How To Choose A Life Insurance Plan That Fits The Intended Purpose And Financial Capabilities

Presently, the insurance market is flooded with plenty of promising and affordable life insurance packages to meet the needs of a wide pool of society. Inevitably, settling on the most convenient one can be a daunting task for most beginners. A few factors can be excellent guidelines when evaluating various offers to pick the best providers, such as from Freedom Life Insurance.

Why do you need life insurance?

  • Life insurance is a suitable choice for candidates looking to finance a situation for a given time span. In a case where the client needs to plan for the college tuition of young children, picking a 20-year life insurance plan will facilitate the process. Another need to acquire a life insurance would be to repay a loan in the required term policy.
  • A life insurance is an affordable plan for candidates with a constricted budget. The typical stipulation of the plan is that one receives payment upon death during the insurance’s term. If the person’s life span surpasses the plan’s duration, Freedom Life Insurance ceases covering the payments. The plan variates from the permanent life insurance policy because one cannot build equity using cash savings.

Freedom Life Insurance offers the clients an option to convert to permanent packages in case of changing financial abilities and needs. They do not require a medical examination for higher premiums. Premium rates are low when the candidate is young and increase upon renewal. It is therefore prudent to consider the permanent insurance plans from Freedom Life Insurance such as whole life, universal life and variable life.

Reasons to acquire Permanent Life Insurance

  • A permanent policy does not require renewal hence the client receives payment upon death for any length of the life span.
  • Another benefit is the growing savings that increase equity. The savings are not limited to a restrict purpose hence can pay the insurance’s premiums or alternative needs. The death benefit can serve as a loan collateral, tasking the insurance company to cover the pending amount if one dies before the repayment’s completion before disbursing the beneficiary funds.
  • Permanent policies have a fixed premium rate that is typically higher than term packages.

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The Determination of AmEx Company to rail in Mr. Chris Burch as an Investor

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has been a user of American Express Co Card from 1979. He is the chief executive officer and the founder of Burch Creative Capital. The company’s investment policy is a reflection of Burch entrepreneurial vision and values for creativity, opportunities in new markets, application of imagination, incubation among many others.  For an overview of his entrepreneurial output, check burchcreativecapital.

As an investor and entrepreneur who has almost a forty-year experience in his career, Burch has been involved in the rising of more than fifty companies. Through the combination of his intuitive knowledge of consumer nature with local and international sourcing of experience, he has established a track record of linking innovation to impact.  Refer to to an additional article.

Currently, Burch’s company is backing the establishment several lifestyles and consumer products trademarks which range from apparel, retail and home furnishing to hospitality, technology industries, organic food among others.

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One of the most significant challenges that the new Chairman and Chief Executive of AmEx are facing is the recovering some esteemed customers like Chris Burch, who appeared in the list of the top wealthiest people in America in 2014. More to that challenge, the company is still tackling the issue of the rising competition from banks and nimble companies like Silicon Valley Payment and PayPal Holdings Inc. These companies have recently blocked the market value of AmEx Company. Because of this reason, most investors at AmEx cannot understand the source of long-term revenue growth and how AmEx will solve the possible interruption to traditional payments methods from the mobile and modern ways.

During a shareholder lunch at Aretsky’s Patroon Restaurant in 2016, Mr. Chenault was asked how the company was fairing in competition. To respond to the question, Mr. Chenault displayed the matter in a historical setting. But he admitted that the company was under serious invasion. The firm has utilized most of its time in the recent past years fending off competitors of different kinds. This issue has been a concern to many investors in the firm. One them, Don Fandetti, an analyst at Well Fargo &Co admitted that the departure of Mr. Chenault is proper timing from a stock view, but still, there were challenges to handle.

The top priorities for the new chief executive officer, Mr. Squeri is to recover the reputation of the AmEx brand, for both millennials who don’t perceive in the same as their parents and for recognized clients who got persuaded by the banks that provide better services.  Learn more about his latest cool offering to the market, hit this.

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Anthony Petrello- A brief history of Nabors Industries CEO

As the Chief Executive Officer of the biggest drilling firm in the world, Anthony Petrello is one of the most influential corporate leaders in the world. He heads a multinational that has set its operations in all the continents all over the world. Anthony Petrello heads Nabors Industries a drilling firm that is located in Texas, U.S. Nabors provides drilling services in all countries around the globe. Nabors Industries prides in having the best drilling rigs in the world, better than any other competitor out there. The operations of Nabors Industries have been great since Anthony Petrello took over the mandate of CEO in 2011. In the years he has been at the helm, the operations of the firm have been spectacular. The company gained on all fronts.

Anthony Petrello was born in Newark, NJ. He was brought up in a community of people who believe in hard work. The people of Newark are known for their strict moral values and work ethics. It is for this upbringing that Antony Petrello has earned all his wealth through legitimate means. He has worked hard all his life to ensure that he his life is better. Having been from a humble family, Anthony Petrello had the determination to make it life. The only way he would achieve this was through hard work; there was no shortcut to it.

