Coriant Look To Shaygan Kheradpir To Lead Them Into A Bright Future


The future of the optical networking company, Coriant, seems to have been assured with the appointment of veteran technology expert Shaygan Kheradpir as the new CEO and board Chairman of the brand, which was spun out of Nokia Siemens, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks by Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant has seen its fortunes largely rise since they were established a few short years ago, but a fall in revenue streams in 2014 seems to have played a key role in the decision to appoint Kheradpir as the replacement for Pat DiPietro.

There are many reasons why Coriant has looked to Shaygan Kheradpir to provide a steadying and influential figure at the head of the company; the role played by Pat DiPietro at Coriant has been impressive, but the need for a technology specialist has been identified by Marlin Equity Partners officials hoping to push the company on to even bigger things in the future.

Shaygan Kheradpir is well known for providing his skills as a technology based innovator for a number of different companies over the course of his more than 25 year business career. Among the areas of his career that Shaygan Kheradpir has seen as his most impressive are the innovations he made early in his career whilst working at Verizon and GTE Labs; the Cornell University graduate is generally accepted as the executive who found the most cost effective ways of developing technology through the use of small focused teams.

Over the course of his career Shaygan Kheradpir has looked to challenge himself as an all round business person who has sought to develop his business skills in many different areas. Kheradpir has worked in the financial industry, including his time as the first technology executive to sit non the board of the financial giant Barclays. Kheradpir had already been making a splash at Coriant prior to his appointment as the new CEO through his work examining every aspect of the company to highlight areas of increased profitability that could be seen; the thorough understanding Shaygan Kheradpir has of the Coriant brand is another key reason why he is the best executive to guide the company into what should be a bright future.

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New Brunswick’s Devco, A Leading Real Estate Renovator Falling Behind On Payments

The New Brunswick Development Corp. (DEVCO) is in a hunt for cash, cash it needs to repay a $20 million loan granted by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). According to the Press Of Atlantic City, this $20 million loan was part of a $107 million project taken on by Devco to reconstruct The Heldrich Hotel, a building that had been in terrible condition but has been transformed into a premier luxury hotel. While Devco achieved the results it wanted on the reconstruction, the return on investments made for this project by municipal bonds and the CRDA loan have not been realized as the hotel’s occupancy rate has not met expectations thus far. Devco spokespeople have stated they are confident that both bondholders and the CRDA loan will be repaid, but they need more time to do so.
Devco has been one of New Brunswick’s leading non-profit real estate developers for about 40 years. They have overseen about $1.6 billion in redevelopment projects during that time and are continually breaking ground on new ones. The organization is spearheaded by Chris Paladino, president and local attorney who also is head of the Atlantic City Development Corp. Also serving in the executive leadership are Vice Presidents Allison Brown and Randall Currier, and chief development associate David Banks. Devco has won many awards for its projects including the Smart Growth Award four times, the CMI Paragon Award, and the NJ BIA Good Neighbor Award.

Besides the Heldrich, Devco has undertaken other notable projects such as the Old Bridge Long Term Care Facility. This project was undertaken in 2009 as part of an expansion to the Roosevelt Care Center at Edison and to offset subsidized costs for health facilities. Recently, with the approval of Governor Chris Christie Devco has undertaken a project to expand the Campus of Rutgers University, including building state-of-the-art academic buildings, university housing, and New Brunswick’s Theological Seminary.


Skout and Amiable College Students in the United States

Countless college students all around the United States returned to their schools in September 2015. The long summer break was over and these young students were more eager than ever to get back to the learning process. “Skout” is the name of a communications application that gives users the opportunity to encounter new faces. It’s immensely popular among people who want to network and potentially make new friends and contacts. The team behind this app assessed a year’s worth of information not too long ago. This information assessed the habits of young people who made use of the application. These people were all between 18 and 24 years of age. The goal of this review was to determine which college towns in the United States were the most affable and amiable in nature. The Skout staff carefully assessed a good number of prominent college towns in the nation. They, as a result, were able to figure out which specific towns had Skout users who were the most dedicated and active.

