A Look At The Inside Story Of This Man, Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus, a man known for his massive achievements and contributions to the Brazilian and also Latin American tourism industry, began his career as a mere intern at IBM. However, being a man with a vision to become a leader and a game changer, he has grown to become the owner of CVC, Brazil’s largest tour operating company, and is also the fuel behind GJP, a chain of ultra-modern Brazilian hotels and resorts.

GJP hotels and resorts began as a single hotel in 1995, but thanks to his innovative leadership, today it is a chain of 20 hotels and resorts spread out all over the country and is now a source of income for over 5000 people. However, despite his successes, Guilherme Paulus is quick to point out that the idea of CVC was not his but that of his previous partner, Carlos Vincente Cerchiari. In a recent interview, Guilherme lays it all bare by saying that when he met Carlos, he was still quite young and did not have the capital to start any business but his entrepreneurship spirit caused him to stick with Vincente, and together they opened a store at cinema exit known as CVC.

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What started as a small store is now the largest tour operator in Latin America with stores all over Brazil and other parts of the region. Besides revealing how CVC and GJP began, Mr. Paulus also says that he believes in God and as such the first thing that he does in the morning is thank him and then write his weekly schedule to make his day as productive as he can.

Being a businessman and an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus says that he is often excited by how technology is changing the scope of business. The fact that it is now possible to identify the needs of clientele and act quickly to meet them, as well as market a company using the latest trends in technology incredibly thrills him. Guilherme travels a lot to different parts of the country where his hotels are situated and interacts with his employees and clients while in these resorts, a habit he says makes him more productive as he gets to learn different things from them and then uses them to make substantial changes.

More about Guilherme Paulus

Born in Sao Paulo, Guilherme Paulus is one of the most influential business bigwigs in the tourism sector. As mentioned earlier, he is the fuel behind CVC and GJP hotels and resorts. His accomplishments in this field have seen him win the Entrepreneur of the Year award and he has been honored by various countries in Latin America such as France and Mexico. He has also been featured across multiple tourism magazines as the cornerstone of tourism.

Sahm Adrangi Makes An Appearance At The Kase Learning Conference On Short Selling

Sahm Adrangi recently spoke at a presentation on ad fraud at the Kase Learning Conference on Short Selling. He admitted during his speech that there had been a real need for a conference that dealt with the matters that the Kase Learning Conference was dealing with and that he was more than happy to be speaking. Adrangi covered some of his own history with his company Kerrisdale Capital and focused in on its ability to spot short opportunities in the stock market. He revealed that he was a part of efforts that led to the exposure of multiple fraudulent Chinese companies but also spoke about the fact that Kerrisdale was focusing more of its efforts on companies from the United States now.

Sahm Adrangi commented that Kerrisdale shares its research in many different ways, and one of these is to share it on its website. He also talked about how the company uses Twitter to share its research and how it has been featured on news outlets and other important media outlets, such as, Seeking Alpha, Bloomberg, and CNBC. Adrangi covered how Kerrisdale Capital worked to reveal its findings about the St. Joe Company and how it was overvalued. The reason for this is because the land that the company is planning to develop to create a retirement community is garbage land that has not been developed at all, to this day. Sahm Adrangi went on to cover ad fraud and how ads are being used or misused in today’s world.

Sahm Adrangi is the chief information officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He created the company in 2009, which now focuses most of its efforts on long-term value investments and event-driven situations. He takes part in a lot of the deep research that the company does in order to reveal problems with over-hyped shorts as well as longs that are underfollowed and focuses his efforts on companies in the biotech, mining, and telecommunications sectors. Sahm Adrangi became a well-known name after he worked to expose fraudulent Chinese companies. Today, he continues to work to reveal short opportunities in the stock market.


The Three Steps Involved in the Application of GreenSky Credit

  • Introduction

Apparently, every industry is very competitive, which means that owners of the business have to ensure that their organizations are competent enough to operate in the sector efficiently irrespective of the prevailing competition. The level of competition has forced companies to use innovative methods to attract and retain customers and help their businesses to move to the next level. Contractors and builders have been accessing various mobile solutions with the aim of making their markets more efficient and customer oriented.

  • GreenSky Credit Program

One of the innovative method that builders and contractors are using is GreenSky Credit program, a technological solution that is geared towards offering quality financial services to the members of the public. However, the strategy ensures that borrowers and lenders are brought together through a credit platform that helps borrowers to access money with ease. Builders are using this platform to help their customers to get immediate funding for their projects.

