

All of the information that he shares throughout the tweets has been explored in one way or another by his followers. Some agree with what he has to say while others are providing their own insight into the market. Shervin Pishevar feels that the bond market will be the first to rally and if the market doesn’t normalize, hints of QE4 will likely be seen from leaders.

The stock market hasn’t crashed, yet it is certainly losing its gains. Within a day of Shervin’s posts, the market was losing more points than usual. His first tweet says it all – he believes 6,000 points will be lost within the next several months.

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Desiree Perez Silently Makes Mark On Music Industry

Too often people in the music and entertainment businesses always seem to be yearning for the spotlight. Some people must need that attention and recognition but one of the music industry’s biggest players shuns the spotlight. Desiree “Des” Perez would prefer to go under the radar as she runs one of the world’s biggest entertainment conglomerates, as the Chief Operating Office of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Recently she was named as one of the most influential women in music by Billboard Magazine, a recognition long overdue.

Perez is a native of New York City and knows the entertainment industry more than nearly anyone else. She has extensive experience, having managed some of the city’s most exclusive night clubs and entertainment venues for nearly 20 years. This is how she cam to be a very close friend to many industry elite, including rap icon Jay-Z. He was so impressed with Des, that he chose here to run his first entertainment company, SC Enterprises.

When Jay-Z launched his new conglomerate Roc Nation in 2009, he chose Perez as his COO. This may have surprised some from afar but to those that knew her it was a great choice. Des is perhaps one of the music industry’s fiercest negotiators who always seems to get the best end of the deal. She was named as CEO of Jay-Z’s new music streaming service, TIDAL, in 2016. She quickly made waves by selling one-third of the company to Sprint for $200 million. The deal will undoubtedly pay huge dividends for TIDAL as the company attempts to compete with Pandora and Spotify.

An intense business woman with years of experience there is little doubt that Desiree Perez is one of the most powerful women in the music industry. She is married to Juan, who works as the President of Roc Nation Sports.

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National Steel Car is Here to Stay

Often we think of the country of Canada we picture in our minds kind and honest people who are well mannered and do not want to cause stress to anyone. Many of my Canadian friends will actually apologize to you if you are the one who bumps into them. However, for as kind and caring as these people are, the country which they live in is untainted and quite hostile.


Ever since the country’s founding by the French, people have tried to find a way to safely transport merchandise and goods across the treacherous terrain. Since most of Canada is made up of snow and ice and glaciers, many industries and businesses have had a difficult time finding ways to transport.


However, even though many other industries failed, the railcar industry has been one of the most successful. Women in the rail industry, it is National Steel Car that stands as king of the mountain.


National Steel Car has been in existence for over 100 years. The reason for this is that the CEOs and leaders of the company have wisely implemented their innovative spirit. This is why Gregory James Aziz took the position of chief executive officer at National Steel Car.


When Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car he made it his goal to increase the spirit of innovation in the company. Greg Aziz knew that National Steel Car had once been one of the most creative companies who constantly push the edges of with no products. Unfortunately over time is great company lost their way.


By working with executives and managers train them how the thinking creative ways. He then showed how the could make these visions into reality.


National Steel Car eventually created an environmentally safe car that was able to be customized according to customer needs. When Canada passed its strict green laws, National Steel Car was one of the only ones who could compete. This earned them contracts valued over $1 billion worth of compensation each. Find Additional Information Here.


Through wise business practices such as these, National Steel Car looks poised to continue conducting its business for another 100 years. Even though Greg Aziz is now stepping down as chief executive officer, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this company will continue to thrive.


National Steel Car has been the recipient of several honors over the years. It has the rare distinction of winning the TTX Supplier Evaluation Committee awards and the ISO:90001 2008 certification for a consecutive 18 times. This organization values its workforce and considers them its most crucial element for success.


Many business analysts are now saying to move your money to the company because it is profitable.