Their results were rather interesting, too. The 10 “friendliest locales” list was topped by Madison, Wisconsin. Madison was then followed by Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Ann Arbor, MI, Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, Boulder, CO, Phoenix, AZ, Philadelphia, PA and lastly, Dallas, TX. Skout’s list, surprisingly enough, was heavy on major metropolises such as the Big Apple.

Skout also had some other findings. Boston has a reputation for being the United States’ quintessential college town. It was number 12 on the list. The company’s information also showed that Los Angeles residents are particularly fond of giving gifts to other people. They made the most use of the app’s virtual gift features. Adding up all of the virtual gifts that were shared in Dallas, Chicago, Miami and Boston still wouldn’t beat Los Angeles. Skout’s information revealed that Boulder is home to the nicest young men around, too. The nicest young women around, on the other hand, aren’t there. They’re located in Madison nowhere close to Boulder.

Skout performed an in-depth survey that asked participants a number of key questions. The survey had 2,500 plus participants. All of these people were Skout app users. The Skout team learned via the survey that people believe it’s a lot easier to befriend others during the college years. Friendships are significantly harder during high school. Despite that, more than half of the survey’s participants noted that they felt anxiety about the idea of finding friends prior to beginning their higher educations. Many students also noted that they quickly found great buddies. 72 percent of the people who responded to Skout’s survey indicated that they encountered pals within seven days of their campus arrivals.

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QNet and Shar announce a major partnership

QNet is one of the most popular direct selling companies in the world. They have worked out of Hong Kong since 1998, and they offer a huge range of consumer goods to their customers. Until recently, the company was considered a minor player in the direct selling market, but the company has fantastic leadership and now they are announcing major partnerships with companies around the world. Recently, the company announced a major partnership with Sharp that is sure to change the direct selling industry for years to come.

In late May, Sharp India announced a huge partnership between QNet and their company. Sharp had recently developed an amazing new Air Purifier line. QNet is known for innovation in their health and wellness line. Sharp feels that QNet is the perfect outlet for their air purifier line. Their customers care deeply about their own health, so QNet’s marketplace is ideal for Sharp. This partnership is an amazing step for both QNet and Sharp. They should both benefit greatly from this opportunity.

QNet is the main subsidiary of Qi Group of Companies. They were founded by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. The company was founded in the late 90’s with one goal in mind, provide quality Gold products to people around the world. The company gained a fantastic reputation and eventually transitioned into other fields. Eventually, they became known for offering other products.

QNet now offers a huge array of aspirational products. These health and wellness products offer people a fantastic opportunity to improve their lives. Their products are known for boosting your energy, your health, and being extremely nutritional. The company also offers several products that will enhance one’s life. These products include water filtration systems and air purification systems. These products can have an amazing impact on daily life for QNet’s customers.

QNet’s product line is extremely effective, and the company has fantastic leadership. The leaders have managed to get QNet products in stores throughout the world. Currently, QNet operates in almost every country in Asia, and many countries within Northern Africa. This global reach makes QNet an ideal marketplace for health and wellness goods. Today, QNet’s leadership still aims to be the premiere option for beauty products.

QNet is very proud of their latest announcement. The partnership with Sharp should allow both companies to thrive in what has become an incredibly crowded marketplace. Hopefully, more major marketplaces will emerge in the years to come.

ClassDojo is Connecting Parents and Teachers Effectively

ClassDojo is a communication platform that was founded to improve the relationship between teachers, parents, and students. In its latest funding, it was able to raise 21 million from various funders. Some of the new funders of the start-up include GSV, Reach Capital, and SignalFire being led by General Catalyst. The total amount of funding for the start-up Tech Company as amounted to $31 million since its introduction into the market.
ClassDojo was founded in the year 2011, and it has been in the market for the last five years, but it has proved that nothing in impossible. The co-founder and CEO Sam Chaundary and CTO Liam Don have been making the platform more interactive by having more 25 employees on board. The platform currently is not intended to make profits, but the primary goal is to offer a communication medium between the parents and the teachers.
As a communication platform, ClassDojo has enabled easier passing information from the school to the parents. It involves teachers making a schedule about the students’ activity at school on a daily basis. The program includes snapping photos and taking of videos that are sent to the parents. It involves the process of connecting the students with the parents so that they can share their favorite moments at school.
ClassDojo has expanded its target customers to over 180 countries globally and in every two out of three schools in the US, and it’s being applied by the teachers. The results have been appreciated by most schools and also parents. The funds will be used to reach as many schools in the US and to other places where communication between the teachers and the parents makes a classroom a close-knit community.
ClassDojo is not succeeding juts because of its name, but people are working behind its success. For a concept to be readily accepted in the market the right experts must be chosen and ensure that all activities go as planned in the conquest of offering the best quality. Experts that manage the platform have been drawn from well-known companies so that they can make the platform the best in ensuring parents are aware of what is going on at school.
The platform is also engaged in devising ways of making the platform to be more customized so that it can ensure that parents make some of the transactions via the app. Features such as paying school fees and paying for school trips and other events will make the application to be more customized.