While he was in his early stages of education, Petrello showed prolific abilities in solving mathematical problems. He was a mathematical genius who would solve complex mathematical problems that were for trained professionals. The talent he had in mathematics saw him granted a full scholarship to study at the Yale University. He was also to benefit from mentorship by one of the best mathematicians at the time Prof. Serge Lang. Anthony Petrello proceeded to earn his bachelors and masters in mathematics from Yale.

The career of Anthony Petrello would take a twist when he changed careers and moved to Harvard school of law where he obtained a Juris Doctor. Anthony Petrello would then proceed to become one of the best legal minds in New York. He was the managing partner of a law firm known as Baker &McKenzie. To learn more about us: click here.

Anthony Petrello would later be spotted by the managers of Nabors Industries who hired him as the chief operating officer of the firm. This was in 1991. Since then, Anthony Petrello has been working for the firm. He has been through various promotions until in 2011 when he was appointed the Chief executive officer.

Tory McQuagge of USHEALTH Group collects another award recognizing his industry-leading performance

Award winning USHEALTH Group Inc. CEO Troy McQuagge won the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards Gold as CEO of the year.

One Planet Awards is an annual recognitions program that allows business leaders to honor industry peers in a variety of different areas. One Planet Awards was founded with the idea of spreading public awareness of business excellence. Judges are industry experts who give their time to recognize leaders in a number of fields. Winners receive Bronze, Silver, or Gold awards, with Gold being the highest honor.

After receiving the Gold Award, McQuagge said, “it’s an honor to be named by One Planet Awards to receive this esteemed industry and peer recognition. In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow.”

McQuagge started as president and CEO USHEALTH Group in 2010, first turning around performance at the company’s captive distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. Due to the success of his efforts in that area, Mr. McQuagge was to the Board of Directors at USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2014.

Under the leadership of McQuagge, USHEALTH Group has recorded unparalleled success and growth, becoming an industry leader in the individual health insurance market. The company has also had record-setting profitability for the past three consecutive years. USHEALTH has also grown to become the largest Captives sales organization in the “Under 65” Health Insurance Market.

USHEALTH Group, based in Fort Worth, Texas, is an insurance holding company that focuses on providing insurance solutions to self-employed individuals and small businesses owners, providing competitive rates while still having outstanding customer service and focus on the needs of their customers.

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, has won many industry awards in his many years in the insurance industry. In 2016 alone, both he and USHEALTH Group won eight different awards from various industry groups, including the 2016 Gold Award for most Innovative CEO of the year from CEO World Awards, and a 2016 Gold Stevie Award for Company of the Year in the Insurance Field.

Before working at USHEALTH Group, McQuagge was President of the Agency Marketing Group for over eleven years. He is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida, and in addition to his many business accomplishments, has spent countless hours volunteering and donating money to a variety of charities, including HopeKids Dallas, HopeKids Phoenix, and Trinity Habitat for Humanity. Read more:


Gregory Aziz’s Significance As The Leader Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. He took a course at Ridley College then later enrolled at the University of Western Ontario, where economics was his primary subject. Greg Aziz is amongst the most ascertainable people in the business of North America. Gregory J Aziz is the CEO, President, and Chairman of National Steel Car, which is Ontario based. National steel car is included in the world’s best Engineering and Manufacturing Companies for railroad freight cars.


James Aziz’s Personal Life

He lives in Toronto with his wife Irene and their two daughters Karina and Natalie. The family is commonly known for their involvement in sports and how they support the Equestrian community. They have patronized many dissimilar classes at the Royal Winter Fair Horseshow, over the years.

Aziz as the President and Chairman of National Steel Car

In 1994, Aziz purchased the company from Dofasco with the aim of revolutionizing the Canadian company which was once great, into a leading North America’s railroad freight car manufacturer. In order to expand the company’s manufacturing capacity, Gregory J Aziz put on much importance on its excellent engineering capacity, provided the capital and human investment and team building. It increased its production capability from 3,500 units in 1994 to 12,000 freight cars by the year 1999. The company’s personnel also grew from 600 staff members to about 3000. Recently the company is the chief of innovation, producing a lot of freight cars every year because of Aziz’s determined pursuit of engineering and manufacturing excellence. Read More Information Here.


The company is committed to the Hamilton community which sponsors the Hamilton Opera, the United Way, Theatre Aquarius, the Salvation Army amongst many more charities. Very many recent and past employees of the National Steel Car, plus their families, get involved in the company’s food drive for Hamilton food banks and attend its Christmas party yearly. It has more often received the honors of TTX SECO highest quality award as from 1996. Gregory James Aziz states that National Steels Car’s vital element is their people. He is a proud chairman of the great company that they have built together over the years.