Netpicks Trading Strategies was started 22 years ago at the onset of Day and Online Trading. It is currently headed by Mark Soberman, the founder, and president who works closely with a group of people with a high level of training and also have experience in the world of trading. The company management consists of Brian Short, the COO, and Co-partner, Shane Daly the Forex Analyst, Will Feibel the Future’s Analyst, Mike Rykse the Options Analyst among others. Netpicks headquarters are located in Irving, Texas.

The company aims at guiding traders to successful businesses through training them. This has led to the recognition of Netpicks as a gold standard level trainer. Netpicks offers training on systems, forex, stock market, options, future markets as well as signals among others.

Netpicks provides a guideline for the Forex Exchange traders through live signals and charts ( Forex trading takes part in different cities of the world such as Tokyo, London, Sydney, Paris and New York among others. This means that it is a 24 hours type of business. There are several types of trading involved in the forex business. The most preferred system is spot trading, while forward and future market trading are also considered despite being risky. Check

Netpicks identifies the characteristics of the forex market. The market system is depicted as very liquid hence trading currency pairs is efficient and encouraged. The liquidity of the market gives a provision for financial gain especially when there is fluctuation in prices ( The choices the traders have in the market are limited, meaning the currency pairs from which the traders choose are previously grouped.

The following terms are used in forex trading as explained by Netpicks. They include; the Price Interest Point or PIP which is a profit or loss. Bid price refers to the amount of money set by a seller and willing to be paid by a buyer for a currency pair or any other item of trade. The Ask Price is almost similar to bid price, in that they constantly change, but the ask price is set by the buyer intending to make a purchase. Spread is the margin between the bid and ask price of a given pair.

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Chris Burch Says Nihiwatu Resort Is His Way Of Giving Back To The Community

Chris Burch has started many companies and given other entrepreneurs the financing they need to turn their ideas into their own businesses, but he’s also applied his creativity to hotel building and used it when opening Nihiwatu Resort on Sumba Island ( This resort has over 27 beach villas that not only rank as some of the world’s most beautifully-designed buildings, but also have luxurious comforts for their guests inside. Burch invested $30 million in the property not only to turn it into a world class comfort, but also to make it environmentally clean and to have something his children could enjoy in the future and as a way to give back to the local communities. Visitors from all over travel to this hotel annually and its become featured in Travel & Leisure magazine.

Chris Burch was the founder of Eagle Eye Apparel in 1978, a retail company that began as a door-to-door sweater sales business but in just a couple years had grown to a $100 million-dollar sales company and at its peak had 50 stores in operation. Burch was co-owner of this company for over 20 years before selling it off in the late 1990s. Burch launched several other fashion brands in the years following Eagle Eye Apparel’s sale including Tory Burch and C. Wonder. Besides the fashion industry, Burch also invested in private equity firms including Guggenheim Partners and the Internet Capital Group.

Chris Burch formed his startup investment company, Burch Creative Capital in 2008 and it became the incubator for companies like Voss Water, Pypestream, Next Jump, Powermat and Brad’s. It also became a partner and holder for several real estate and hospitality companies including the Faena Group. This development corporation first partnered with Burch back in 2004 when a feature Buenos Aires 5-star resort known as the Faena Hotel + Universe was built. Burch started buying up other prominent residential properties across the east coast including a $14 million home in New York that he renovated in just three months and sold for $25 million ( Nihiwatu Resort was added to the portfolio after Burch and James McBride acquired the hostel that was on the island at the time. Along with starting up businesses and buying real estate, Burch has pursued other hobbies including producing a movie in 1992 known as “Watch It.” He also has contributed $3 million to the Tilton private school in New Hampshire.

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Heal and Soothe That Joint Pain!

What Is It?

Heal and Soothe is a pill combining natural ingredients to provide pain relief. It utilizes the properties of the following.

– Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes: These enzymes are involved in processes that help fight inflammation. In addition, they also break down scar tissue, clear the blood, and improve cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune functions.

– Bromelain: Found in the pineapple, bromelain has proteolytic enzymes that inhibit pathways in the body that promote pain.