How GreenSky Credit Works

The mobile-based credit platform ensures that any business, irrespective of its size, gets a maximum of $55,000 which will be used in offering credit services and goods to the consumers. The money is acquired through a faster speed that does not involve the traditional filing of papers and other bureaucratic procedures. The following are three steps that one requires to undertake in order to acquire credit from GreenSky LLC.

  1. Application

This is the first step where the borrower is required to apply for the loan through the company website or through the mobile app. An individual is needed to fill critical personal details for identification and loan retrieval process. Additionally, any person applying for this loan is necessary to highlight that purpose of the loan, i.e., construction.

  1. Application Review

The lending institutions will review the application process upon which they will determine whether a person has qualified for the loan applied or not. If lenders have approved the loan application, the customer will get an account number.

  1. 3. Loan Processing

The processing stage takes less than forty-eight hours upon which an individual will get the requested amount of money. Note that the funds will be deposited in the GreenSky Credit Account.


The Balance Small Business- https://www.thebalancesmb.com/greensky-credit-mobile-solution-844894


How Great Leadership Skills Have Transformed InnovaCare Health

The need to have better healthcare services has influenced the establishment of more healthcare firms today. These firms concentrate on putting affordable healthcare systems in place. There has been a notable change in America’s healthcare system. The firms offering better healthcare plans have infiltrated the health care system. The healthcare system offers medical care to all citizens irrespective of having health insurance or not. Penelope Kokkinides founded InnovaCare Health with the aim of offering clients with different healthcare plans based on their health needs. Doctor Rick Shinto heads the company’s leadership using his exceptional academic skills.



Rick Shinto got his degrees from different universities such as the California University, Redlands University, and State University. Rick has been a manager in certain healthcare organizations such as MMM Healthcare. The transformed healthcare payment methods have changed the way organizations conduct their businesses. Organizations that deal with complex health issues have felt the usefulness of having a new payment method. InnovaCare Health’s payment method has attracted and influenced numerous clients to take up their healthcare plans. The organization offers inexpensive health care plans to all their clients. Also, it partners with the individuals who provide similar healthcare plans to their customers. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Penelope Kokkinides has vast knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. Her career in healthcare, which has spanned for more than 20 years, necessitated her to start InnovaCare Health. The role she plays in this great company includes ensuring the company’s policies are properly implemented to meet the needs of the patients. The passion for helping people saw Penelope build InnovaCare Health to provide world-class care to the community. Her contribution can be felt beyond InnovaCare Health. She has instilled systematic and outstanding infrastructure to change the healthcare system. The skills that Rick and Penelope possess have made this company a global entity. Although the two leaders have served in different positions in this company, their main objective is seeing it grow and expand. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Her efforts to have a better healthcare system have seen her attend healthcare workshops to discuss various health challenges. She has attended various seminars and workshops to discuss the problems that InnovaCare Health is experiencing when it comes to providing affordable and accessible healthcare. She attended one workshop where Donald Trump was also present. Penelope Kokkinides intended to listen to the complaints the healthcare practitioners aired and provide feasible solutions. Her passion for healthcare took her to Centerlight Care, where she was in charge of the strategic infrastructure and overall management. Moreover, she was the Vice President at Touchstone Healthcare.



Click here: https://ideamensch.com/penelope-kokkinides/


GreenSky Credit Could Revolutionize How Banks Lend Money

The future is wide open for tech entrepreneurs. New innovations and a shift towards cloud technology are creating opportunities in practically every industry, and GreenSky Credit could be leading the pack where the financial sector is concerned. This bold new company has intentions to revolutionize the banking industry by modernizing the software they use to conduct business, and investors seem to have bought in to their bold promises for the future.

A Well-Funded New Name in Fintech

The fintech, or financial tech, industry is hardly a new development. Before the rise of GreenSky Credit there was Lending Club Corp. and Social Finance Inc. These businesses look to improve the relationship between banks and customers by creating tools they can use to approve loans. This technology facilitates investments in everything from home improvements to healthcare to solar energy conversions, but GreenSky Credit is raising eyebrows for how readily investors have hopped on board.

While GreenSky was first founded in 2006, it didn’t propel to the front of the public consciousness until a decade later. In 2016, GreenSky Credit received a valuation of a staggering $3.6 billion from Fifth Third Bankcorp who were so confident in their assessment that they backed it up with a $50 million investment. This was over a 200% increase over their prior evaluation two years prior. As of 2018, nearly two million customers and 13,000 companies have made use of GreenSky’s instant lending programs.

A Rags to Riches Tale

While that precipitous rise to fame is notable, it’s still less impressive than the story of its founder. David Zalik graduated from high school at the tender age of 14, and by the time he was a college freshman, he was already the founder of his own business. But this company, a computer assembly outfit known as MicroTech Information Systems, would just be the starting point. His success would lead him to drop out of Auburn to spin his company into new developments.