National steel car has a good reputation worldwide for its best quality. It is more innovative, diverse and dynamic than before. James Aziz does not depend on the past success but rather focuses on the strengths for better services. National steel car is and will continue to be the best railcar manufacturer.


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Greg Aziz Brings A Company Into The Future

In the railcar manufacturing industry, there is one business that is envied by all the others. This company is National Steel Car Ltd and is led by Chief Executive Officer Gregory James Aziz. The reason many other businesses envy Gregory James Aziz and National Steel Car Ltd is because National Steel Car recently just celebrated one hundred years doing business. What enabled them to accomplish such a phenomenal feat? The simple answer is the business acumen of Greg James Aziz.



Greg Aziz perfected his wisdom for business by attending Western University in his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Here, wise teachers mentored him in the foundations of business while he was getting his economics degree.


After graduation, he would work in several different sectors before finally landing the position of Chief Executive Officer at National Steel Car Ltd. Here Gregory James Aziz would put a lifetime’s worth of wisdom at work to make a strong business even better.


When Gregory James Aziz arrived at National Steel Car Ltd as Chief Executive Officer, he noticed a problem that would prevent them from being competitive in the railcar manufacturing industry if it continued. The problem was this; they were not creating any new kinds of products. All they had to offer customers were the same service other companies were providing. In other words, the only area where they could compete was a battle over prices. Greg Aziz knew that if this occurred, the whole industry would see a downward spiral of prices as various companies tried to compete for market share. If National Steel Car Ltd wanted to excel, then they needed to produce products for customers that other railcar manufacturing companies could not provide. To achieve this, Gregory James Aziz gave Research and Development a prominent position in his company. See This Page for More Info.

Gregor James Aziz tasked Research and Development with creating a railcar that went further while producing fewer gas emissions. If they could accomplish this and add increased carrying capacity, Aziz knew that they would dominate the market.


After investing millions of dollars, National Steel Car Ltd produced the railcar that Greg Aziz desired. This rail car could go nearly twice as fast, carry a 50% heavier load, and create 90% fewer emissions than the models that came before it. As soon as Canada and the United States passed stricter regulations on the railcar industry, customers flocked to National Steel Car Ltd.

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People have begun to adopt better ways in which they consume their products. This new age unlike other generation before felt more in need of knowing this information to try and prevent being exploited. In the past, the main question before getting a product was where one could get it, but, these days the question has become who manufactures or produces this product. People have been enlightened and have gone beyond, asking who the producers of these so-called best products are, how credible they are and if the firm’s moral proceedings are fit for the purchaser.

This push for information too has helped propel companies into having more favorable conditions for workers, something that has gotten neglected for long periods especially in developing countries. One may wonder how these companies capitalize and exploit people but if there is no one to such for these answers consumers will never know.

Excellent and straightforward guidelines are given out by Netpicks to those who would want to know capitalize. Netpicks also has helped people for over 21years in better trading and how the middle-class people and all investors can improve in their business dealings to remove brokers. It does this by holding training that can make one an expert within weeks. No legend or any tale that supports the principles of Netpicks but real-life examples and what people do on a daily basis in business field to become successful. The people who operate Netpicks are businesspersons who can, therefore, be models to their teachings.  Watch tutorial video in this link from

There are various steps that are suggested towards proper money management and usage. First, proper investment begins with the investor. This needs one to be very cautious of where their cash is going. Secondly, one has to base their focus on the firms in an ETF which is liked to a joint endowment. Finally, one put into consideration some microloan if they need to return with their hoards.

Netpicks began in 1996 and has had its members trading on a daily basis since then. Its primary concentration is in assisting businesspersons regularly to achieve their set goals. Business to them is a round-the-clock occupation.  For updates on their recent timeline activities, check

Netpicks has brought to the market two business approaches, that is mechanical approach and fundamental strategy. A piece of advice is given, that one should assess their mode of trade by forwarding assessment. They also advise that there are various ways of getting cash from the market regardless of the strategy you embrace.  Useful link here.

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How Bridget Scarr Is Creating Content In A World Disrupted By Technology

If you work in media then you probably understand that the 21st century appears to be the age of the platform. The ways in which audiences that read text, watch video and listen to audio are receiving the content that they consume has changed dramatically. For instance not too long ago in the worlds of television and film the only way that a viewer could access a film was by purchasing a ticket to see it in a physical theater during an allotted time or by waiting several months for the film to be released via DVD and purchasing that DVD from a physical store or renting that DVD from a video rental store.