– Turmeric Extract: Used for thousands of years, turmeric is taken from the dried root of the plant of the same name. It blocks the COX-2 and 5-LOX enzymes which are responsible for inducing pain in the body.

– Papain: Also taken from the dried root, papain performs similar functions as turmeric in blocking COX-2 and 5-LOX as well.

– Boswellia Extract: Used in Indian herbal medicine, Boswellia helps reduce swelling and inflammation as well as promote circulation within the body.

– Rutin: Since it contains effective anti-oxidant activity, rutin is an excellent fighter against inflammation.

– Mojave Yucca Root: Yucca does more than just reduce inflammation. It can also aid your immune system and digestive system.

– Ginger Extract: A traditionally used herb in herbal medicine, ginger has especially been used in Asia to soothe nausea and pain. It does this by reducing the number of prostaglandins in your body, which promote pain.

– Devil’s Claw: Despite its ominous name, Devil’s Claw has actually been found to reduce pain as much as the traditional pain medicine, phenylbutazone. Used commonly in Africa, it reduces pain and inflammation.

– Citrus Bioflavonoids: This herb contains L-glutathione which keeps the body from receiving oxidative damage.

How It Works

Because Heal and Soothe utilize enzymes, they focus on the pathways of pain itself rather than attempting to cover the pain up like traditional painkillers do. By inhibiting the processes of pain, no pain is created. In turn, this reduces inflammation which can lead to other potentially dangerous diseases. In addition, they last longer than traditional painkillers since Heal and Soothe treats the source.

Cost and Location

You can buy Heal and Soothe at their online store, on Amazon, as well as other online herbal stores. Currently, on the Heal and Soothe website, there is a free trial option available for you to try and experience. Otherwise, you can purchase a single bottle at $59.Read this article:

All-Natural Heal And Soothe Pain Reliever

Pain is a feeling of intense discomfort to the sensory nerves and emotional state. It is a result of tissue damage and indicates an underlying condition in our bodies. Pain is a complex biological phenomenon that causes a person to flee from the cause of suffering.

Classes of pain

  • Nociceptive pain

This is felt when the nerves respond to excessive harmful stimuli. An example of such stimuli is extreme cold or heat, salt inside a wound, etc.

  • Neuropathic pain

When a disease attacks your body, the sensory nerves detect this and communicate to the brain through the pain.

  • Pathological pain

This is pain caused by dysfunction or impairment of the nervous system.

Pain can disrupt our lives. It makes every moment uncomfortable and unpleasant. There are plenty of medicines that treat pain. Most of these drugs are cosmetic. They only relieve pain by numbing the nervous sensation. The painkillers do not treat the actual cause of the pain.

What is Heal and Soothe?

Heal and Soothe comprises natural ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, papain, boswellia, rutin, mojave yucca root, and devil’s claw. Extracts from the above plants contain enzymes useful in pain elimination.

Besides curing pain, these natural extracts also have other benefits in your body, such as boosting your immune system and enhancing blood circulation.

Heal and Soothe formula supports the immune system and the regeneration of soft tissue. This formula is good for people who want healthy joints and an overall healthy immune system.

How Heal and Soothe works

Heal and Soothe is a systematic enzyme that works throughout your body. The enzymes in this formulation speed up the cell’s response towards pain by alerting the cells to put up a defense. These enzymes also speed up the repair of damaged tissue, such as tendons, ligaments, and cartilages. It cleanses your blood and provides long-lasting immunity.

The herbal supplement should be taken three times a day or three capsules at bedtime on an empty stomach. Its side effects are fewer and forgiving than those of other pain relievers are.

What is the cost of Heal and Soothe?

National Enzyme Company, which is based in Forsyth, Missouri, gives a month’s supply of Heal and Soothe worth $49.95 for only $4.95. This is the cost of shipping and handling.

Heal and soothe is delivered to your preferred location immediately you register on their website and pay the shipping fee. Visit their website:



How Did Louis Chenevert Put UTC Top In The Global Market

Canadian born businessman Louis Chenevert has made remarkable impacts on every company he has been. His name cannot go unmentioned when a discussion on legacy arises at United Technologies Corporation (UTC). His stunning achievement before, during and after his time in UTC is a song that never seems to fade away anytime sooner.


Shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Production Management from HEC Montreal, he began his career in General Motors. His dedication and timely production would soon scoop him a post as the company’s production manager. Later on, he ascended to the General Production Manager position overseeing massive scale production within the company. In 1993 after 14 years of his service in the company, he moved to work for the aerospace manufacturer, Pratt and Whitney in their Canadian branch. (Read Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


At that time the economy was terrible for the company, but he improved its processes thanks to his effortless work and insights. Six years down the line, the company’s market share in aerospace industry expanded leading to his appointment as president of the company in April 1999. The Company was a subsidiary of a multinational corporation, UTC that was driven by both military and civilian economy. They produced an array of products including elevators, HVAC’s, aircraft engines and security systems.


In 2006, Chenevert’s efficient productivity and increased profits at Pratt & Whiney gave a heads up to his appointment as CEO of UTC in the depths of the subprime recession. In 2009 he scooped the National Building Museum prestigious award. Later in 2011, HEC Montreal awarded Louis an honorary doctorate. He ended that year gracefully been named “Person of the Year” by Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine.


While he was President of Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chenevert realized how a particular GFT turbofan engine would become something big. True to his word, when he became CEO of United Technologies Corporation; the company invested $10 billion and spent two decades manufacturing the jet engine that would completely change the industry. The GTF engine reduces emissions by 50% and reduces fuel consumption by 16%. Today, GTF is flown by more than 14 global airlines on over 70 aircraft. Most probably this would have never happened was it not for Louis’s vision on the future potential of the company.


Louis Chenevert employed one risky strategy of relocating production to the United States from their home state Connecticut. The move wouldn’t appear as a cost-effective solution as most businesses preferred cheap labour especially that time when there was a severe economic recession. However, he argued out that cheap labour diminished the quality of the product. Today, Pratt & Whitney has manufacturing plants across The US that satisfies the needs of current and future clients too.


Also, the acquisition of Goodrich Corporation was one of the most significant achievements of Louis. In 2011, UTC absorbed Goodrich parting with $18billion. This gave UTC a high-level dominance in the world. In his tenure, Louis increased the value of UTC stock from $37 to $117 a share. Read This Article for related information

Hussain Sajwani Talks the Possibilities

2002 marked a new beginning for the already immensely successful businessman, Hussain Sajwani. It was the year that the Economics and Industrial Engineering major, an alum of The University of Washington, launched his groundbreaking property development company, DAMAC Properties. Today, his company is one of the most prominent and successful of its kind, having created over 17,000 properties in global cities such as Abu Dhabi, Beirut, Dubai, Doha Amman, and London. Over the course of his career, Mr. Sajwani has been recognized for his astute business acumen, and today he is recognized as one of the most influential Arabs in the world. He recently sat down to discuss his visions for DAMAC Properties, as well as the practices that have led him to create such a stellar track record.


The idea to create DAMAC Properties can be traced back to Hussain Sajwani’s childhood, as it was his experience working with his father after school at the family business that instilled the entrepreneurial spirit within him. As he grew, he would cultivate his passion for business and real estate, beginning with the development of small hotels, and he eventually stepped it up to premium towers in the most exclusive areas of Dubai. He usually begins his day with a meeting with his management team where he is given an update concerning the current status of the company, after which he meets with a number of his business partners to discuss impending deals, as well as to build his network. In order to bring his ideas to fruition, Mr. Sajwani often looks to the future, envisioning the status of Dubai as it develops over the next few decades, while also blocking out any fears that may inhibit the process. He has been noted for his penchant for forward-thought, and constantly surveys changes regarding new platforms that may help to market DAMAC Properties. In doing this, he has become really excited about the prospects associated with social media and digital marketing. The new advances in these sectors have allowed communication between corporate entities and their consumers to become streamlined, making the possibilities virtually limitless.