By the time Zalik formed GreenSky Credit in 2006, he already had three successful businesses under his belt. It’s no small wonder that investors are ready to jump on the bandwagon, but it’s not just Zalik’s reputation that’s directing the company’s success. A smart mobile platform greatly expedites the loan application process, and the tech fueling it is sound. GreenSky is 2016’s industry darling, but it doesn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon.


The Western Union Company And PSI Pay Are Now Working Together – Check Its New Partnership Out

Most people associate currency with cold, hard cash; this type of money is called fiat currency, a type of money that is authorized, distributed, and created issued by governments but isn’t backed up by commodities like gold, silver, and corn.


However, as the use of electronics becomes more widespread and relied upon for regular business and personal tasks, electronic money – also known as e-money – becomes increasingly popular. E-money is simply currency – standardized units that society has come to agree upon the assumption that it can be exchanged for anything and represent a store of value – that is loaded on digital accounts and wallets.


For example, Western Union’s new partnership with PSI Pay that provides ecoAccount holders who are based in the United Kingdom the ability to transfer money throughout the United Kingdom and the world at large inherently values e-money. Consumers who hold ecoAccount digital wallets can now transfer currency to people in more than 150 countries and territories across the globe through their mobile phones, via traditional retail locations that are connected to Western Union’s Agent network, and elsewhere. Individuals and businesses – both of them – take advantage of the new partnership that was inked on July 24, 2018.


About PSI Pay


PSI-Pay was founded in 2007 as an alternative to traditional financial institutions in the United Kingdom. The company offers a full line of payment processing services, one of the most popular of which is its digital wallet system; ecoAccount online wallets are a part of the ecoPayz line of places to store money electronically.


The company issues prepaid and traditional debit cards in nearly 175 countries, collectively supporting transactions in a total of 44 of the world’s most popular currencies.

About Western Union


Western Union, legally known as The Western Union Company, was founded in 1851 by Ezra Cornell, a co-founder of the legendary Cornell University. Headquartered in Meridian, Colorado, Western Union commanded revenue of $5.5 billion for the most recent fiscal year under the leadership of president and chief executive officer Hikmet Ersek and chairman Jack M. Greenberg.


The Western Union Company is the world’s largest provider of money transfers and operates in more than 150 countries. It originally was founded as the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company and pioneered countless technologies and trades, including leading the world of telegraph transfers and creating the world’s first stock ticker.





NewsWatch TV Review Drives Massive Sales for One Tech Startup

From Fortune 500 companies to startups, many have trusted NewsWatch TV to deliver the most professional reviews for their products. An innovative tech accessories company, Contour Design, is one of the numerous brands to utilize its promotional services. The NewsWatch production team had created a one-minute review segment for Contour Design’s latest ergonomic computer workstations. Their products aim to help reduce stress on the hands and prevent further stress-related injuries. The company’s goal was to introduce its products to those that work constantly with PCs. NewsWatch TV’s review had eventually aired to over 95 million households nationwide and was seen in over 200 U.S. markets. The sales for the ergonomic workstations had nearly tripled, and Contour Design couldn’t be happier with their results.

NewsWatch TV, an award-winning U.S. television series, began its first airing during the early 90s. The 30-minute show features a wide range of topics concerning breaking news, technology, and entertainment. It’s regularly hosted by Andrew Tropeano and Michelle Ison, and also showcases special reports by Susan Bridges, Eric Forrest, Scott Steinberg and Amanda Forstrom. NewsWatch TV currently airs original episodes bimonthly on the AMC Network, and viewers can catch up with previous episodes weekly on ION Television. In 2017, the show won a platinum and gold Marcom Award for its overall programming.

In March 1990, Newswatch TV’s initial format focused on exclusively on financial-based news and related topics. It has since revamped its original format to include breaking technology, consumer electronics reviews, entertainment, travel, celebrity interviews, medical, science and government-related news. In April 2011, NewsWatch TV began airing one of its most popular segments called Tech Report. In the show’s segment, promising new consumer technology products and services are thoroughly reviewed. Many Fortune 500 companies such as Sony and Intel, have used NewsWatch TV for its spectacular hi-res promotional reviews.

Richard Dwayne Blair: Getting Help From A Reputable Investment Firm

If you are new to investing or financial planning, you’ll need to enlist the services of a trusted financial services professional. That’s where Richard Dwayne Blair and his firm, Wealth Solutions, come in.

Financial planning and investment advice are not only for companies or individuals who are embarking on big projects. It is also for those organizations and individuals that are operating small enterprises or want to manage personal finances.