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Managing Your Social Media Reputation

Note: We used this website as a source for online reputation company reviews.

If you are a website owner, you should already have a plan to handle almost any crisis that your brand runs into. You may not be able to plan for every eventuality, but you can prepare for the common problems that website and blog owners run into, especially when it comes to online reputation management. After all, when your entire business is online, your reputation matters.

Why Your Reputation is So Important

An overall study of websites, both popular and failing, successfully determined that reputation management is one of the most important aspects of being a website owner, blog owner, or online business owner.

The truth is, everything you do regarding your business factors into your online reputation. Every voice mail you leave, it is more difficult to avoid bad news, simple web searches can make friends or foes, and bad news and mistakes travel faster when you are based online.

Keep these potential situations in mind as you continue on.

Tips for Responding to a Crisis

  • If it affects your customers, notify them of the problem immediately and explain your plan to take action immediately.
  • When crises happen, customers lose faith in the security of a website. By responding to online crises quickly, explaining a solution and providing that solution, your customers and followers will feel more secure working with you. This is because you took the time to show that you cared immediately after the problem arose.
  • Use social media to spread positive messages, as well as problems that you are currently facing. By openly sharing the good and the bad news attributed with your website, your customers will find you more trustworthy.


Always on Top of the Trends

Fabletics is a company dedicated to making sure all its customers have everything they need to stay current with the trends. Recently, athleisure has taken over the fashion world making it so people can be both comfortable and stylish. Made from the same materials as activewear, athleisure hasbeen making everday life much easier to get through. Fabletics introduced its own line of athleisure this past April bringing even more choices to the growing trend. It seems as though athleisure has been picking up steam with each passing day.

Article at recently released an article outlining the ins and outs of athleisure. The popularity of the trend came about because of the need for comfort that other styles did not provide. Many have been replacing their jeans for a pair of yoga pants because of the versatility that used to be out of reach. Fabletics was named in the article for its involvement in the current style. The co-founder of Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson, is shown to have a large influence over the clothing line. Hudson herself chooses to live a healthy, active lifestyle so being the face of a company that promotes fitness was clearly a good choice. With the help of companies like Fabletics, athleisure is one trend that plans on sticking around.

Fabletics sets itself apart from similar companies because of their affordability and subscription services. Customers have the option of signing up for a V.I.P membership that will give them exclusive access to sales as well as all the latest fashion news. By paying a monthly subscription fee, members will always be able to get all the current styles without having to pay as much as they would with other companies. This method of bringing in customers has helped Fabletics gain a large following and also continues to boost customer loyalty. Good products at great prices is a perfect formula for success that Fabletics has obviously mastered.

Everyone has a busy schedule that is difficult to keep up with. Seeing the need for comfort in daily life, Fabletics dove into athleisure to make sure their customers had everything they needed to get through their day. It looks like people everywhere are saying goodbye to their skinny jeans and hello to the perfect fit of leggings. 