Nowadays the way that an audience accesses a movie has changed completely. They can purchase a digital copy of that movie and watch it on a device such as a television connected to the internet or they can stream that movie on their television, computer or mobile phone through a streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu. At one point in time Netflix was a service that operated largely as a platform where users could access movies created by film studios and older TV shows that had been originally aired on network television. These days however Netflix has been producing original content that can only be found on its platform including shows that have gone on to be hits such as House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black and its collaboration with Dreamworks Voltron: Legendary Defender. This is a good example of how technology has combined with entertainment to transform consumers’ expectations and options where the consumption of TV and film is concerned. Another example is the fact that a social network like Facebook has shifted its focus towards video and is now producing original television shows that will be hosted on its website.


This new world of delivering visual experiences to consumers in new ways calls for a new kind of professional who understands that a television set is no longer the only way that people watch movies and sitcoms. This new world is being led by professionals such as Bridget Scarr a creative director in the United Kingdom who has experience creating visual content that lives on online and that spans new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Bridget Scarr has produced children’s TV shows and TV dramas. She has also worked for multidisciplinary companies such as Pollen Creative Media and live REALITIES. She also works with a company called Colibri Studios where she works on creating inventive media projects for clients. In addition to being a creative director Bridget Scarr is also a musician and an aspiring novelist who is writing her first book.


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David McDonald Has a Great Education

David G. McDonald is a major name in the business world. That’s largely due to his role as OSI Group’s hard-working President. OSI Group is a big meat processing firm that’s been in existence since the early 1900s. It focuses on poultry, pork, fish, beef and even cheese and fruit. Sheldon Lavin works as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for OSI Group. McDonald is based in the Chicago, Illinois area. He’s been the President of OSI Group for decades now, having began his work there back in 1987.

McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University, a public institution of higher learning located in Ames, Iowa. He earned a BS (Bachelor of Science) degree from the school. He attended Iowa State University between the years of 1983 and 1987. He was a proud member of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity while there. McDonald landed his job with OSI Group shortly after graduating.

This diligent executive has a lot of skills and areas of expertise to his credit. He can talk in significant detail about diverse and in-depth subjects such as business strategizing, product development, operations management, food processing industry, sales management, supply chain management, team building and quality assurance. People who have questions that pertain to topics including food science, strategic planning, food safety and more can always depend on him.

David McDonald entered this world in 1964. He was reared on an idyllic Northeastern Iowa farm. His farm heritage encouraged him to study animal science while at college. That was his major. Although there’s no doubt in the world that McDonald is an individual who has a deep passion for his career and vocation, there’s also no disputing how much he cares about his family. McDonald tied the knot in 1991. He presently has six wonderful children with his wife. When he’s not busy in the company of his family or working, he devotes a lot of energy to his church. He has a strong commitment to community matters as well.

This tireless professional has a solid understanding of the meat processing world and how it works. He constantly strives to expand his meat processing knowledge. He always aims to expand his general knowledge as well. McDonald has a lot of insight regarding agriculture, agribusiness, ingredients, inventory management and contract negotiations. This expertise helps him do better and better on the job each and every single day. It also benefits his colleagues.

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Work from Home with Travelling Vineyard

It feels good to work from home and generate income without stress. This is an opportunity provided by Traveling Vineyard to enable women to generate revenue at the comfort of their homes. Traveling Vineyard is a wine selling company that has specialized in direct selling to consumers. These wines are of high quality and are availed by wine guides who receive them from Traveling Vineyard. The wine guides prepare for wine tastings at their homes or organize events where wine tasting and selling is done.

In these events, the wine guide can sell wines to friends. Friends can make more orders, and the wine guide will make it possible within a short period Traveling Vineyard has come with a solution to women who are tired to work in offices and want to relax at home. With Traveling Vineyard, women have a chance to make significant cash from wine selling. It doesn’t need one to be an expert in wine selling, as Traveling Vineyard trains its wine Guides to efficiently sell these wines.

Traveling Vineyard business model is unique. Wine guides just need to have $189 to start up. With this investment, interested members get a complete Success Kit. This kit has several tasting sets with each having five bottle of high-quality wines which is enough for two events. Also, the kits have a wine carrier, tasting glasses, order forms and all necessary material that will make a wine guide successful. After everything is set, members receive a website which they use to accept online orders as well as marketing the wines.

Traveling Vineyard has come with many benefits. One of the benefits is jobless women at home can get something every end month. A commission of 20% on every bottle of wine sold is paid to the wine guide. The fees are accumulated and paid every end month. At Traveling Vineyard, there is no pressure on the targets, so wine guides work at peace provided they make sales to make income. On top of commission, wine guide can earn cash from their recruits when they make sales. Many wine lovers are also grateful to the company by availing excellent wines at their doorsteps at affordable prices.

Traveling Vineyard supports wine guides until they are successful. With educational articles and tutors online, Wine guides get essential knowledge of wine like brands, flavors as well as prices of Traveling Vineyard wines. Traveling Vineyard is very active in social media in marketing and promoting their wine business.

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