Many people want to plan for retirement but need someone who can guide them. Taking steps to manage your money and improve your finances is an important decision. You’ll want to avoid missteps and get access to an experienced professional like Richard Dwayne Blair.

There are many knowledgeable and experienced investment professionals out there. Reputable financial management advisors and investment professionals have the resources to meet the needs of their clients. You need to avoid professionals who do not have your best interest in mind.

In addition to getting access to an investment advisory firm or financial planner that can provide clients with reliable strategies and information to reach their goals, you also want an advisor who can help you in setting up a successful wealth building strategy.

Investment strategies, which are designed a knowledgeable professional like Richard Dwayne Blair, are a great way to start building your portfolio and ensure a great outcome. Using the services provided by Richard Dwayne Blair and his firm, you can improve your finances with expert tips and guidance.

Do you want an expert to guide you in money management or financial planning? Perhaps you want to secure your financial future and need a reliable professional by your side. Whether you want to invest in the stock market or take advantage of other lucrative opportunity, it’s imperative seek expert assistance.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a highly sought after financial planners and investment advisor. Not knowing how to start investing stops many individuals from ever enhancing their financial life. By consulting Richard Dwayne Blair, you can learn how to handle your financial life, save more money, and invest wisely.

The Recent Achievements and Efforts of Organo Gold To Become The Best in Its Industry

Brands have to always challenge themselves to create the best products for their customers or clients. They can’t afford to just be complacent. They need to strive for innovation, push for their limits and create something that can stand the test of time. This is the kind of challenge that brands like Organo Gold are facing today. However, in the case of Organo Gold, the global Network Marketing company that distributes coffee, it is a challenge that’s worth taking because of its inherent rewards. Watch this video on Youtube.

One of the most recent news that people can read about Organo Gold today would be the one from News Zak news portal. It’s a feature about how Organo Gold today is a part of 2018’s Global Black Coffee Market Leading Brands. Organo Gold is labeled under the Global Black Coffee Market, and the other brands in the list include the coffee from Pacific Coffee, Chameleon and Kohana Coffee. Royal Kona and Starbucks are also some of the other coffee brands recognized in the list.

It should also be added that the Black Coffee Market is already a big million-dollar industry. With the calculations from the industry market flow, openings and difficulties, it is safe to assume that the brands in the list have been consistent in growing their reach and control in the global market. There are also many considerations in the selection of the brands to be part of the list. Some of these other factors include a profound investigation on the kinds of coffee being popularly supported by the industry today. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

About Organo Gold

It’s safe to assume that Organo Gold has already built a name in the Network Marketing business. It is also the mission of the company to spread knowledge of what Ganoderma is today. This information is spread all over the world and it helps people understand some of the remarkable benefits of Ganoderma to the people’s wellbeing. It is then a source of pride that there are now 1,000 employees under Organo Gold who believe in its vision and support the company’s push to its expansive and fluorishing future.

Visit: https://patch.com/california/san-francisco/coffee-culture-caters-active-lifestyles-organo-gold


Passion, Ingenuity & Excellence: The Academy of Art University

Have you ever heard about the Academy of Art University? If you haven’t heard about this phenomenal school, then you’re not alone. Academy of Art University has nearly 100 years of experience under its belt. It has produced a wide array of talented figures such as Heidi Montag, Chris Milk, Raven Symone, Asencio and Lauren Conrad. The academy is located in San Francisco, California, and it does a wonderful job of preparing its students in the fields of liberal arts, communication and design. Some of the more specific fields of work include art history, architecture, game development, fashion, illustration, graphic design and many more.

The Academy of Art University has a strong presence at New York Fashion Week. A number of the academy’s former graduates have participated in this exclusive event, including Ryan Yu, Eden Slezin, Dina Maries Lam and Cana Klebanoff. Academy of Art University has also celebrated its 21st appearance here and there will be a continuation of this streak for 2018. Some of the top fashion designers in the world come to New York Fashion Week. The runways display some of the most outrageous and flamboyant clothing attire. Academy of Art University was able to put together two collaborations that wowed the crowd. Stephan Rabimov, founder of DEPESHA fashion outlet, stated that “AAU is emerging as a powerhouse in fashion design.” This notion is absolutely true and all you have to do is admire the academy’s previous work.

Students at the Academy of Art University receives a surreal experience while studying at this institute. The school makes use of advanced technologies, and it offers a myriad of degrees and certificates. Some of the academy’s top students have gone to produce many blockbuster movies. In the end, the Academy of Art University is setting new standards by progressively changing the atmosphere of what a school for the arts should be.