Talk Fusion: It’s our business to help you grow your business

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Seasoned Experienced Professionals And Relationship Building Capacity Key To Madison Street Capital Success 

Madison Street Capital international investment banking firm was recognized for its excellence by being nominated in five different categories of the 8th Annual International M&A Awards for middle market investment banking for its role as adviser on the acquisition of Fabtrol Systems by AVEVA. FabTrol Systems, Inc, formerly of Dowco Group Companies, is a software business headquartered in Eugene, Oregon that operates in North America and the UK and provides fabrication management software to the steel fabrication industry. Coupled with AVEVA Everything 3D integrated and AVEVA Bocad structural steel detailing software, the creation of a powerful design, detailing and fabrication solution resulted, expanding AVEVA’S fabrication portfolio and providing integration across the steel fabrication value chain.

The FabTrol software’s highly versatile estimating, material management and production control solution facilitates the ability to automate and integrate key operations for steel fabrication companies and provides faster bid preparation, more accurate and consistent estimating while reducing material and labor cost and improving end production quality. This deal demonstrates Madison Street Capital’s ability to respond to the unique needs of its clients and provide superior symbiotic relationships for its clients.

Another deal that exemplifies the expertise and experience of Madison Street Capital to facilitate the needs of their clients is the arrangement of GMS-Pavilio Properties, LLC and Sila Capital, LLC. GMS-Pavilion Properties President, Steven Hoffman, gave Madison Street Capital credit for being the essential component in closing a timely deal. He stated that Madison Street Capital was quick, responsive and very knowledgeable and instrumental to the growth of their business.

The integrity, excellence, leadership and service of Madison Street Capital in delivering corporate financial advisory services, merger and acquisition expertise, financial options and valuation services to publicly and privately held businesses led to the recognition of its accomplishments and global success in the marketplace by the M&A Advisor and it being the recipient in the Cross Borders Deal category.

Anthony Marsala, the Chief Operating Officer, was also honored as a winner of the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award by the M&A Advisor because of his accomplishments in this competitive industry. He stated that it would not have been possible without the support of his dedicated and exceptional team of professionals. His award as a leader among the 40 under the age of 40 denotes a significant level of success and contributions to the industry and community. The Emerging Leaders program expanded to include the UK and Europe in the year 2016 to represent a truly global network of young leader according to David Fergusson, President and Co-CEO of the M&A Advisors.

David Fergursson also said that the emerging leaders will continue to significantly affect the advancement of the industry. Anthony Marsala is a co-founder of Madison Street Capital and a 15 year veteran of the investment banking industry. During the month of June, he and fellow honorees will be acknowledged at a black tie Award Gala ceremony in New York at the Athletic Club in Manhattan that will also introduce the Emerging Leaders to the business community and celebrate their achievements. Madison Street Capital continues to lead in middle market investment banking and offering relationship building that improves their clients’ potential.

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FreedomPop is Making the WhatsApp a Huge Success in Spain

Facebook owned WhatsApp is one of the most popular consumer mobile technologies on the market. This application is designed to give people free SMS messages on their mobile devices and computers. The WhatsAPP has been around for many years and has been a big hit with many Facebook users. Now, FreedomPop is pushing this new technology is Spain and plans on expanding it into new markets.

FreedomPop is a free mobile communications company that provides subscribers with free mobile device services. Consumers will receive free minutes, texts, and MB of data all at increments of 200. This means after they sign up they can get 200 minutes of talk time, 200 free texts and 200 mega bites of data.

This is a great service because it is free for anyone who wants to use it. So how this company give away these services for free? They simply rely on the consumers to purchase the extra features after they sign up for the initial device. This process works and FreedomPop is becoming one of the biggest mobile phone providers in the nation.

WhatsApp has been trying to find new ways to expand its market outside of the realm of Facebook users. One way that they accomplished this was by partnering with FreedomPop. Both companies decided to test market the WhatsApp in the mobile phone market within Spain. The comopany has apparently enjoyed 70% success in this market. Most mobile users within this nations are now WhatsApp Subscribers. Thanks to FreedomPop’s help, WhatsApp is growing by leaps and bounds without the use of Facebook.

FreedomPop received $50 million in funding to expand its market share. This organization is finding new and creative ways to accomplish this goal. Their free services are being embraced by many nations around the globe. The company has found great success with the WhatsApp and plans on expanding this app technology. The WhatsApp reach is growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to do well in mobile phone markets across the globe. You can find out more about the WhatsApp and its success in Spain by checking out the article on Venture Beat.

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